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Please don’t continue to accuse me of being a denier: I am a “denier!”

I have been recently attacked by those who accuse me of being a “denier,” a pejorative term that is used for those who do not worship at the altar of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and accept Al Gore as the messenger angel that has come to save mankind.

My beliefs are simple:

Climate change is cyclical and we do not know the exact  periodic nature nor the amplitude of the changes. And since we do not know the nature of the cycle, we can only assume that nature is regressing to some unknown mean value as our global climate experiences fluctuations around this unknown mean value.

Carbon dioxide is not the causal trigger for AGW, but may be little more than a lagging indicator that the warming oceans are emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And that the lag is somewhere between 600 and 800 years. Hardly indication of a causal factor.

Political evildoers and a complicit media have latched on to the braying of a few highly visible people who assert that we are facing a global emergency and that we should ignore our own common sense and cede enormous power to those who profess to have a solution to mitigating AGW.

That one need only look at the factors beyond our control, solar output, Earth’s planetary path, the inherent instability of atmospheric dynamics which give rise to local weather, etc. to see that man’s cannot possibly exert a meaningful effect on nature at this present time and with our present technology.

That man needs to concentrate in cleaning up ground, water and air pollution NOW instead of allowing the use of indulgences (carbon credits) to allow polluters to keep polluting localities in return for planting trees in some foreign forest.

I have also come to believe that some global warming proponents have adopted AGW as their religion and reason for being. For some, a social interaction which brings otherwise inaccessible people into their social orbits. And for others, a chance to overcome their background and social environment in order to feel good about themselves as they are saving the planet – a task larger than their individual lives.

And, I have come to believe that it is no longer about the science. It’s about politics and self-interest agendas. In some cases, it is about ceding sovereign power to an extra-governmental triumvirate consisting of the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Court.  Science is only the pretext for taking emergency actions which push through legislation without critical analysis – all based on the politician’s fearing a public backlash which would throw their sorry asses into the street where most of them belong.

For those who actually care about the science, perhaps you can explain the following two charts to me …

One chart showing that the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Models have little or no predictive capabilities …

Capture2-6-2009-12.53.15 PM

And this one illustrating the divergence between the climate models and reality …

Capture2-6-2009-12.51.48 PM

(I wish to thank the editor of the Climate Cycles Change C3Headlines web site for sending me the links to these illustrative charts.)

What say you?

I am willing to listen to anyone who can explain what is really going on with these charts without asking me to take their word as a leap of faith (akin to a religion). Or answer a simple question: why is it that the media surrounding Al Gore is so tightly controlled that he refuses to engage with reputable scientists of an opposing viewpoint or be sworn-in when he provides “testimony” before a governmental body?

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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