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Chuck DeVore: A leader without supporters?


I have examined all of the facts and have decided to endorse Chuck DeVore for the 2010 Senate Race to replace Barbara Boxer. I believe Carly Fiorina is a RINO who will bring us more Bay-area liberal nonsense (like Feinstein) and that Tom Campbell appears to be a supporter of radical Muslim causes and therefore cannot be trusted with high office.  -- steve

Original blog post ...

Screwed by Schwarzenegger and the legislature …

Any of my regular readers knows that I strongly believe that the California legislature has screwed California by passing an outrageous “tax and spend” budget which ratifies the profligate spending of our legislature on themselves, government employees, illegal aliens, unions, and the special interests.  I also believe that our RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also complicit in this outrage – serving as a cheerleader promoting “post-partisan” compromise between those who wanted pure tax hikes without spending cuts and those who wanted spending cuts without tax hikes.

All symptomatic of an incompetent and corrupt government which has spun out of control by their inability to overcome their liberal democrat tendancies to create coalitions of victims – and then to apply legislative remedies to win voters and secure additional campaign funding.

Devore’s attempt to stop the acceptance of this outrageous budget …

According to the Sacramento Bee …

“DeVore fails in push for Villines' ouster”

“The first GOP leadership challenge resulting from the budget negotiations came and went Saturday night as Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, moved unsuccessfully to unseat Assembly GOP leader Mike Villines.”

“In a closed-door Republican caucus before the marathon floor session, DeVore made a motion to remove Villines as GOP leader (known as ‘vacating the chair’ in Capitol-speak). None of the other 28 Republican Assembly members seconded the motion.

" ‘The discussion was a credit to the caucus. Nobody raised their voice, everything was logical, people made their case and I lost,’ said DeVore, who is plotting a 2010 run for U.S. Senate.”

No on-the-record supporters?

“DeVore's motion was not seconded despite the fact that all of his Assembly GOP colleagues have endorsed him* in his bid to unseat Sen. Barbara Boxer, including Villines himself.”

“The leadership challenge came a day after a supposedly private e-mail from DeVore to Villines was publicized on the John and Ken radio show in Los Angeles.”

“In the e-mail, DeVore wrote that ‘for the caucus, for the party and for the upcoming elections, if this is the final (budget) deal and you believe it to be good...then I think you need to resign or be replaced the day of the vote,’ according to the radio show.”

“DeVore confirmed the authenticity of the e-mail, though he denied that he leaked it to the conservative radio shock jocks. Only a day earlier, John and Ken had blasted DeVore on air for not challenging Villines' leadership more directly.”

Plausible deniability or planned leak?

“How then would a private e-mail between the two become public?”

“DeVore said he had forwarded the e-mail to ‘some of my members, colleagues’ -- at their request -- ‘because it contained kind of a logical rundown of why I thought what we were about to do was in error.’"

" ‘Clearly, I should not have sent that to anyone else other than Mike Villines, because obviously the last paragraph was kind of a bombshell,’ he said, suggesting someone else forwarded the e-mail to the radio hosts.”

A dramatic, but meaningless gesture?

“In the end, instead of Villines resigning, DeVore did.”

“He announced on Saturday night that he would give up his post as a GOP whip. DeVore had been one of 14 members of the 29-person caucus to technically serve in Villines' leadership team.”

“DeVore said he couldn't remain a part of the team ‘in good conscience.’ He said he feared voting for tax hikes to solve California's massive $40 billion budget deficit would "be very harmful to the cause of limited government.’"

" ‘I think it is going to discourage our base,’ he said. ‘I think that no good thing will come from it.’"

Conscience or convenient campaign ploy?

With the budget fight apparently lost, what is the possibility that a pragmatic legislator would seek to make the best of the situation by making a dramatic gesture which could be exploited for his upcoming Senate race?

Tyranny by incompetence and corruption?

There is not doubt that the members of California’s legislature have, over the course of the last ten years,  wreaked havoc on our economy and infrastructure. Representing themselves, the special interest friends and their ideology before the legal citizens of the State.

So what really happened?

So what are we to make of a legislator who is ostensibly supported by his fellow Republicans, but cannot muster their support and second his motion to remove the current leadership which negotiated the budget compromise in secret and without the input of his caucus?

And what are we to make from a planned advertising campaign that not only cites his “resignation” but also raises the spectre of the opposition boogeyman; or should I say bogeywoman – Barbara Boxer, arguably the dumbest member of Congress?

Capture2-22-2009-3.16.26 PM

From a paid advertising campaign …

Last week the only man standing between Californians and $70 billion in new taxes was Chuck DeVore.

In a principled stand, Chuck decried massive tax hikes on hard-working families in the Golden State, resigned his leadership position in protest, and blasted the Assembly's deal:
"This proposed agreement strikes at the heart of our longtime opposition to tax increases. Excessive taxation both harms the economy and robs hardworking Californians of a portion of their liberty. Placing our Caucus squarely in line with tax increases also demoralizes our supporters - people who were counting on us to hold the line.
"For these reasons, I believe it is appropriate for me to resign as Chief Republican Whip, effective immediately. I can no longer participate as a leader on a team that is preparing to make a fundamental mistake of colossal proportions. For the sake of California I hope I am wrong - however, I fear I am right and that this tax increase and budget deal will result in more harm to the Golden State than good."'

Chuck DeVore showed his true colors, as a Republican who places principle above position. He marked himself as one of the emerging bright lights of the next conservative ascendancy. In stepping down, he stepped up -- and it won't be the last time.

This past week President Obama signed into law a massive "stimulus" package, passed by partisan liberals in Washington, that jeopardizes our fiscal future and squanders our children's inheritance. We can't afford to take a chance on tepid and untried leaders.  We need real conservatives with resolve who will represent us in Washington.  We need Chuck DeVore in the United States Senate.

Please consider making a donation to the Chuck DeVore campaign today and help unseat Barbara Boxer.

Thank you,
The Chuck DeVore Campaign

Can we trust our legislators?

Considering that our local, state and federal legislators have indulged in an orgy of self-interested promotion of their own special interests and ideology – can we regard Chuck DeVore’s actions as a principled statement against a bad situation or merely another self-serving and premeditated political gesture to capitalize on a bad situation and further promote his upcoming candidacy for federal office.

Consider the number of times we have elected leaders who turned out to be nothing like their carefully crafted persona – Arnold Schwarzenegger comes immediately to mind, as Barack Obama.

As for DeVore, we should watch him very carefully before we decide to trust him as a “conservative” representative of the Republican party. It seems Orange County (California) conservative Republicanism is no longer a given.

Personally my position can be summed up simply as …

Capture2-16-2009-6.02.35 PM

What can YOU do?

Be extremely wary of any politician who professes to be a “conservative” but also appears to be a “go along to get along” type politicians. Check their supporters.

Do not believe the often manufactured media hype and self-serving statements of any politician. Note which politicians are hyped by fellow politicians who happen to be “career” politicians – flopping from job to job as the wend their way up the crooked chain of political life.

Look around you and consider the great amount of real damage which has been caused by so-called “principled” politicians who listen more to the special interests which can provide bloc votes and campaign finances rather than the real wants and wishes of their constituents.

Be sure before you vote!

Take care of yourself and your family first. Be well and be safe.

-- steve

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