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BANNING GUNS IS A MATTER OF SELF-DEFENSE for the politicians who realize that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to prevent GOVERNMENT TYRANNY

Confusing crime control with gun control …

Only those ignorant of the facts surrounding crime, would consider that gun conrol is the solution for controlling crime. Especially when so many of the bogus statistics include those who use guns for suicide, handle guns in an unsafe manner, point their weapons at police offers or are killed in the commission of a crime by a law-abiding citizen exercizing their God-given right to self-defense. And especially when more people are killed by tobbacco (which the government recognized is deadly and still taxes) or automobiles operated under the influence of alcohol (which the government taxes) and drugs (which the government would love to tax.)   

Nervous legislators …

Can it be that our legislators are getting nervous … having been caught being complicit in the looting of our retirement funds and unable to provide enough benefits to those who will be forced to severely curtail their retirement lifestyle in the near future? Perhaps to see critical healthcare rationed while illegal aliens cut in front of the line with government acceptance and approval. 

Self-interest rather than self-defense …

It’s not a matter of crime control and it certainly would not have a serious impact on the criminals who ignore all laws and use firearms to kill law abiding citizens when they are not busy protecting their drug turf by killing each other.

Why else would the liberal democrats push for gun control when the evidence proves that concealed carry permits reduces crime and that the so-called “gun show loophole” is non-existent and that crime actually declines in the months after gun shows?

Could it be that anti-gun activists who are earning large salaries which come from the donations of people who are “do-gooders,” crime victims or representatives of foreign entities who want to disarm the American population in order to remove any armed resistance should they decide to carry out terrorist activities.

Want to see what happens when we second guess our police?

Any sane individual will realize that, in the final analysis, we are all responsible for our own self-defense. And that the sworn police officers who are ready to lay down their lives to protect us simply are unable to be everywhere they are needed.

Did anyone else catch the reports from Mumbai where the official police force stood and watched as gunmen shot innocent citizens … to afraid of losing their job to do their job? Something that is rapidly permeating America as we see our police force second-guessed by community activists who need to continuously prove they are relevant in order to keep their political power – not to mention the juicy contributions from their constituency.

The weasels in Congress …

From this perspective, I present this item from a NRA bulletin (no pun intended) …

Anti-Gun Deception On The Senate Floor

“… legislation to require a federal license to possess any detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifle or shotgun, or any handgun, has been introduced in Congress. Bills to re-impose the federal ‘assault weapon’ and ‘large’ magazine ban, or to impose a much broader ban, have been introduced in Congress since 2003, and will likely be introduced in the current Congress soon.”

“Already, the deliberate deceptions we heard from anti-gunners previously are resurfacing. Anti-gun Sen. Carl Levin, (D-Mich.), said Thursday on the floor of the Senate that ‘assault weapons’ are ‘capable of firing up to 600 rounds per minute’ and that they are ‘once again pervading our streets and neighborhoods.’"

“Did we mention that our opponents are deliberately deceptive?”

“Many fully-automatic firearms can fire 10 rounds in a second, which theoretically would work out to 600 rounds per minute, but they cannot be reloaded fast enough to achieve anything near that rate in reality. But we are not talking about fully-automatic firearms—we're talking about semi-automatics, and the difference between them need not be explained here.”

" ‘Pervading our streets?’ Anti-gun lawmakers swore up and down that once the ‘assault weapon’ ban expired, the murder rate would go through the roof. Well, the ban expired in 2004 and since then, the murder rate has gone down to a 43-year low.”

Selective ignorance abounds in Congress …

“The anti-gunners think they can revive this bogus issue, and maybe they can; they will no doubt try. But Congress required a study of the 1994 ban, and the study concluded, ‘the banned weapons and magazines were never used in more than a small fraction of gun murders.’ Violent crime was going down before the ban, and it has continued to go down after the ban. If the issue is looked at objectively, it should be over, done with, water under the bridge. The ban should never have been imposed in the first place, let alone be imposed again or ever expanded.”

“And certainly guns should not be banned on the basis of nonsense like Sen. Levin's speech, and other deliberate deception perpetuated by gun ban groups.”

“Deliberate deception such as:

  • A folding stock makes a rifle concealable, as if it were a pocket knife. But anyone who knows anything about gun laws knows that federal law requires a rifle to be 26 inches long, regardless of its stock, and a 26-inch-long rifle is not concealable.
  • A pistol grip is designed to allow a rifle to be fired ‘from the hip.’ But the 90 million pistols owned by the American people all have pistol grips, and they aren't designed to be fired ‘from the hip.’ Besides that, the fact that a rifle has a shoulder stock and sights mounted on the barrel proves that it is designed to be fired from the shoulder.
  • Magazines designed to hold more than 10 rounds are not useful for self-defense. If they really believe that, let them propose to prohibit the military and police from having pistol magazines that hold 12, 15, and 17 rounds.
  • These guns are ‘high-powered.’ Next time an anti-gunner calls a gun ‘high-powered,’ ask him to name one gun that is low-powered. They even call .22 rimfires ‘high-powered,’ when they want to brand a .22 as a so-called ‘assault weapon.’"

In numbers there is strength …

Political groups are not the only ones that can come together to for a common purpose. In fact, its downright American to come together for mutual assistance and support.

“NRA members who own AR-15s and other so-called ‘assault weapons,’ you are not alone. There are nearly two million AR-15s in our country, the same number of M1s, the same number of M1 Carbines, and many more Mini-14s, semi-automatic shotguns, pump-action shotguns, and all the other guns the anti-gunner want to call ‘assault weapon.’ Countless millions of American own handguns that use magazines of over 10 rounds.”

Join the NRA …

“Our challenge is to coalesce these Americans into a political force that will make anti-gun lawmakers' heads swim. When they repeat gun ban groups' deliberate deceptions, we must tell the truth; not some of the time, but all of the time! But we cannot wait for them to act, and then only respond in defense. We must be out front. When we carry our message, we must do so confident in the knowledge that we are doing so in a manner that respects our fellow citizens, and their right to disagree--a way of doing business that is alien to our opponents--and that our arguments are based in logic and fact, not deceit.

What do they want …

Simply put, the politicians want to capitalize on the fruits of your labor for their own self-interests. The days of the honorable citizen-legislator has given way to professional politicians who see the attainment and maintenance of political power as their career objective and, after a while, the right to “own” their seat and pass it on as any other family asset. Some politicians are simply fronts for the special interests that fund that and a few are committed ideologues who have managed to achieve enough critical mass to become electable.

Personally …

I say we allow the worst of the worst to immediately resign from office or face the possibility that they would be prosecuted for criminal wrong-doing in mismanaging the affairs of state. I am speaking of those who took contributions and participated in a quid-pro-quo scheme. While we can dream about the prosecutions, it is far easier and more expedient to avoid re-electing these incompetent buffoons in the next election cycle – and to comb their required campaign disclosure for evidence of inappropriate or foreign contributions. Using the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) to find the truth.

Full disclosure: I am a life member of the National Rifle Association (Benefactor Level)

-- steve

Quote of the Day: “If you do not defend yourself, how can you complain when you are at death’s door and the criminal is standing over you?”

A reminder from a large improvement can result from a small change…

The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

Reference Links:

NRA-ILA :: Anti-Gun Deception On The Senate Floor

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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