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Now that there is a black in the White House and the democratic party seems firmly entrenched, we find Reverend Al Sharpton up to his old tricks – all to remain relevant in a movement which has apparently bypassed him and fellow race-baiter Jesse Jackson.

So it is no wonder that Sharpton is seizing on a “non issue” to drum up media attention. I wonder what he is angling for, perhaps to move beyond being a guest on Hannity’s Insanity to a full-time hosting gig? A chance to serve as a paid member of the Fox standards and practices committee (internal censors)? A chance to teach a course in racial sensitivity? Or just another opportunity to collect a donation to his pet cause? Maybe something bigger: an appointment to the FCC, a consultant to the FCC – or dreaming large: the new House Representative from Washington, D.C.? Or he might just be reaffirming his “independence” from Fox since he is a regular guest on Fox programs?

According to WPIX.com …

“Sharpton Calls On FCC To Investigate News Corp”

“Outrage and protests continue to mount over The NY Post's controversial cartoon interpreted by many as comparing President Obama to a chimpanzee that was shot and killed by police in Stamford, Connecticut last week.”

“Reverend Al Sharpton on Sunday called for a special City Council hearing, urging the city to refrain from advertising in The Post.
The civil rights leader, along with other local lawmakers, is also asking for the FCC to review the waiver extended to News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, which allows them to own more than one television station and newspaper in the same city.”

Al Sharpton: putting the “black” in moral “blackmail” …

" ‘I think that they have sadly tried to reduce this to some personal fight than to really understand the level of offense,’Sharpton said at a press conference on Sunday.  ‘It seems that we cannot have a true level of democracy in terms of how the newspapers and airwaves are used in this city.’"

There is an old data processing tale of randomness … that it is theoretically possible for a large cadre of monkeys to generate the combined works of William Shakespeare. Is that too a racist concept – or are those professional race-baiting activists capitalizing on the guilt of those who worship at the altar of political correctness.

Hearing that the legislature was unable to avail themselves of the services of a dead monkey to continue to write their stimulus package – says nothing about Barack Obama or any other black person. It is only in the minds of these perverted and twisted individuals who see everything through the prism of race, does the thought equating blacks with monkeys gain traction. And perhaps for the purposes of self-serving promotion and profit. Truth be told, Obama had little or nothing to do with writing the bill, a task left up to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – both of whom are white the last time I checked.

Caving in rather than telling Sharpton and others where to step off …

“The New York Post issued an editorial on its website last Thursday saying the cartoon was meant to mock the federal economic stimulus bill, and apologized to those who were offended by it.”

Fine, an apology is a commercially acceptable position that makes great sense.  But imagine the satisfaction coming from having the cojones to tell Sharpton to go to hell.

Those who point to racism are probably the most racist among us; as race defines their life and mission …

“The chairman of the NAACP, Julian Bond, spoke out about the cartoon on Saturday, and called for the firing of both the cartoonist and the editor-in-chief of the New York Post.”

I wonder if Al Sharpton has issues with the First Amendment which gives rise to his right to say outrageous and stupid things. Or if he is a Islamic sympathizer who demands control over everything and everybody them deem inappropriate? Especially cartoons. At least, Sharpton did not incite a riot as he has allegedly done in the past.

For those seeking some form of enlightenment on the subject matter, may I suggest Dr. Lenton Aikins fine book, “While African Americans Slept: Leadership by Parasites.” (available at Zit Publishers)

Be well and be safe.

-- steve

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