What? Global warming is a myth? How can this be with all the smart people like Al Gore promoting their new religion?
Do the French represent a global security threat?

Obama's Emmy Nomination?

Al Gore got an Oscar for a so-called documentary which used faked footage of ice calving to make a point. So why shouldn’t Barack Obama get the Aaron Sorkin “West Wing” Award for the best delivery of a written speech?

The triumph of style over substance?

Somehow, looking Presidential in front of a famous and revered Abraham Lincoln – complete with Obama’s favorite columns – is somewhat spoiled by the TelePrompTer that is necessary to turn Obama into the telegenic orator he often plays on television. Hence, he should be a clear winner of an Emmy for best political drama.

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Personally I am tired of Obama’s desire to be connected with the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Here is a man who has not spent a single day in the Presidency, with not even a hint of greatness apparent – playing a role – just like any other empty suit telegenic actor.

While the jury is out until 2012 – I would much rather Obama deal with solving the problems at hand and making himself available to the working media than striking arrogant poses and delivering TelePrompTered speeches.

And speaking of the media, when are they going to get over their slavish devotion of someone whose record of achievement, other than be elected to the Presidency, is less accomplished than, say, Sarah Palin?

-- steve 

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