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Just Asking: How much time, effort and money has the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury Department expended on saving Citigroup?

Democrats: the party of and for lawyers ...

Lawyer’s are like life’s croupiers: no matter who wins or loses, they rake in the house’s percentage …

From CNSNews …

“House Democrats Push Bills to Extend Limits on Pay Discrimination Lawsuits”

“House Democrats expect to pass two anti-pay discrimination bills Friday that Republicans charge will not only increase the number of lawsuits but virtually end the statute of limitations for filing claims against employers.”

Pelosi continues to lie …

“ ‘This should be the highest priority to us,’ said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during a Thursday conference call with reporters. ‘This means economic security of our country. Tomorrow, Congress passes serious civil rights legislative reforms that prove our commitment to equality in this country.’”

Considering the foreign policy perils we now face and the disastrous state of our economy, you think that politicians would concentrate on important matters and leave the trivial political payback issues on the back burner.  Pelosi appears with increasing frequency to be out of touch with reality and can hardly equate the “lawyers full employment opportunity act of 2009” with the ongoing economic disaster. This issue has nothing to do with the economic viability or security of our country. And the use of her code words “civil rights” and “commitment to equality” appears to signal more rights for illegal aliens who want to win settlements to augment the benefits that they are already receiving from the generous American public.

Continuing to support illegal aliens and their activist lawyers …

Perhaps one should demand that the right to sue over employment issues be restricted to those who can be legally employed … else the government is recognizing and condoning scofflaws that employ illegal aliens.

Many lawsuits are brought by activists supporting illegal aliens, both to earn legal fees for their organizations and to gain media attention. We need to stop those who are employed illegally from seeking redress. Or simply deporting those who file and reveal their illegal status.

“The two proposals would apply to both the private and public sector, said Aaron Albright, spokesman for Democratic members of the House Committee on Education and Labor.”

““Title Seven of the Civil Rights Act applies to all federal, state, and local employees, and the Congressional Review Act says all those acts apply to congressional employees as well,’ Albright told”

This could be relevant if the equal-pay proposals are signed into law by President-elect Barack Obama. Salary information for congressional staff is public information.
Supporters of the legislation point to Census Bureau statistics that show, on average, women earn 77 cents for every $1 earned by men in the workforce.”

Attacking Obama?

“While serving as a senator, Obama paid women 78 percent of what he paid men, according to a analysis in September of data from the Secretary of the Senate report. Both Census and the Secretary of the Senate statistics are without regard to education, experience or job position.”

“One of the bills, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, passed the House last year but was stopped by a Republican Senate filibuster. Pelosi hopes the Senate will pass the legislation this time.”

We have enough lawyers complicating our legislation and engaging in frivolous lawsuits, it is time to bring common sense back into legislation and de-monetize incentives for petty lawsuits.

-- steve

Reference Links: - House Democrats Push Bills to Extend Limits on Pay Discrimination Lawsuits

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