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John McCain Launches PAC to 'Better Define the Republican Ideals and Message'

The time for the better definition of Republican ideals and message should have preceded the McCain candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

I, among many others, was willing to hold my nose and vote for John McCain simply to stave off a democrat winning the White House; and a toxic democrat at that.

I often regarded John McCain as I regard California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a RINO (Republican In Name Only). A person who will say or do anything to get elected – and one who claims that they are “post partisan” politicians who are above the fray of party politics as the “verk for da people” 

Wrong, wrong, wrong …

He was massively wrong on McCain-Feingold campaign financing which led to empowering George Soros and 527 advertisements. More money is washing through the system than ever before. And there are suspicions that there is also a significant amount of illegal foreign contributions which have been laundered through lawyers, lobbyists, corporations and American nationals at play in the political system.

He was massively wrong on McCain-Kennedy immigration reform which was a sham amnesty program offered to illegal aliens in return for the Hispanic votes. The reform was bogus as was the idea that Hispanics were going to overwhelmingly vote for McCain.

He is massively wrong on global warming which is based on unsupported scientific supposition and less-than accurate computer models.

John McCain’s struggle to remain relevant and engaged …

The sad fact is that tales of his POW hardships cannot overcome his negatives into propelling him onward to the leadership of the Republican party. A party which is as need of reform as our current financial regulatory system.

Financing John’s  “Hillary Clinton-style” listening tour …

From CNSNews …

John McCain Launches PAC to 'Better Define the Republican Ideals and Message'

“Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has registered a political action committee (PAC) with the Federal Election Commission and is circulating e-mails asking for donations.”

“The e-mail announcing ‘Country First PAC’ says it ‘will allow us to strengthen our Party, better define the Republican ideals and message, recruit and back strong, dedicated candidates and continue our efforts to bring real reform to government by always putting our country and the noble ideals she stands for first.’”

“E-mail recipients are asked to make a ‘generous contribution’ to help the PAC to elect governors, state and federal lawmakers, and ‘to continue fighting for the worthy cause of revitalizing both our democracy and our Party.”

McCain is no Newt …

In my mind, nobody has put forth an agenda, backed by poll-tested concepts, like that of Newt Gingrich and his American Solutions organization. And there is absolutely no chance that McCain can bring the equivalent of Newt’s historical knowledge and political abilities to the table. The only similarity that I can find between both men, outside of being politicians, is that both have notably “testy” behaviors when agitated.

I am not the only one questioning the futility of McCain’s project …

“Some conservatives, however, are questioning the influence McCain’s new PAC will wield, given his failed bid to win the presidency and Democratic President-elect Barack Obama’s victory.”

“ ‘McCain is a general without an army, a leader without followers,’ conservative activist Richard Viguerie told CNSNews.com. “’He never found his voice during the campaign, and he’s not likely to find it with his PAC.’”

“Viguerie added that McCain’s own reforms – carbon caps, comprehensive immigration reform and campaign finance reform – are partly responsible for the Republican Party’s downward spiral in recent years.”

For those who point to his remarkable political comeback in the campaign …

For those who believe that McCain once again can stage a comeback to relevance, need only consider the complicity of the media who wanted John McCain as an opponent for Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama was still an afterthought at this point in time.

Unless McCain is supported by the democrats, perhaps led by Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, and the media in an effort to produce a “Judas Goat” to lead Republicans astray, there seems to be little hope for McCain’s efforts.

A secondary consideration …

Cynic that I am, perhaps this is just a method to retire any remaining McCain campaign debt without reaching into his own pockets – after all, that is the way of politics and politicians.

What can YOU do?

Rethink your political contributions. It is far better to keep your money in your own pocket and pursue your own opportunities than it is to support politicians who have learned not much more than how to lose.

Before giving another dime to the Republican party, wait until it selects its leadership and posts a preliminary statement of principles. Until then, any contribution will be for naught.

Consider Obama’s inauguration as the start of a countdown to a 2010 victory in the House and Senate and a prelude to a 2012 run at the presidency. While we wish Obama well in governing our country, time and breeding will tell. A man borne of political corruption and who is without core values is likely to revert to type as he attempts to govern using polls and focus groups as a poor third-rate substitute for vision, guts and core values.

Be well and be safe.

-- steve

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