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While other states laugh at the corrupt machinations in Illinois: the corruption of one-party rule is wreaking havoc in California

About the only people who think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a conservative Republican are his many publicists: and they do it because they are paid to promote him.

Truth be told, Schwarzenegger is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who openly styles himself as a “post partisan” politician – a man of the people, not beholden to any political party.

If this were only true, and better yet, if the Governor was more than a narcissistic Hollywood caricature created by smoke and mirrors, he might have lived up to his campaign promises of reducing the waste, fraud and special interest corruption in the State of California – as well as hold the profligate spending of the democrat legislators in check.

Now, after five years of Schwarzenegger’s so-called post partisan leadership, we find that he appears to be as impotent and self-absorbed with fundraising as the predecessor he replaced, Gray Davis. In fact, he has proven to be a more able fundraiser that Davis, a Governor who was often symbolized as having his shorts around his ankles when it came to special interest fundraising. Infinitely more able as he created special non-profit foundations who funded his jet-set lifestyle while initially refusing to reveal their donors. Probably because most were special interests, lawyers and lobbyists.

And now we face a major challenge. The Golden State of California is running out of gold. According to who you ask, we are facing an $12 - $24 billion dollar deficit, which is projected to rise to somewhere in the neighborhood of $42 billion in eighteen months.  All on Schwarzenegger’s “post partisan” watch.

Even Schwarzenegger’s own party can’t trust him to do the right thing for the State. Of course, that is partly because he appointed liberal democrats to major positions of power rather than qualified Republicans. He spent more time with the democrats than he did with members of his own party. Even the positions he takes mirrors those of another liberal democrat, his fabled relative, Ted Kennedy.

Schwarzenegger may be about to commit a crime against the people of California …

The democrats have cooked up a specious scheme in which taxes are replaced with fees in such a manner as to require a simple majority vote of the legislature – no Republican need vote for the tax measure. Of course, the California Constitution is pretty specific on the need for a two-thirds vote to pass a tax. So the measures being proposed by the democrats are illegal.

Perhaps the democrat-dominated legislature believes that they can collect enough money to paper over much of the present deficit – and it might be years before the courts order them to return the money to the taxpayers; probably in the form of reduced tax rates or a suspension of some fees. Heaven forbid, they should cut a check and return our money to us – with interest.

If this ruse is ruled illegal, I would be all for indicting Schwarzenegger and the voting members of the legislature for an actual crime: conspiracy to commit grand theft, fraud and misrepresentation.

What can Schwarzenegger say?

He has failed miserably to provide leadership in the State of California and his people are already talking about a position as a California State Senator in 2010 – and, if the Constitution can be amended, the Presidency. There can be no argument with the basic numbers. Since Schwarzenegger took office, spending has accelerated beyond population growth and inflation – up $41 billion (40%) to $144.8 billion since 2o03. Hardly the record of a fiscal conservative.

And where did this money go?

The people of California continue to see the state’s crumbling infrastructure which is in dire need of repair or replacement. The people see their roads deteriorate in front of them as the freeway becomes a massive parking lot moving in the same general direction of the traffic flow. Of course, who can even see the surrounding area as politically-expedient “sound walls” are given a higher priority than actual roadway repairs?

Part of this money has gone to subsidize the illegal aliens who are now assuming more and more power in the political process. Through an evil confluence of the the unions who see more members, more political power and more dues; the major contractors and developers who see cheaper labor; and the politicians who see a large bloc of voters susceptible to the manipulative techniques which work on the indigent and illiterate – they all watch our healthcare, education, judicial, retirement, social and cultural infrastructure fail.

Part of this money has gone to satisfy the special interests who are trying to simply grow government into a self-sustaining mass that can wield enough political power as to override the wishes of the citizenry. Part of the funds went for personnel costs associated with union contracts. Part of the money went to outside consultants. And the money that was not spent on ineffective programs was probably lost in waste, fraud and corruption.

But the bottom line remains, much of this money need not have been spent and that which was spent lacked adequate oversight and control.

What can YOU do?

It is almost worth the time, effort and money to attempt to re-call the governor before he becomes a bigger embarrassment as a Senator. But considering how helpful he has been to the tax and spend democrats, he might wind up with a job in the Obama Administration.

Tell your elected officials that the democratic party is through in California if they attempt to illegally maneuver their way through this morass of their own making.

It’s time that we bring back a two-party system in California as the democrat party has proven to be totally incompetent in managing the people’ business and finances.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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