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IRAN: Arrogance, stupidity or both?

It one of the most stunning displays of arrogance and/or stupidity, Iran has announced to the world that it has set up a court to try Israelis, in absentia, over crimes Iran says are tantamount to genocide against humanity.

From Reuters …

Iran sets up court to try Israelis over Gaza

Iran has set up a court to try Israelis for its air attacks on Gaza and is ready to try in absentia any people who Tehran says have committed crimes, a judiciary official said on Tuesday.

“Iran, which does not recognise Israel, has criticized some Arab states and Western countries for not doing enough to stop military action by the Jewish state.”

If one does not recognize the State of Israel, Iran would be hard-pressed to exert any type of judicial jurisdiction over its inhabitants in a court of law. And considering that Israel is a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations, a further claim of interference with a duly constituted authority also could be lodged in the United Nations.

“Iran's top authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has urged Muslims to defend Palestinians whatever way they can.”

What you have when a state is controlled by religious zealots is a mish-mash of modern technology based on 7th century moral precepts which are intolerant of any other religion unless it is subservient to your own. This is blatantly unacceptable in modern times and the religion needs to be changed or, more likely, the religious leaders need to be changed.

" ‘The court is in a special branch in Tehran and entrusted with the task of dealing with the executors, planners and officials of this (Israeli) regime who have committed crimes,’ judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi said.

“He said the court was set up based on a 1948 U.N. convention on the prevention of genocide to which Iran is a signatory.”

Islam was founded on the precepts of ethnic cleansing and mass genocide – and its violent practitioners are more likely to be sanctioned by an international court than Israel. In addition, the word of a Muslim cannot be believed by any person whom they believe is an infidel or unbeliever. The religion explicitly sanctions lying and deception as methods for vanquishing your enemies.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Tuesday accused Israel of committing ‘genocide against humanity’ in Gaza. He was speaking in a meeting with foreign envoys in Tehran that was broadcast and translated by Iran's English-language Press TV.”

Conveniently, he did not mention the terrorists who sparked this conflict, nor did he mention his nation’s President who has openly threatened to commit genocide against humanity by eradicating Israel from the face of the earth. Perhaps this court should take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran – into custody for conspiracy to commit genocide against humanity and all of the nuclear technicians who are conspiring with him?

“Jamshidi called on all Palestinians who have been affected by the Israeli operation in Gaza to file complaints. The Israeli officials could be tried in absentia, he added.”

Considering complicit acts of aggression against Israel by his nation which seemed to be providing support to those who attacked Israel with mortar and rocket fire and the United States troops in Iraq with sophisticated penetrator IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), a case could be made for taking taking legal, as well as military, action against Iran.

Israel, which accuses Iran of supplying Hamas Islamists with weapons, said the strikes which began on Saturday were in response to almost daily rocket and mortar fire from the Hamas- ruled Gaza Strip.”

“Jamshidi said Iran's judiciary chief, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi, was sending letters to his counterparts in all Islamic states seeking their cooperation with this court.”

Might these letters be sent to all of the nations which openly fear Iran and who will secretly celebrate any American and/or Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The last thing Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East needs or wants is an Iran with nuclear weapons.

What can YOU do?

Recognize political posturing and empty rhetoric for what it is: a media show for the locals who still view their corrupt and morally bankrupt leadership as all powerful and righteous.

From the day the British set ink to paper, there has been conflict and strife in the Middle East. Israel was been under constant siege by modern-day locusts armed with conventional weaponry.

I do not believe that there is anything that would be considered a moderate Muslim, except those in the United States who openly demonstrate tolerance for other cultures and religions. Should any of these people preach the violent overthrow of the United States, perhaps they should be deported with their extended families back to the Middle Eastern country that most matches their beliefs. They came here, ostensibly to become Americans. Americans who are freely allowed to practice their religion so far as it does not impact the rights of other citizens to practice their religions. They are free, as we all are, to celebrate our own cultures as long as it does not involve the abridgement of the rights of others.

As I write this, protestors are marching outside of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles. Perhaps they should express equal outrage for any terrorist group which lobs mortars and rockets into populated civilian areas with the sole purpose of inspiring terror – enough terror to force them from their homes. As well as openly condemn those who have driven these people from other Arab countries, notably Jordan which would be the Palestinian state if some British Twit (along with T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia) hadn’t divided up the Kingdom in that particular fashion.

Religious zealots and other crazy people should not be allowed to possess nuclear arms under any circumstances. Especially those with messianic desires and an open worship of an afterlife which rewards the murder of innocent men, women and children on the basis of an outdated religion.

-- steve

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