Is the left trying to sabotage the current Obama financial team -- led unofficially by Robert Rubin for one that is unofficially led by George Soros?
The answer ...

Schwarzenegger: Pay attention -- this is why California has got a massive deficit!


I could understand Don Perata naming Kuehl to the Intergrated Waste Management Board... but not to name a hard-working Republican to a similar position on the IWMB is absolutly wrong. But then again, Arnie is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who appears more sympathetic to Ted Kennedy-style (his father-in-law) liberal democratic causes than he does to conservative Regan-style politics.

According to the Sacramento Bee ...

"There remains one vacancy, but only the GOP governor has the power to fill that vacancy. There is a long tradition of legislative leaders ensuring that termed-out colleagues have a comfortable landing pad when they leave office. Lawmakers do not receive a pension or have continued access to health benefits."

"Sources say Perata indicated to both Migden and Kuehl that they would receive a spot on California's waste board. But the Oakland Democrat has only a single appointment."

"Schwarzenegger is expected to step in - perhaps as a favor to the incoming Senate leader Darrell Steinberg - and appoint Migden. Word is he wasn't excited about naming Kuehl, given the fact that her health committee ended hopes for his health care plan. If Migden is appointed, three-fifths of California's current Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus would then sit on the waste board."

The Governor is asking us to accept trippled car taxes or increased sales taxes and he is flushing money down the drain with political appointments which will serve to continue the hyper-partisan political chaos, confusion and corruption in our State government. Imagine the damage he could do if he were a Senator with access to $700 BILLION of the taxpayer's money.

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When Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned for the position of California governor, he famously claimed that he would eliminate all of the superfluous special boards and commissions. He did not do this!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned for the position of California governor, he famously claimed that he was too rich to be bought – yet has engaged in more outrageous fundraising than his predecessor, Gray Davis.  He did not do what he promised as he apparently panders to the special interests as slavishly as our bought-and-paid-for legislators.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned for the position of California governor, he famously claimed he would work with the legislature to trim costs and bring legislative spending in California back to a reasonable level. He did not do this. Spending increased in an obscene manner.


Termed-out State Senator and openly gay advocate Sheila Kuehl (aka Zelda on the old Dobie Gillis Television Series) has landed a high-paying job on California's Integrated Waste Management Board at an annual salary of $132,178 per year. She was appointed by her fellow legislator,  the outgoing Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata who is under investigation himself for alleged corruption.

And she is only one of a number of legislators who will continue to prey on the citizens of California and will continue to promote their wacky personal agendas wherever they land.

About the Board …

“The Board promotes a ‘Zero Waste California"’ in partnership with local government, industry, and the public. This means managing the estimated 92 million tons of waste generated each year by reducing waste whenever possible, promoting the management of all materials to their highest and best use, regulating the handling, processing and disposal of solid waste, and protecting public health and safety and the environment.”

This agency requires a professional staff to accomplish its mission, not a bunch of appointed far-left environmental Nazi-like liberals who are mostly anti-business and overly pro-environment.

Perhaps they should first look at the waste that is generated by an out-of-control government that is bloated with over-paid and underperforming people.

Earth to Arnie:

Take a hint from industry – downsize personnel, rework the union pensions and close the budget by reducing spending – not raising taxes.

-- steve

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