Global Warming: Think we were kidding about why governments are backing junk science?

Something for everybody, except the people ...

Imagine, if you will, a government program which could justify the expansion of government power, increase tax revenues and reward all of its special interest friends without ever having to produce proof of any programs efficacy or effectiveness.

That day is coming ... aided and abetted by those who are planning to cash in on the global warming boom ...

Using highly suspect computer models based on theory, supposition and very little experimental confirmation, those who are proposing to control entire nations through their economies are making carbon dioxide the villain.

In this Orwellian world where words have little meaning: up is down, right is left, black is white and red is actually blue ... people are attempting to characterize carbon dioxide, a gas necessary to sustain life, as a pollutant.

While there are any number of actual pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen and oxides of sulfur that can be proven to do significant damage to our air, water and ground, one wonders why "carbon dioxide" was chosen to be the "face of global climate change?" Could it be for no other reason that these evildoers want to first control the production and consumption of energy as a means to their political and personal ends? Considering that the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide as occurred before and it appears that the rise in carbon dioxide levels lags temperature rise by 600 –1000 years, it seems unlikely that this is the causal effect of global climate change.

Personally, I would suspect that global climate change is a function of solar output, our position relative to the sun, the rotation of the earth and the interactions of our oceanic currents and the almost unpredictable prevalence of the largest greenhouse gas that can be characterized simply as water vapor. Yes – moisture in the air seems to affect global temperature more significantly than carbon dioxide – although there is little that we can do about monetizing the control of what are essentially clouds.

So it comes as no surprise when I read in the U.K. Guardian articles like …

“The carbon cash-in”

Fresh from the devastation they have wrought on the global financial system, some of the world's leading investment banks meet in London today to discuss how they can "cash in" on carbon.”

Speaking the truth ... 

“But at least delegates and speakers at the Cashing in on Carbon conference are open about not trying to reduce emissions or helping the environment. Oh, no. This event is to see how ‘investment banks can profit today from an increasingly diverse range of carbon-related investment opportunities’.”

Interestingly enough, the United States government has eliminated the concept of a traditional investment bank when they allowed both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to assume the guise of “regulated bank holding companies” to assist them in accessing the taxpayer’s money that is no longer locked up in the United States Treasury. But, as we all know from past experience, this is a semantic detail without a distinction. They are mostly the same freebooter executives with the same lawyers, accountants, lobbyists and paid-for politicians they were before the stroke of the pen changed their designation.

Oh no ... more toxic derivatives?

Particularly reassuring is the emphasis on ‘hybrid and complex carbon credit structured products’, and how to identify investor demand for them in the US; ‘derivative/synthetic carbon products’; and ‘sub-index arbitrage strategies’.”

“Particularly reassuring?” What is that all about? There is nothing particularly reassuring about financial institutions planning to financially rape the populations of several countries.

Substitute the word “mortgage” for the word “carbon credit” and you have a replay of today’s financial fiasco.

These financial institutions are re-creating today’s financial crisis to be served up once again in a future tomorrow. Presumably after the United States Treasury has been looted by those seeking bailout funds to compensate them for their lack of due diligence and imprudent investments in derivatives which need sophisticated computers to developing pricing models – and whose real value relies on a willing counterparty (read sucker) to purchase these bits and pieces of paper.

Wall Street Wizards are found everywhere including on Wall Street … 

“Also, we can refresh our knowledge of the basic options for ‘productizing carbon’ and of "access channels for producers ... speculators, proprietary traders and investors". Good to see that execs from Lord [Nicholas] Stern's company, IDEAcarbon, will be there, too.

Looters are looters, bankers are bankers; and they are found wherever capital congregates in the world to plan their next big score.

Enough is enough …

When are people going to stand up and yell: “Bullshit! We will recall or fail to re-elect any elected official who is complicit in stealing money from the public via unworkable programs.” When are Americans this complacent or this stupid to see what our politicians and their friends have done to our nation?

What can YOU do?

Beware of a democrat-enabled governmental rape of the United States. It wasn’t enough that the democrats created the GSEs (Government Sponsored Entities) and then forced them to purchase home loans from people who barely qualified to buy a used car. It wasn’t enough that the complicit Bush Administration reduced, relaxed or eliminated the regulation of sound lending practices and encouraged the practice of subprime lending with their American Dream legislation. American Dream? More like an American nightmare! Especially as you see your nest-egg, retirement and rainy-day invested funds significantly eroded and then decimated by the ravages of inflation that are caused when money is  pumped willy-nilly into the economy without adequate financial controls.

Do not allow anyone to destroy our nation, our military and our economy with unproven global warming theories. Even as we speak, California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is setting the groundwork for long-term utility company contracts with energy suppliers which would allow them to make derivatives out of the revenue streams associated with high utility payments by utility customers. That is, after he failed to “collateralize” the future earnings of the California State Lottery in exchange for a lump-sum payment which would, once again, allow the governor and the legislature to paper-over California’s deficit that resulted from unbridled spending on socialistic special interest and social engineering projects.

Demand that those who broke the law be sent to jail. And those who earned tens of MILLIONS of dollars while their companies lost BILLIONS be held accountable to their shareholders. Perhaps by demanding the return of a major portion of their ill-gotten gains to avoid jail sentences. While stupidity is not punishable under the law, making false and misleading statements about one’s company is a direct violation of rules and regulations established by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Demand that the creation, sale and use of derivatives be controlled. The same for credit default swaps; where a reported $55 TRILLION liability greatly exceeds the combined net worth of the companies that issued them.

Demand the end to political appointees heading regulatory watchdog groups. These people serve only to politicize the agency in favor of reducing public protection to the benefit of the evildoers in the incumbent’s political party. Or as they say in Washington, pay for play.

Our nation is teetering on the precipice of becoming a socialistic nation controlled by a ruling political elite and their special interest friends. We need to stem the tide NOW, before we find ourselves in a bottomless abyss – and becoming just another third world nation.

-- steve

Quote of the day: “Isn’t it ironic that reporter Andrea Mitchell is loudly complaining about the money spent on campaign clothes by Sarah Palin when her husband, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, may have single-handedly ignited this financial firestorm with his low-interest policies?” – steve

A reminder from a large improvement can result from a small change…

The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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