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Obama: If his surrogates are any example of his future nominees and appointments, there is a problem brewing

Obama supporters threaten free speech …

It took a press release by Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt, to set the record straight on the Obama camp’s threat to use legal action to silence critics.

A high ranking Senator, Clair McCaskill, and two public officials, identified by their official titles, have participated in this threat to the curtailment of political speech and a potential conspiracy to violate the Constitution’s First Amendment rights to free and unfettered political speech.

The Governor’s press release …

Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

“What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

“This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

“Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society.”  <Source>

Protecting the people and the system …

Although Governor Blunt is a Republican with a distinguished service record, he should be saluted for not allowing elected and/or appointed officials in his state to threaten the free speech rights of citizens by setting themselves up to decide if someone needs to be prosecuted for making a materially false statement during a political campaign. Under this premise, all political parties and politicians would become liable to the incumbent Administration which represents a clear and present danger to our Constitutionally-granted liberties.

Removed from office …

St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer should all be removed from office and fired for misusing their official positions for political purposes. Until these hyper-partisan officials are removed from office, one can never be sure that any particular prosecution isn’t being undertaken for pure political purposes.

The far-left liberal democrat way …

In many ways, the above attempt to silence critics is merely representative of how far-left democrats behave in society. Political dissent within schools, colleges and universities is often strongly discouraged; with both students, faculties and staff being pressured to present a single far-left liberal democrat, if not socialistic, viewpoint. Students are encouraged to go along to get along if they want to receive  decent grades in an extremely competitive environment.

We continue to hear about neo-cons, but what about the neo-socialists?

The neo-socialists have infiltrated our public institutions to the extent that one never knows if one might be subject to outright discrimination based on one’s constitutionally-guaranteed political beliefs.

Just as it was well-known in the Clinton Administration that President Clinton and his co-captain, Hillary, made it an official policy to rewards their friends and punish their enemies. Often up to the line of criminality if any of the investigations are to be believed.

Adverse outcomes?

It is now time to consider just what an Obama Administration may bring besides higher taxes to support a larger government with ever-increasing power to disrupt American lives. Perhaps, to the point of institutionalizing the punishment of specially-designated “political state enemies.” After all, wasn’t it Obama that wanted to form a civilian defense force with all of the power and capabilities of the military? Since we already have a National Guard in each state that can be used for national emergencies at the direction of the president of the United States, one wonders exactly what this military-like force’s purpose might ultimately be?

Never again …

We have seen a tremendous amount of power concentrated in the Department of Homeland Defense – a huge bureaucracy which has grown increasing unable to perform its mission – along with the increasing reservations of Presidential Power under the Bush Administration. We, the people, need to insure that the next Administration will not unduly interfere with the political process or continue to corrupt the Administration’s agencies as was done in the previous two administrations.

The true test …

The true test: will Barack Obama openly and clearly disavow these actions to curtail free speech and openly and clearly condemn all of the participants in this shameful episode.

Or will Barack Obama do what he did with those racists, anti-Americans and unrepentant domestic terrorists – condemn the act, but not the despicable people who committed the act?


For what it is worth …

It is my personal opinion that Obama has no balls, no courage and offers no change. He is a typical Chicago-style machine politicians with a batch of corrupt acquaintances, advisors and mentors with an ultra far-left socialistic/democrat agenda that will be extremely damaging to the people of the United States.

-- steve

What can YOU do?

Condemn those who would deny you your constitutional rights.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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