Bailout: Waste, Fraud and Taxpayer Abuse Act of 2008 (Updated)
The OTHER bailout: this one is clearly unconstitutional ...


It is no secret that the democrats created Fannie Mae and have always regarded the GSE as their personal piggy bank: securing multi-million dollar jobs for high-ranking democrats and using Fannie Mae’s power to purchase community assistance loans in political hotspots as a perk. Fraud, waste and corruption was the norm when Fannie was headed by liberal democrats.

When George Bush, John McCain or any other Republican tried to intervene, they were rebuffed by people like far-left liberal Representative Barney Frank. When Administration Agencies tried to audit Fannie Mae’s accounts, they were met with silence.

Now you can see for yourself how Fannie Mae pandered to House Democrats and the Black Caucus.

Remember Obama worked for ACORN which allegedly has a reputation for voter and financial fraud and which plans to receive substantial funds in any bailout bill.

Say no to the far-left liberal democrats who initiated this financial crisis. Say NO to Congressional democrats who were lobbied by Fannie Mae. And say NO to Barack Obama, another far-left liberal Chicago Machine politician.

Look what Obama and the rest of the democrats have done to Chicago – Is that the way you want to live?

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