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While the rest of the United States struggles against an economy geared to the special interests, the unions and those Wall Street Wizards who are plundering the United States Treasury with the help of their hired politicians and lobbyists … the nattering nabobs are trying to elect a liberal democrat who has already decided that we need to expand government, raise taxes and exert government control over every facet of American life. And, lest we forget, adopt the European model of defense: diplomats dining on fine foods while they argue endlessly about their positions – not political positions, but their positions around a table whose size and dimensions will be determined at another endless meeting.

According to

“The first event will cost $28,500 per person for dinner at the Greystone Estate. Upwards of 250 high rollers — including some of the biggest executives in film, television and music — will munch gourmet chow and get to hang out with the candidate, enjoying a little face time and posing for personal pictures. A few spaces are left but the event is expected to sell out by Monday afternoon, possibly bringing in more than $8 million before expenses are subtracted.”

“For a second, sold out event Tuesday evening, the Obama caravan will travel just 2½ miles to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where a reception and concert will spotlight Streisand and several other performers. In addition to those attending the earlier dinner, who also get into the concert, about 500 others are set to attend just the musical affair, at $2,500 per ticket, meaning the show should rake in an additional $1.25 million.”

What do they really want …

Other than to feel good about themselves as the saviors of the planet and the necessary reinforcement that they are still relevant and media-worthy, most of Hollywood simply wants to protect their stolen interests. That is, continue to cripple emerging technologies and criminalize breaking an electronic seal which protects their profitable distribution franchises. So when they decide to release material that is rightfully in the public domain, the crime is breaking the seal and not simply accessing content to which the public is already entitled.

Secondarily, they want to tap into the gravy train which provides perks, privileges, tax allowance and subsidies for their projects if filmed within the United States – although the cost of filming with union crews is becoming an onerous burden on features that are performing at less than “blockbuster” grosses.

These are the people who mostly support illegal immigration as a source of cheap labor to tend their gardens,watch their children, cook and clean and play chauffeur. If they want to really support immigration reform, let them guarantee the wages, benefits and healthcare costs of their employees. Let them support sponsorships for immigrants as they did in previous times.

But most of all, they want access to power for personal purposes. They need to be thought of as being “masters of the universe.” Want to bet that some of the tax code loopholes that they demand be closed for ordinary citizens, remains open for investment in media projects? They have money, position and privilege and they will do anything to keep it that way.

These are people who are demanding, obstinate and in many cases totally ignorant of events outside their insular worlds. Why else would Sean Penn, Danny Glover and others openly sign the praises of brutal dictators like Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra, Hugo Chavez and others who openly encourage a lifestyle that is definitely socialistic and counter to the principles upon which America was founded. These self-absorbed, narcissistic celebrities and petty-tyrant executives see absolutely nothing wrong with demanding creative freedoms while those they support suppress free speech.

A classic case of “do what I say, don’t do what I do.”

In Streisand’s case one need only consider her penchant for freebies and her cheap behavior, her investments and attempts to secure large tax breaks for her donated properties. A prickly person who appears to be not only self-centered, but a control freak as well. Someone whose political ramblings – even with the assistance of a paid political consultants – appear as rambling, incoherent leftist crap.

These people are Barack Obama’s people: elitist, out of touch with ordinary people and accustomed to a life of privilege and perks of position. People who think in self-centered generalities while ignoring the growing evil around them. In fact, if they notice evil at all, it is usually exploited for a fund-raising event where the “see and be seen” crowd can show off their cars, clothes and jeweler while trying to prove “we care.”

Clash of egos …

It must annoy some of the celebrities that in events such as the “hottest ticket in town,” that they aren’t the center of attention. Which only goes to prove one of Hollywood’s oldest adages, after show me the money, that the answer to the fundamental Hollywood riddle; “When is a star not a star?” is absolutely true.  For the ordinary folks out there, the answer is: “when their is a bigger star in the room!”

Is this the person you want to elect?

Do you really want to elect a self-centered, narcissistic  celebrity who speaks in political platitudes and lacks any relevant experience. An elitist more comfortable dissing the ordinary folks (who will cling to their guns and religion) while speaking to millionaires in ultra-liberal, far-left San Francisco – the spiritual home of the nanny state?

There is no doubt why Hollywood is supporting Barack Obama. Beyond his far-left liberal politics, he is one of them.

Telegenic, well-spoken (with a TelePrompTer) and equally as unthreateningly vapid. A man who has risen to power by accidental circumstance is feted in a world where creative lying, accounting is the norm; and making yourself into a producer is as easy as printing new business cards.

Unfortunately, the Presidency of the United States requires much more than a commanding presence and charisma. The real life proof can be found in another jet-setting, narcissistic movie star, California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is someone every Californian hoped would emulate his tough character and restore political order and fiscal responsibility to California’s out-of-control far-left liberal democrat government.

What we see is more Hollywood smoke and mirrors – posturing for the media while the lack of leadership has allowed California’s legislature, their cronies, special interests and the unions to plunder the California treasury with little or no results in repairing or replacing California’s crumbling infrastructure. Here is a man who succeeded a recalled governor, Gray Davis, who openly pandered to anyone with a campaign contribution and who was stunningly ineffective as a governor. Possibly by design as he is a relatively smart man. Enter the Schwarzenegger era which saw him out fundraise Gray Davis, create a series of special foundations to pay for the governor’s jet-set lifestyle and which refused to reveal their donors. A Governor who railed about global warming to please the liberal crowd and in classic Al Gore fashion used a private jet to commute between Sacramento and Santa Monica sometimes twice a week.

It is time to stop electing the illusion and elect a politician with a proven record of getting things done. A politician who has proven that he is truly bi-partisan. A politician who was not afraid to accept an almost ordinary person as a running mate in spite of the carping and criticism of those who pretend that they know best how the country ought to be run.

I would no more consider the election of Barack Obama than I would accept Barbra Streisand as a trusted political advisor.

The choice is yours: Hollywood style over substance or a real politician who has proven that he will defend America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic?


-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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