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Amazing how a little mention in the New York Post’s serious gossip feature Page Six can highlight how Senators, and in particular, Chuck Schumer do the people’s business?

September 27, 2008 --  Page Six Sightings

“SEN. Chuck Schumer and taxi tycoon Andrew Murstein traipsing up four flights of stairs at '21' to meet Mario Cuomo and several other US senators for a briefing on the federal bailout plan . . . "

Is this how inside information is conveyed to “friends of friends” who may potentially use the information for their own purposes: power, prestige or profit?

Considering that media-mad Schumer single-handedly brought down IndyMac bank with the media disclosure of a leaked letter to IndyMac ’s regulators, perhaps someone should investigate whether or not any of the meeting participants was in a position to receive or use “insider” information.

Perhaps someone should notify Christopher Cox at the Securities and Exchange Commission …

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