WTF: Why are we proposing a billion dollars in reconstruction projects to repair self-inflicted damage by a self-serving regime?

The Georgians started the conflict …

Apparently the Georgians started the conflict by attacking the breakaway provinces, reportedly hoping that news of the  action would be blunted by the media’s coverage of the Olympics.

From Wikipedia

“The 2008 South Ossetia war formally began on August 7, 2008 with a military attack by Georgia into South Ossetia, one of two provinces which had declared independence sixteen years previously in 1992, although neither province's sovereignty had been recognized internationally.”

The Russians took advantage …

Seeing that there might be an opportunity to recapture old territory as well as secure tighter control over a major oil shipping operation, the Russians responded.

“Russian armed forces quickly responded with a large scale counter-attack into South Ossetia, advancing to a significant extent into Georgia proper. “

The cease fire …

“A preliminary cease-fire was arranged by the President-in-Office of the European Union, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on August 12, and signed by Georgia and Russia on August 15, 2008.”

What is going on?

“The war involves the country of Georgia, the Russian Federation and the breakaway republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The war began after a ceasefire agreement between Georgia and South Ossetia broke down, with an escalation of fire exchanges. Georgia then proceeded to launch a major military offensive in South Ossetia. The Georgian government said the troops had been sent to end the shelling of Georgian civilians by South Ossetian secessionists. In the following battle, the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, was heavily damaged.”

“Georgia is engaged in armed conflict with separatists in the Ossetia Province and the Russian Federation.”

And apparently the Russian’s are handing out passports in these and other areas to somehow legitimize their struggle to re-join Russia to bolster Putin’s hopes of restoring the Soviet Union to its original glory.

The United States …

As a nascent democracy, Georgia is supported by the United States. Both Georgia and the Ukraine are said to be NATO candidates which would be somewhat intolerable to Russia as weaponry and a mutual assistance pact would set the stage for potential low-level conflict in the region.

Many far-left “peace at any price” liberals are falling all over themselves to show their true colors by condemning Georgia for their precipitous actions while taking a more moderate stance on Russia.

But what angers me is …

I cannot believe that Barack Obama, the democrat candidate for the Presidency of the United States would openly hail Senator Joseph Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, for proposing that we give $1 BILLION in reconstruction projects to the Republic of Georgia at a time when many United States citizens are facing a domestic financial crisis.

“During an address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday morning, Obama praised Biden, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, for proposing an additional $1 billion in reconstruction projects in the Republic of Georgia after the Russian invasion.”

An additional $1 BILLION? Just how much have we already committed? And who are the recipients involved in looting the United States treasury?

Perhaps, like most politicians, a billion dollars is a relatively small sum. But that is no excuse for spending the taxpayer’s hard-earned money abroad when several domestic areas in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York could better use the funds for construction projects on our own homeland.

What can YOU do?

Don’t elect far-left liberal democrats who are fond of doling out America’s money to make it seem like they understand foreign diplomacy.

Do not elect people who need to pay foreign leaders for the privilege of a photo-op which only serves to legitimatize their regimes and prove that the United States is tactically weak on most issues.

Hold Barack Obama responsible for not suggesting that this money could be better spent domestically … than shipping it off to a foreign land to repair the damage they themselves caused.

Say “NO” to socialist democrats and their limousine liberal supporters who want to tell you how to live using their favorite mantra, “do as I say, not as I do.”

Bottom-line: do you want to rebuild anything that may wind up under Russian control?

-- steve

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