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Global Warming: Political Policy Wonks sound the alarm: 7 Years to Climate Midnight

Taking a page from the old anti-nuclear movement and portraying a threat as a clock, two well-credentialed policy wonks from a prestigious far-left think tank parrot the global warming nonsense without critical comment on the science or the policy. Hack ex-politicians air their far-left viewpoint.

How can they possibly know this?

“The world may have only seven years to start reducing the annual buildup in greenhouse gas emissions that otherwise threatens global catastrophe within several decades. That means that between Inauguration Day in January 2009 and 2015, either John McCain or Barack Obama will face the most momentous political challenge of all time.”

Possibly by regurgitating the lies and half-truths of the far-left political hacks who want to convince you that global warming is an emergency requiring fast action. 

“Reflecting a consensus of hundreds of scientists around the world, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has affirmed that greenhouse gas emissions are raising the Earth's temperature.”

Science is not performed by a consensus opinion gathered by a political body whose self-interest in exerting further control and raising additional funding is widely suspect.

“The Earth is on a trajectory to warm more than 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit by around mid-century. Exceeding that threshold could trigger a series of phenomena: Arable land will turn into desert, higher sea levels will flood coastal areas, and changes in the convection of the oceans will alter currents, such as the Gulf Stream, that determine regional weather patterns.”

Based on the outlier results of deeply-flawed computerized climate models whose predictive probability cannot even be quantified.

“Manhattan and Florida would be under water, while Nevada would have no water at all. Some Russians quip that they would welcome a more temperate climate, but they would probably be sorry to lose St. Petersburg. Countries such as Bangladesh and Mali do not have the resources to mitigate or even to adapt to the impact of climate change; millions would flee coastal flooding and the desertification of farmlands, creating instant ‘climate refugees.’”

Regurgitating extreme predictions does not lend them credibility and simply makes the authors who parrot such pronouncements look stupid. 

“The head of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC, R.K. Pachauri, recently told us: ‘The cities, power plants and factories we build in the next seven years will shape our climate in mid-century. We have to act now to price carbon and create incentives to change the way we use energy and spread technology -- and thereby avert nothing less than an existential threat to civilization.’"

First and foremost: the Nobel Prize cited is not the one given for scientific achievement, it is the political one that is given to people and institutions inspired by political action. It has been thoroughly discredited as they actually gave a “Peace” prize to Yasser Arafat, the corrupt terrorist who pocketed public money while keeping his people in abject poverty and sending them to their deaths to prove he still was a potent force to be reckoned with. And second, carbon emission trading does nothing to halt global climate change. It serves only to allow gross polluters to continue their polluting ways (paid for by their rate-payers), and those who package and trade carbon credits to become even richer. This is a classic ENRON deal promoted by special interests who plan to become billionaires instead of multi-millionaires. Typical supporters are looking for your hard-earned tax money to be used as incentives, grants, subsidies and tax offsets to make their uneconomical energy programs into break-even propositions.

The second biggest lie …

Following the biggest lie that man’s puny carbon-trading schemes can reverse global climate change, is the second biggest lie that we need to take urgent and drastic action NOW! Being railroaded into making political policies which will destroy our economy, reduce our freedoms, increase the size of government and raise our taxes.

“Urgent and drastic action by the international community is required, and the United States must take the lead.”

Global climate change occurs over long periods: hundreds and thousands of years. We could cease all activity today and still not know the results for hundreds of years, if ever. What kind of urgency is this?

Lead by example?

There is no proof that the Chinese, the Indians, the Germans or any other country will act in opposition to their own economic and social interests. Only the United States appears to be so stupid as to become the leader in a global scheme to swindle the world’s population for the benefit of the politicians and their special interests.

“Americans produce more than four times as much carbon per capita as the Chinese; 12 times as much as Indians; and more than twice as much as citizens of Germany, France, Britain and Japan. Unless the United States acts first, it will have no credibility in persuading other countries to do their share.”

So are we willing to shutter all industry, severely curtail our cars and take every restrictive action that the Chinese took during the 2008 Olympics – and which had no measurable effect on the local climate – or the global climate?

“To their credit, McCain and Obama support the creation of a cap-and-trade system that would limit national emissions. Trading among firms would put a price on carbon. That is an essential step toward changing industry behavior, encouraging energy conservation and providing an incentive for new technologies.”

Has anybody noticed that this would be a Godsend to anyone wanting to cripple America’s military, industry and economy? 

Is it all worth it?

"But the domestic obstacles to these and other measures are daunting. While some industries will prosper, other sectors of the economy, especially those that produce or rely on coal, steel and cement, will contract. Electricity prices will increase in the near and middle terms. Many workers and households will need help with the costs of transition."

"Coping with the resulting economic and political hardships would be onerous even if the next president inherited forward-looking climate-change policies."

For the wealthy and well connected, the politicians and their special interest supporters there would be no deprivation only additional power and money to add to their personal power, prestige and bank accounts. Poor people suffer. Politicians pander. And when it all fails, another scheme to save the people emerges in the form of another leader: often a dictator portraying themselves as a man of the people. Check out all of the wonderfulness that “man of the people” Fidel Castro has brought to his little island paradise of Cuba?

Time for some far-left liberal Bush bashing …

“But George W. Bush has pursued an ‘anti-policy,’ based on a combination of denial, procrastination and backsliding. His successor will have to make up for lost time while also dealing with a half-trillion-dollar federal deficit, a recession and a national housing crunch, a looming health-care crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and diplomatic showdowns with North Korea and Iran.”

“The winner in November will need all the help he can get -- including from his opponent, who will go back to the Senate as a major voice on this and other issues. The next president will also need support from the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, academia and -- crucially -- citizens who recognize the consequences if they do not consent to sacrifices and changes in lifestyle.”

“Many Americans will accept that logic, and make real changes, only if they believe greenhouse gas emissions will affect them personally. Today's adults, even if they will not be around at mid-century, must think about the fate of their children and grandchildren.”

Screw YOU!

I do not consent to any sacrifices and changes in my lifestyle based upon the political perversion of science. I do not accept any logic which tells me that I must believe that carbon dioxide, a normal requirement for a healthy life on this planet, is a pollutant to be measured, controlled, bought and sold. I do not believe in the far-left liberal’s mantra “it’s for the children” when I see that they have crippled our current educational system with their unions and the teaching of everything but reading, writing and arithmetic. How many children were destroyed by “new math” where the answer did not have to be right – but you were encouraged to feel good about yourself. By whole-language learning which replaced phonics and produced an entire generation of functional illiterates?

“Obama can look to his two daughters, and McCain to his four grandchildren. They are among nearly 75 million Americans -- and 2.2 billion people worldwide -- younger than 18. That generation will be in its 40s or 50s when one of two things happens: Either the temperature of the planet warms more than 4.5 degrees and vast regions slide toward being uninhabitable, or the wisdom of the next president and his fellow leaders around the world pays off in the ultimate reward -- survival.”

Stupid is as stupid does …

As if you needed a further example of stupidity, consider the above paragraph. Either you accept our premises and are saved from some terrible planetary catastrophe or you don't survive? Man has inhabited places that were grossly inhospitable and thrived. What makes these people believe that man will not adapt to the changing conditions -- as the wax and wane according to some unknown climatological cycle?

Ask yourself, what if they are wrong? Who will be around to seek reparations for all of the harm, damage, suffering and possibly war that may result when their prescriptions are followed with no measurable results forthcoming?

A better question is to ask these pinhead politicians is how they plan to alter the ocean currents, curtail the cloud formations that represent the atmospheric water vapor (a greenhouse gas that dwarfs carbon dioxide) and what are they going to do about the solar output which is the source of all ambient temperature increase?

The two bozos who wrote this piece were Carlos Pascual who serves as the Vice President for Foreign Policy studies and Strobe Talbott who serves as the president of the Brookings Institution. Lest anyone notice, they are policy wonks pandering to politicians and not scientists. They are considered by many to be a far-left, anti-American think tank that promotes globalism and the creation of a common North American Union modeled after the European Union. 

According to the Brookings Institution …

“Strobe Talbott is president of the Brookings Institution. Talbott, whose career spans journalism, government service, and academe, is an expert on U.S. foreign policy, with specialties on Europe, Russia, South Asia, and nuclear arms control. As deputy secretary of state in the Clinton administration, Talbott was deeply involved in both the conduct of U.S. policy abroad and the management of executive branch relations with Congress.”

“Carlos Pascual is a Brookings vice president and director of Foreign Policy at Brookings. A former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and senior director on the National Security Council staff, he focuses on post-conflict stabilization, international security policy, nonproliferation and economic development with particular focus on Europe, Russia and Ukraine.”

Notice their far-left credentials? Enough said about why they might like to see global warming initiatives in place.

What can YOU do?

We must be vigilant that the people who are promoting political policies in response to global warming are not doing it to weaken the United States’ military, industry and economy which could alter the balance of world power and confer an advantage on our political enemies.

We must be vigilant that the next President of the United States does realize who are enemies are, both foreign and domestic and is prepared to deal with them to preserve our American way of life.

We need to remember that Russia, China, North Korea, and others are not our allies and that their continuing control over their populations demands that they have a bogeyman scapegoat responsible for their citizen’s current status. Now with global Internet, impoverished people look at the California lifestyle which is available to even the poorest of citizens and being to question their own governments. Their two choices, freedom or the weakening of the United States. Guess which one they will choose?

We need to return our America back from the far-left precipice and reclaim our government from the political parties, both of which have done enormous damage over the years. When I hear Barack Obama cite Roosevelt or Kennedy as fellow democrats, I remind myself that both democrats would be considered conservative or moderate Republicans by today’s standards.

George Bush cannot be re-elected. John McCain is unlikely to follow the failed leadership of George Bush by appointing inept cronies to head major government Agencies. But Barack Obama is most likely to turn our country’s course leftward towards disaster should he be elected. We need to insure that John McCain is elected and Obama returned to the Senate for more seasoning. Perhaps he might even compile a better legislative record than his two fellow liberals Teddy Kennedy (#2 to Barack’s #1 Status as a liberal) and Joe Biden (#3 to Ted Kennedy’s #2 status as a liberal).

Discuss this with your friends and relative. And then vote as if your life and country counted on this election – because this time it just may be the tipping point.

-- steve

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The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

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