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Democrat Convention: The Olympics of Bullshitting

Is there anybody who does not believe that the current democrat convention is a highly-scripted affair with all of the participants being on their best behavior and reading their prepared remarks from a TelePrompTer?

Unbridled hypocrisy …

Imagine the degree of hypocrisy needed to lionize old Ted Kennedy, the former drunk lecher who left a helpless girl to drown in a car while he concocted a plausible excuse for his cowardice in not seeking help at the first house available? While this may be his last presidential convention, just think about this rich, pampered son of a wealthy and politically powerful family – ostensibly looking out for the poor and disadvantaged among us, while boosting his family’s fortunes and while cutting deals with special interests and cronies. And keeping those pesky wind-turbines out of sight in his beautiful Cape Cod sailing waters.

It’s not about age … it’s about experience and wisdom!

Imagine the hypocrisy of the democrats who claim John McCain(71) is too old to serve, while adding Joe Biden (65) to add the required measure of maturity and experience to the ticket.

Banishing  John Edwards while honoring Bill Clinton …

Imagine the degree of hypocrisy in demanding that John Edwards not attend the convention or present a speech at the convention on the high moral grounds that he cheated on his wife and lied to the American public. I can think of quite a few others in the democrat party that have acted in a similar fashion and on a much larger scale. Ex-President William Jefferson Clinton, a featured speaker and a political heavyweight comes to mind. Clinton’s actions were far more egregious and costly than Edwards’ and yet he gets a pass. Perhaps it is because his wife, Hillary Clinton, is a much less sympathetic character than John Edwards wife? Who knows with these “do as I say, not as I do” limousine liberals?

The re-making of Michelle Obama …

The first night of the democrat convention is all about re-making Michelle Obama – from the perception that she is cold, aloof, elitist, arrogant, militant and ashamed of her country to a softened image as a mother and someone who has overcome her humble beginnings to make a contribution. Left unsaid is the fact that she is an aggressive lawyer/advocate and most certainly will have  a major effect on Barrack Obama’s decisions much in the way Hillary intruded into Bill Clinton’s Presidency. No matter how stage-savvy she appears to be, I am convinced it is all stage-managed and that she remains a militant influence in the Obama candidacy. Obama himself appears to be much weaker than Hillary Clinton – and even his wife.

The deification of celebrity …

I am sick of the “Obama as rock star or celebrity” pitch as he is primped and packaged as an extraordinary human being. The party’s insistence that people like Barbra Streisand, Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey and others have some special character trait that allows them to tell the American people what they should and should not do. For the most part, these people are narcissistic, self-absorbed people seeking media attention and some form of power. Especially as the career winds down. One need only look at California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (who acts more like a liberal democrat than a conservative Republican) as he continues to lead his jet-set lifestyle while failing to accomplish anything of substance. He is one celebrity that has found that he cannot bend others into following his leadership by the force of his personality. He is not a hero, he only plays one. And, the well-scripted, polished, packaged and protected analogy applies to others who are celebrities or aspire to be celebrities.

Capture8-25-2008-8.51.54 AM

One trick to becoming a  rock star politician is to surround yourself with real sycophantic rock star supporters. It also insures a large, noisy crowd before you speak. Personally, I want to elect a mature, thoughtful statesman – not a flibbertigibbet rock star.

Perhaps the unknown pundit who said “politics is show business for ugly people” is right on the mark.

Unification: more empty words …

Just the empty rhetoric about uniting American and being responsive to all segments of the population is enough to make me sick. After all, it was the democrats who perfected the “divide and conquer” strategy which balkanized Americans into hyphenated-groups so that they could be better controlled by their self-anointed community leadership. It is almost unbelievable that wealthy democrats who live in million or multi-million dollar homes speak of class warfare, gender, and sexual bias. Many of these politicians have enriched themselves while in public life, claiming to understand and fight for the poor. The idea that Barack Obama or Joe Biden understand the poor because they were once poor is a ludicrous assumption. Both of these candidates have been polished, primped and are far from the American mainstream. Examples of  politicians who will do or say anything to get elected.

Where is the democrat base?

The democrats used to have a base: hard-working blue collar workers and ordinary citizens everywhere. My parents were democrats, their friends were democrats. The democrats were supposed to stick up for the common citizen. No longer. They are beholden to public and private unions whose membership supports the union’s fat cat leadership like corporate executives with multi-million dollar signing bonuses. Corruption and chaos at the very top while thuggery and deception holds the rank-and-file in check. These are the very same union leaders who claim they are protecting their membership while they openly pander to illegal aliens for membership. Illegal aliens who are diluting the pay and benefits of their very own workers. Go figure?

Add to the mix, community activists who profess to lead their people while enriching themselves whenever possible. Can someone say Judas Goat? For a better explanation of this phenomenon, I suggest that you consider reading Dr. Lenton Aikins’ book, While African Americans Slept: Leadership by Parasites.

And let us not forget the environmentalists who were not-so-long-ago infiltrated by socialists and others who subverted the movement into pushing a radical anti-American social agenda as they used our own laws against us. The primary goal to weaken the military (no nuke peaceniks) and our economy(no drilling) and especially our sovereignty (no fences) – all based on the need to protect nature from evil mankind.

These are the same social activists/environmentalists who are anti-gun and demand that lead bullets be controlled lest they cause the 150 California Condors, which must be fed mostly by humans, to perish. Holding up major projects for small birds and insects. I wonder if they know that wind-turbines are now thought to cause bat’s lungs to explode and their low-frequency done is definitely detrimental to humans as it causes or accelerates disease, confusion and other maladies.

And speaking of gun control, these are the people wishing to disarm America, to deny us our God-given rights of self-protection. The plan is to make everyone dependent on the government to maintain order. The question they will not and cannot answer is: can the government be everywhere when it is needed. We can’t manage our paramedics, let alone police force – so who are they kidding? Or, should I say, who are they shaping the battlefield for?

I have never before seen such a dismal future for the leadership of the United States.

An elitist empty suit with curious, if not downright malevolent friends …

An empty suit with a telegenic appearance and a preacher’s oratorical skills – provided he has a working TelePrompTer. An elitist with little real world knowledge who surrounds himself with flawed advisors who are pursuing their own self-interest agenda on the road to greater prestige, power and profits. A man with active friendships with racists, anti-Semites, separationists, domestic terrorists and crooks. Even his background is murky. While John McCain may not know how many homes his wife may own, Barack Obama can’t even count his relatives.

The ad that Obama’s team is trying to suppress with threats of legal action…

Although Obama claims he was eight years old when domestic terrorist Ayers and his fugitive wife, Bernardine Dohrn, committed their terrorist acts, he had to be aware of the controversy surrounding Ayers before running for higher office.

The party of lawyers …

And like the good democrat lawyers they are, the campaign is trying to legally challenge the running of this advertisement on television citing technical reasons why the sponsoring organization is not legally constituted. Want to see the letter Obama’s General Counsel sent to the Justice Department. Just click on the source. <Source

Democrats and the far left loons …

Check out the election coverage – see the fringe far left loons who support the democrats as they chant “recreate ‘68” and encouraging chaos and anarchy.

Capture8-25-2008-8.42.10 AM

Here is Amnesty International’s Ad asking you to experience Guantanamo in Denver.

Obama: same old, same old …

Professing to be a politician for a new age, his actions mark him as being of the old school. Even to the extent of picking a Vice President to make up for his youth, inexperience and lack of judgement. Waffling on-and-on about hope and change without really explaining what it all means. Asking the American people to trust his proposed Presidency and Administration to solve problems which may be easy to describe, but next to impossible to cure with the present political climate that panders to far-left liberals and special interests.

A blank slate …

One need only ask, what has Barack Obama promised all of the various factions in order to secure their vote. How many radicals are going to assume positions of power merely to pay off his political debts? And make no mistake about it: he needs these people to win, as only combining each faction may boost his votes over the tipping point to convince the electoral college to elect this rather brash, aloof elitist who seems pleasant enough when he is before a crowd or the media.

Given a smaller venue, he complains about the bitterness of workers whose jobs have been outsourced – as they cling to their religion and guns for some form of psychic relief. Of course this was explained to the San Francisco nabobs in their drawing room – far from the uncultured masses. He assured these self-professed elites that he, too, was one of them and he gets IT. Whatever they think IT may be.

And that’s part of the problem. Barack Obama is a blank slate, saying little or nothing that would dissuade others from placing their hopes and dreams on his blank canvas.

We must all ask ourselves, with all of the Bush-bashing and finger-pointing, can this man and his friends do any better?

While George Bush appears to be a simple-man, he is far from the image he portrays. He is a Northeaster Brahmin with a John Kerry-like Yale background. He is a Harvard MBA and the son of a man who headed the CIA before he assumed the Presidency. But whereas I fault President Bush for his laissez faire approach to the regulation of business and his free-spending Rockefeller-Republican ways, I do not wonder if he is willing to defend America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic. Where he may have tried too hard to protect the Constitutional rights of the Presidency in an era when both Congress and an activist Judiciary increase the uncertainty of both foreign and domestic affairs, I have no doubt that it was done with good intentions and for a common cause. Yes, he relied on his good buddies, some of which were downright incompetent and tried too hard to please the Administration – but they were not malevolent and intent on turning our America leftward into a pseudo-intellectual European socialistic state. 

Can you even begin to imagine what might happen with a Supreme Court composed of liberal judicial activists – usurping Congresses’ Constitutional authority to create laws – as they make policy and law from the bench? Claiming that this or that Amendment must mean something else in modern times? Giving citizenship rights to illegal aliens and enemy combatants. Rights which no other major country supports or honors?

Racial politics: none dare say it aloud …

The current democrat party is capitalizing on race otherwise it would be inconceivable that 90% of the registered blacks have suggested that they will vote for Obama. This party has attempted to curb dissent and stifle discussion by making members of the media and some of the people afraid of being labeled racists or bigots. Unfortunately, the fact is that we are all prejudiced in favor of our own tribes and those who share a common background. To deny this is to deny human nature. This type of threat works best on those who claim that they are “enlightened” and above such matters – when in fact, these are some of the most racist people among us. Want to see pure racism at work? Check out Obama’s buddies and spiritual mentors. Reverends Wright, Phleger and Farrakhan. Imagine a man who does not condemn them outright, using the old liberal canard: I condemn their speech, their actions – but not the person. Bullpucky!

Does he have the cojones?

Does he have the balls to protect our sovereignty and call a halt to an invasion of illegal aliens which is destroying our healthcare, educational, judicial, social and cultural infrastructure?

Is he willing to petition the Supreme Court to rule that the Fourteenth Amendment no longer can be used to produce anchor babies and that all persons born in the United States must assume the nationality of their parents? To halt the demographic bombing of America before people with an allegiance to a foreign power simply vote us out of our own country?

Does he have the guts to stand up to foreign governments and demand reciprocity and equality for all American citizens? To demand that our citizens be treated in the same fashion that we treat their citizens?

Is he able to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman? To abolish dual citizenship and refrain from creating another generation of hyphenated-Americans?

Is he able to tell the Teacher’s union to start producing students or be decertified as a menace to society?

Will he start prosecuting fellow attorneys, accountants and others who are destroying American business with their special interest lobbying?

Will he remove the insurance companies from playing intermediary in the healthcare industry? Where they make significant profits and pay their executives outrageous bonuses by denying doctors and healthcare workers their wages – forcing them to see a patient every fifteen minutes?

And the questions continue …

Feel free to add your own questions. I am not saying the the Republicans or John McCain may be able to do any better on the broader issues … but I trust him to do the right thing: to protect America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic – as well as doing his best for the American public.

Demand answers: who is Obama, what does he stand for and who are his friends and advisors?

I am not saying that Barack Obama is not a man of honor because I just don’t know. Not enough is known about him and he has not served long enough to overcome his liberal voting record -- which makes me believe that he will turn OUR Country hard left towards more government control, higher taxes and destroy individual initiative and rights in favor of the rights of the socialist “collective.”

Vote you conscience, vote your wallet – but most of all, vote for what you can see, hear and touch – pie in the sky promises are leading us to elect charlatans who assume the mantle of the Presidency for their own agenda and the hell with everyone else.

It is now time to take back our country from these interlopers and poseurs. VOTE. Discuss this with your friends and tell them to VOTE.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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