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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ex-Porn Star?

We have always known that Governor Schwarzenegger was not your typical politician. He is a narcissistic movie star with grand ambitions.

From the time he declared himself to be a post-partisan politician, code words for doing the bidding of the liberal democrats as a RINO (Republican In Name Only), to his present leadership failure in curtailing state spending and producing an on-time budget, we can see that he is all about adulation and the portrayal of the political hero.

Mostly achieved with Hollywood-style public relations and smoke and mirrors.

That is not to say that I did not originally believe that Schwarzenegger could do as credible a job at turning California around as Jesse Ventura did in Minnesota.

But I guess that is the difference between a real tough guy (Ventura was a Navy Frogman/SEAL) and those who merely play one while they mouth the words written by someone else. Even Stallone (who played John Rambo) would have probably made a better governor.

So I am not surprised when Paul Barresi, a former porn star turned private eye, claimed to have worked for Governor Schwarzenegger under the disgraced and convicted wire-tapper Anthony Pelicano. 

In an interview with FBLA (FishbowlLA), Barresi – obviously not adhering to the same “code of silence” that marked Pelicano’s trial – came clean about services performed for Governor Schwarzenegger.

FBLA: How long did you work for Anthony Pellicano.

BARRESI: Off and on for almost ten years.

FBLA: What did you do on Schwarzenegger?

BARRESI: Searched for the names and addresses of his detractors. Anyone who may want to harm him, should he run for office.

FBLA: This was obviously before he was Governor.


FBLA: Did you make a list?

BARRESI: A mile long.

Then retreating behind the client privacy shield …

FBLA: And, Stallone?
BARRESI: I'm not at liberty to talk about that one.

Illustrating the power of the Internet …

FBLA: Did you share any of the same common beliefs or opinions? [with Pellicano]

BARRESI: Oh, yes, several.

FBLA: What's the first that comes to mind?

BARRESI: Well, we both loath cyber stalkers. You know who I’m talking about. Those malicious psychopaths who take pleasure in harming others. They harass and attack people with mean spirited blog postings. They hide behind various screen names, being the cowards that they are. It gives them a false sense of safety, hiding in the shadows, like a frightened rat.

and the length to which the powerful will go to silence it …

FBLA: Did you ever take action against any of them?

BARRESI: I remember one guy in particular. Tony and me had a long conversation about him. Tony said he deserved a good beating. But in the end, he was dealt with the legal way -- in the courts.

If anyone does not believe that Pellicano and Company engaged in threats of violence and other extra-legal means to silence people, the story of Pellicano can be found here.

Someone should ask the Governor what he did with those lists …

Perhaps the media should openly ask Governor Schwarzenegger about his relationship with Anthony Pellicano as it pertains to opposition research. And if he is still using his media-sources to manage the news? Or perhaps how he feels about network neutrality and the fairness doctrine.

One thing about the Internet is that it is virtually instantaneous and viral. After a speech, hundreds or even thousands of amateurs with specialized knowledge of history and arcane facts are ready to point out discrepancies, deviations and outright distortions. Lies are separated from embellishments and discussed endlessly ... to the chagrin of the chattering classes and their media megaphones.

What can YOU do?

Fellow bloggers: Continue blogging about the politics and your opinion. Should anyone approach you surreptitiously or with malevolent intent, don’t bother with the local police – go directly to the FBI and Department of Justice.

As for California voters, we have seen Schwarzenegger’s performance over the past years… unimpressive to say the least. He has turned continual fundraising into an art, surpassing even the prodigious efforts of his predecessor, Gray Davis, who was recalled over his tax policies. While we can appreciate his movies and persona, let’s hope that he is not given a major role if Obama is elected. Let him continue to lead a jet-set lifestyle and play the movie star – but keep him away from policy decisions involving energy or any other substantive issues. After all this is the wunderkind that went from "no taxes" to supporting an increase in sales tax ... but only if I get a spending cap! Perhaps if he lowered spending, there would be no need for a tax increase. But that would mean the public service workers and the unions wouldn't continue to get their cushy raises in these depressing times.

Perhaps he would like a position as the Ambassador to the Netherlands – formerly occupied by Roland Arnall – the head of predatory lender Ameriquest?

-- steve

Quote of the day: “If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.” -- Marlon Brando

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The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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