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Political animal …

There is no doubt in many people’s mind that Los Angeles Police Chief is a political animal with aspirations for higher office. Some rumors have him pitching his candidacy for the all-powerful chief of the United States Department of Homeland Defense under an Obama Administration.

Therefore, it is highly believable that the Chief will do or say anything to generate a positive public reception and good media coverage.

Special Order 40 …

Which might be the reason that the Chief continues to defend the odious Special Order 40 which serves to protect violent illegal alien gang members to court the Hispanic vote rather than protecting the general public. It could also be the reason that Chief Bratton was so eager to link hands with Hispanic Activist and Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar (His real name is not Villaraigosa) in immediately condemning the Los Angeles Police Department in what has been called the “May Day Melee.” Which saw the LAPD actively soliciting the testimony of illegal aliens against police officers, but also opened up the city to millions of dollars worth of lawsuits.

Curtailing negative publicity?

According to the Los Angeles Times …

“Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton is seeking permission to make the department's review of officer-involved shootings and other use-of-force incidents less punitive for some officers who violate department rules.”

“The Los Angeles Police Commission, which oversees the Police Department, is poised to vote today on whether to approve Bratton's proposed changes to how he and his command staff deal with officers who use serious force during altercations.”

“The move would alter a review system used by the department for more than 25 years. And it comes as part of a recent, ongoing shift within the LAPD away from hard-nosed discipline toward a more nuanced approach of ‘strategy before penalty.’”

When people start waffling about “nuanced approaches,” one must consider that their is something or someone behind the scenes seeking something.

"I imagine a department full of thoughtful, creative police officers who aren't confused about doing the right thing because they understand the principles behind what is expected of them," Deputy Chief Mark Perez, head of the department's Professional Standards Bureau, said about the department's new approach to discipline.

Is this another play to the Hispanic community and a signal of a “kinder, gentler” LAPD? Or is this more of Bratton’s “social engineering” of the type that almost demands that a female officer be placed on the LAPD’s SWAT team – even though the LAPD has allegedly relaxed the physical requirements for team membership and which may put other team members at risk if the newest female recruit cannot drag a 200+ team member with over 50-pounds of gear to safety?

Use of force should involve a “bright line” procedure, visible to all and require  a management review…

“Currently, an officer who is found to have violated department policies regarding a "categorical use of force" -- incidents such as when an officer fires a weapon, strikes someone in the head or causes someone to be hospitalized -- is automatically subjected to a formal review to determine what, if any, discipline should be imposed. Under the proposed changes, the chief would be allowed to sidestep that review and, instead, order the officer to receive training or some other less punitive result.”

More information is required, not less …

It remains unclear how much, if any, of the department's findings in such incidents would be made public by the department or the commission. Since 2006, following a state Supreme Court decision, the LAPD has sharply curtailed what information it releases on use-of-force incidents and disciplinary matters.

While we should wait until the policy is approved by the Los Angeles Police Commission and implemented by Chief Bratton, I remain leery of any actions initiated by the Chief until he rescinds Special Order 40.

There is no doubt that we need a strong police department to deal with the issues of rising crime perpetrated by illegal aliens in Los Angeles. And a strong police chief who will defend those under his command from the vagaries of the politicians. What we do not need is a socialite police chief that covers up issues or manages the news for his own future political aspirations.

What can YOU do?

Keep a steely eye on Chief Bratton and his political aspirations.

Demand that Los Angeles and the LAPD rescind Special Order 40 and turn over all illegal aliens to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Demand that Chief Bratton honestly and openly deal with the ongoing war between Hispanic gangs and legal black citizens such as the circumstances surrounding the Jamiel Shaw murder.

Restructure the far-left nature of the Los Angeles Police Commission to become less of a political power play and more of a part of the illegal alien crime fighting solution.

-- steve

Quote of the day: “Crime does not pay ... as well as politics.” -- Alfred E. Newman

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