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John McCain: HISpandering for votes

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Once again, John McCain is making me nervous.

According to the International Herald Tribune

“McCain tells Hispanic group of his commitment to immigration reform”

“Senator John McCain told a major Hispanic group here Tuesday that he remained committed to passing the kind of immigration legislation that angered many Republican voters last year, but he underscored that he intended to first secure U.S. borders.”

Can we trust John McCain or Barack Obama to really secure our borders?

According to the politicians, it all depends on what you mean by secure.

    • Do you mean have a coalition of governors from the border states certify that the border has been secured?
    • Do you mean that we are not going to use a fence-access road-fence combination that would allow border agents to quickly approach the scene of a potential breach and arrest those who are trying to break-in to the United States?
    • Or are we going to find that one of the major defense contractors is going to place unworkable electronic contraptions along the border like cell-phone towers are expect border patrol agents to rush over hostile ground in the dark to apprehend those that transgress?

“Speaking to the convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens, McCain noted his efforts to pass comprehensive immigration legislation, which was supported by President George W. Bush and such Democrats as Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts but which fell apart last year after an angry grass-roots movement that viewed it as tantamount to amnesty rose up to oppose its passage.”

Not only was it amnesty, but it was totally unworkable. The passport office was backed up with at least six months of immigration applications – and suddenly, they were prepared to successfully process 10-12 million or more applications; each requiring a background check to be performed in one day or the applicant was to be given a provisional visa.

As for the angry grassroots movement, the truth is that these were ordinary American citizens who have watched and waited for their local, state and federal government to take action to stem the tide of illegal immigrants who are destroying our healthcare, education, judicial, retirement, social and cultural infrastructure – and bringing crime and disease into our country.

Aliens don’t vote …

“When McCain was taking the most heat about the subject, he sometimes warned that Republicans risked alienating Hispanic voters, just when the party had been making gains in attracting them. Bush drew 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004, exit surveys showed.”

“But since the immigration debate has roiled the country, polls have shown that Republicans have been losing the support of Hispanics. Indeed, some recent surveys have shown McCain losing to Senator Barack Obama, who planned to address the convention later Tuesday, by large margins. A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll showed McCain losing the Hispanic vote to Obama by a two-to-one margin.”

Truth be told, who cares what illegal aliens and their democrat, union and other supporters think? Most legal immigrants have watched their neighborhoods deteriorate, their jobs being taken by those who will work for less and they face the same wait at the emergency room (if one can be found in their neighborhood) as we all do. Some of the strongest opponents are decidedly against the unchecked influx of illegal aliens.

The source of their power …

The United States is almost equally divided between the two competing political parties, both of which seem to act on behalf of themselves and the special interests -- against the interests of ordinary citizens.

So the candidates and their political advisers place an inordinatate amount of time, energy and money on placing minorities to achieve that “tipping point” to political victory. They promise each and every one of these special interest groups access to power, money and further political appointments.

Want to see how it turns out?

Just look at California with a disproportionate number of democrat/socialists who are Hispanic or somehow beholden to Mexico. Portions of Los Angeles and other cities are almost indistinguishable from Tijuana. Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar (Villaraigosa is a made up name) is a prime example. He wants to be governor and has supported Hillary first and now Obama. He was a Chicano activist while at college and will do or say anything to stay in power. He openly welcomed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and other Hispanics from the steps of City Hall. He is a scofflaw and is violating his oath to uphold both the Constitution of California and the United States. 

If McCain wants to win …

If McCain were serious about an overwhelming victory instead of pandering (HISpandering, if you will) to illegal aliens and their democrat and union supporters), he would announce a simple plan.

One,  the United States will close of their borders to illegal aliens, crime, disease, poverty and illiteracy.

Two, the Solicitor General will immediately file suit on behalf of the United States with the Supreme Court for a declaratory ruling that declares all children born in the United States will assume the nationality of their parents. No more tortured interpretations of the 14th Amendment.

Three, the United States will no longer import poverty and illiteracy. Those entering the United States with the purpose of becoming citizens must meet certain financial and educational requirements which confer a benefit to the United States before being allowed to participate in a citizenship program.

Four, those who want to work in the United States shall have corporate sponsors and a full medical clearance before entering the United States and being allowed to work for a specific time. If these people lose a job, certain employment assistance shall be provided and the previous employer will be responsible for the cost of transporting them back to their homeland should no job become available.

Five, the right to hold dual citizenship will be canceled. It is ethically and morally impossible to maintain allegiance to two sovereign powers who may have divergent interests.

Six, all illegal aliens would be given six months to register as illegal aliens and obtain a medical clearance certificate from an authorized medical facility. Any doctor found to be tampering with this medical checkup will lose his license forever.  Any illegal citizen found within the United States after this period will be automatically deported with their families.

Seven, DHS/ICE will be required to develop, implement and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of a tracking system for all incoming and outgoing people not holding United States passports. This includes biometric identification systems which will also be used to insure that illegal aliens do not continue to vote in accordance with existing law. Or those leaders involved with the effort will be replaced by more competent individuals. It is time to get serious about not forgiving failure to perform one’s sworn duties.

Eight, any foreign entity interfering in an election will be sanctioned with economic penalties. Any U.S. citizen, corporation or other entity that conveys foreign funds to any elected official and/or candidate will be sent to prison for a period not less than five years.

And nine, workers will be treated with all due respect and be protected under the law. However, they will not be granted any rights, protections and courtesies not available to legal citizens of the United States. 

Now let’s see what McCain and Obama have to say to the convention of La Raza (“The Race”) which in my opinion is an openly racist group that supports MEChA, an organization whose motto is: “For La Raza toda, Fuera de La Raza nada.” For the race, everything, for others nothing.

Now before anyone starts with the racist labeling … let me remind you that there are any number of decent hardworking illegal aliens … but the very number of them are destroying our infrastructure. One million locusts dispersed across the country might be relatively harmless, a hoard of hundreds of thousands of  locusts in a single location become pestilence.

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First things first …

Humanity and fair play require that we take care of our own first before offering charity to the world.

If McCain or Obama were that concerned over conditions here in the United States, they would be making similar entreaties to our citizens who live in South Central Los Angeles, Detroit and other areas.

What can YOU do?

It’s time to let the candidates know that you, as an American citizen, want to preserve your birthright through citizenship and you are tired of supporting those who sneak in to destroy our infrastructure.

It’s time to clean up our own inner cities and provide jobs to our citizens before importing additional poverty and illiteracy.

There is little we can do to support Mexico as long as their corrupt leftist government and ruling oligarchy sit in their splendid palatial estates and do nothing for their own people. Mexico is rich in natural resources, they have a great coastline, fertile farms and a willing source of labor. There is absolutely no reason why they are not a modern first-world nation.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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