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A negotiated Clinton-Romney candidacy?

Has anyone noticed that McCain, while more energetic and willing to engage with the public than former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, is doing just about the same stuff. Sitting on his behind and addressing voters of no major consequence like the NAACP and La Raza?

Where is the fight?

Like the current Bush Administration, McCain does not seem to be capable of mounting a hard-hitting campaign, relying more on “nuanced” appearances and his “same old” spin doctors.

Why doesn’t McCain call Obama out on racial issues and demonstrate for one and all that Obama is running on – lest we dare to say it – the race ticket?

Why doesn’t McCain question Obama’s inexperience, his lack of a legislative record and his propensity to avoid difficult issues and vote “present” when he was an elected state official? Or, does McCain, like Fred Thompson, believe that by being gentlemanly and holding back until the closing weeks of the election, he can change the minds of those who have been bombarded week-after-week with the pro-Obama campaign message: change is good, we stand for change?

What change?

When is McCain going to simply stand up and say "change, what change?" And point out that Obama looks much like any other self-serving Chicago politician who has conspired with the corrupt, the racists and others in the radical far left to gain a political advantage.

Who is he courting?

With a significant portion of blacks apparently voting for Obama on the basis of race, why would McCain waste his time courting the black vote beyond a few token appearances? Ditto with the Hispanics with the exception of the strong conservative Cuban contingent in Florida who prefer stability to racial divide and chaos.

Why isn’t McCain going after the “softer” democrats who supported Hillary Clinton rather than trying to convince hard core democrats, like the activist Hispanics, that McCain will watch out for their interests.

Ignoring the obvious …

McCain does not need the advice of high-priced advisors who move from political campaign to political campaign. He needs only to read the conservative press to know what subjects overwhelmingly resonate with the American public. 

Say what you will about Pat Buchanan, Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich, they are all flawed people – but they all seem to have an almost impeccable ability to divine the political tea leaves. They know the core issues and the fundamental political battlegrounds that will make a difference. And they are shouting it from the rooftops each day and each night on television, on Internet sites and in their published writings. At little or no cost, their valuable advice is available to those who want to craft a winning platform which will appear to a majority of Americans and not just to the 49-1-50 crowd that keeps swinging back and forth in the polls.

A Hillary-Romney matchup for the presidency?

As with Hillary Clinton, who has not formally announced the termination (only suspension) of her campaign, anything can happen up until the time the last political convention vote is cast for the party’s presidential candidate. Crazy reverends aside, it is possible that something may tip the balance toward Hillary at the last minute. Unlikely, improbable – but still within the realm of possibility.

On the McCain side, if McCain chooses Mitt Romney (whom I endorsed over McCain) as his Vice Presidential running mate and the improbable happens, it is possible that the voting members of the Republican convention could ratify Romney as their presidential candidate and thus shore up a sagging base of conservatives who have very little faith in McCain’s economic and domestic policy. And other than his apparent strength in defending the United States from her enemies, there is little else that is attractive about McCain as, at least from my viewpoint, he appears to be a moderate democrat.

What can YOU do?

No matter what the final matchup, vote your pocketbook. The democrats are out to enlarge the government, raise your taxes, grant amnesty for foreign illegals and are wishy-washy on national defense. Their position on the environment, nuclear energy and energy independence makes them wildly unsuited to lead the nation and/or control Congress.

Rejoice if Romney becomes the nominee or hold your nose and vote McCain if he doesn’t.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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