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Jamiel Shaw: Does somthing smell funny?

Was Jamiel Shaw a secret gang member?

That’s the question the defense would normally ask to help mitigate a potential death sentence in a slam-dunk murder case. But why, you may ask yourself, do certain members of the prosecution seem bent on proving Jamiel Shaw was a gang member, gang associate, gang affiliate, gang friend or just was in the close proximity of classmates who were gang members, gang associate … well you get the picture.

And does it really matter?

The most important thing to remember about the Jamiel Shaw case is that an evildoer with a bad reputation walked up to another human being and shot him. I don’t care if the perpetrator of this dastardly crime thought that the victim was a gang member or not. In fact I don’t need to know anything else about this case other than who was the alleged perpetrator, who were his accomplices, who aided and abetted him  and who was the victim… and proving that the alleged perpetrator killed the victim in cold blood.

In fact, I am not going to recount the details of Jamiel Shaw’s death. Or what a good kid he might have been. Or even that his parents are decent and honorable people who have suffered a grievous lost. None of that really matters. What matters is that a 17-year old was killed – in broad daylight, on his way home from school and still carrying his book-bag. End of story!

What game are they playing?

In the first six months of this year, 25% of the 56 gang-related slayings involved either blacks killing Latinos or vice versa. That compares with 13% for the same period last year.  -- LA Times

A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has said, “[race]  is as much an element in the slayings as such other factors as gang clashes, drugs and turf.” 

What angers me is all of the abstract, psycho-babble and anthropological crap being spewed by experts who see this as some sort of tribal conflict. By police experts who spout off about the presence or lack of race-related crime in our city… as if we are blind – even though the media stopped reporting the details of most inner city crime years ago.

It seems that nobody wants to consider the possibility that this killing was simply a Hispanic-Black confrontation and that there is a high-level of tension between the two communities with a propensity to lead to violence. With the legal citizens contending with the illegal aliens for employment, housing and access to programs within the city and county. And with the criminals fighting over turf on which to shakedown residents and push drugs.

Special order 40 …

The City refuses to modify Special Order 40 which, whether by directive or custom, keeps beat patrolmen and other law enforcement personnel from approaching illegal aliens to ascertain their citizen status even though they are in the close proximity of known criminals or known illegal aliens, many of which have been deported multiple times.

It is not known why this alleged perpetrator was even in this country. Or why the a law enforcement agency failed to have him deported after his original sentence. Or how, within the space of 24-hours or so, he allegedly managed to recruit a posse and obtain a weapon, a car and a plan to obtain additional funds.

But what is known is that making this particular crime into a racial hate crime, which is what it appears to be, at least to me, might cause some unwanted attention to the lack of proper policing – and the potential embarrassment of a high-ranking police official who is rumored to be seeking the nomination for the Secretary of Homeland Defense in an Obama administration and one who is fearful of upsetting the Chief Hispanic representative in Southern California – who just happens to be the Mayor.

So, unless anyone can prove me wrong, this seems to be a highly politicalized hate crime – where the politicians want to manage the public’s perceptions of the proceedings for their own political gain.

What are they hiding?

The overwhelmingly favorable treatment of illegal aliens who are often given passes where a legal citizen may be cited and prosecuted?

Why an alleged illegal alien gang member was apparently released early from serving four months time in the L.A. County jail  for weapons violations and assault against a police officer?

Why this alleged illegal alien gang member was not correctly identified as a gang member or an illegal alien and deported at the first available opportunity?

Or is it simply that our elected officials do not want you to know that they have apparently extended citizenship rights and courtesies to illegal aliens by not treating them any different from legal citizens who come in contact with their respective offices.

Does something smell funny? Explanations required …

If this crime was not politicized, how else would you explain the alleged behavior of  Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee whose apparently outrageous behavior and comments prompted Jamiel Shaw Senior to file an Ethics Complaint with the State Bar and District Attorney's Office against Hanisee. According to published reports she repeatedly mentioned Special Order 40 and asked Jamiel Shaw to discontinue his very vocal support for the modification or repeal of the order.

Listen to Jamiel Shaw Senior comment on Hanisee…

In the final analysis …

But in the final analysis, a fellow human being who did not appear to harm anyone lies dead … while the authorities apparently try to blame the motivation for the criminal act of murder on the victim. Apparently to avoid the ugly truth that this was, in all likelihood, a racially-motivated hate crime.'

War zone …
The Times analyzed the circumstances of 562 Latino and black homicides from 2007 in which the race of the suspects was known, including all LAPD and sheriff's cases, plus those of smaller police agencies such as Long Beach and Inglewood.
The analysis found that nearly 90% of both black and Latino homicide victims had been killed by suspects of their own race.

And it is hard to believe that elected officials, from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the city mayors and law enforcement officials stand by and watch this continual crime wave by criminal illegal aliens and others decimate the citizens to whom they took an oath to defend from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. If they do not appear to be upholding their constitutional duties to preserve our freedoms, let them be thrown out of office for the bums they have become.

Welcome to Los Angeles, where the criminals carry guns and the citizens are denied carry permits because defending your life and your family is not politically correct in a government-dominated society.

What can YOU do?

Adopt the mantra “Crime is crime.” There are no socio-economic or racial reasons why crime should not be vigorously prosecuted to protect the citizenry.

Illegal aliens who commit crimes should be prosecuted, punished and then deported. If they are found in the United States again, then it would be prudent to incarcerate them for five years and then release them into the custody of their homeland. If they re-appear in the United States and commit another crime: three strikes and you get a mandatory 30 years.

Special Order 40 should be repealed by the Police Chief, the Police Commission and the Mayor by a deadline. If the act is not repealed, all of the above should be voted out of office or fired.

If there is an underground war between the illegal aliens and American citizens, start deporting all illegal aliens who are known to be connected to gangs. Turn the LAPD database of known gang members over to ICE for enforcement action. Use SWAT to effect felony arrests of illegal aliens. If necessary, declare a state emergency and empower the California National Guard to reduce the violence in certain areas.

Demand that your elected officials support a constitutional initiative to make the nationality of a child born within the United States assume the nationality of its parents in conformance with the practices of a majority of other nations.

Demand your right to carry a personal protection weapon to defend yourself and your family. Demand that crazies, criminals and children who use guns be severely punished; without the possibility of plea bargaining to a lesser offense and having to serve their full sentence without the possibility of parole or the restoration of the right to own or possess a weapon.

You have a right to live your life without crime and racial or ethnic strife. It’s in the Constitution which elected officials have sworn to uphold. There are three types of people who are entitled to protection: legal citizens, legal resident aliens, and legal visitors – the rest should be deportable upon the commission of any crime involving bodily force or the use of a weapon.

Do not support politicians who welcome illegal aliens with open arms and encourage them to take root in California. We can no longer afford the assault on our healthcare, education, judicial, retirement, social, and cultural infrastructure.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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