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The futility of debate with global warming "believers"

Yeah, but …

The other day, I engaged in a global warming debate in a “comments”  forum provided by a large newspaper. It was a disconcerting  “whack-a-mole” experience. You respond to one comment and two more spring up to carry the conversation elsewhere. Annoying to say the least.

The corruption of science …

The only thing I learned is that many people have apparently put their trust and faith in “scientists” that, maybe in a previous time, actually exhibited respect for the scientific process.

Now computer models, possibly based on poor assumptions and which require “adjustments” are taken as gospel even though some of the results are improbable. Often these  models are not adequately scrutinized and debated in scientific community as little or no funding exists to verify the results of others when the money could be spent on original projects that attract additional institutional funding.

Real-Life Example of Climate Adjustments ...

The various sources at a single location are combined into one record, if possible, using a version of the reference station method. The adjustments are determined in this case using series of estimated annual means.

Non-overlapping records are viewed as a single record, unless this would result introducing a discontinuity; in the documented case of St.Helena the discontinuity is eliminated by adding 1C to the early part.

After noticing an unusual warming trend in Hawaii, closer investigation showed its origin to be in the Lihue record; it had a discontinuity around 1950 not present in any neighboring station. Based on those data, we added 0.8C to the part before the discontinuity.

Some unphysical looking segments were eliminated after manual inspection of unusual looking annual mean graphs and comparing them to the corresponding
graphs of all neighboring stations.

The goal of the homogeneization effort is to avoid any impact (warming or cooling) of the changing environment that some stations experienced by changing the long term trend of any non-rural station to match the long term trend of their rural neighbors, while retaining the short term
monthly and annual variations. If no such neighbors exist, the station is completely dropped, if the rural records are shorter, part of the non-rural record is dropped.

- Source: Hansen/GISTEMP/NASA

Now with the corrupting influences of money and media, one is now faced with scientists whose positions are tempered by their supporters and refuse to debate and rebuff all qualified doubters.

Thus, in many quarters, science is becoming a bankable commodity to enlarge one’s personal prestige, power and wealth. If the truth, as it is known at that point in time, is spoken – it seems to be a happy confluence of events.

So why are all these crazy people running around trying to reproduce Enron’s trading schemes (which can easily be gamed) rather than calling for honest scientific inquiry into the issue of global climatology?

Perhaps I should join the crowd …

Get a graphic artist to produce a realistic rendering of a proposed Global Warming Money Machine (GWMM) that does nothing useful, but make money. And use this rendering and a wonderful story to attract seed capital.

With my original GWMM concept people will be falling over themselves to invest. Equipment vendors will rush to bid on my contracts – often  at heavily government-subsidized prices.  Famous (and infamous) people will come out of the woodwork to act as my paid spokespeople. We could probably pay a few major Hollywood party girls to attend the launch party to intensify the media coverage.

The GWMM concept …

The basic concept is simple. We build a GWMM plant near a volcano. We run a long insulated pipe into the volcanoes’ mouth and suck-in carbon dioxide. We then solidify the carbon dioxide into dry ice which we drop off the cliff into the ocean to further cool the waters. The energy required to power the plant can come from the volcanoes’ geothermal potential. Pump water down into a heat collector in the molten magma; which flashes the water into steam to drive the turbine which generates electricity and we have a nice closed energy loop to power the plant.

Now for the “ steve touch of genius.” We sell carbon credits to the rest of the world and make our fortune. All we need for this phase is a personal computer, a quality printer and some fancy certificate forms.

Like I said, the machine does nothing but produce paper certificates. Certificates which can be sold to utilities, oil companies and other industrial operations that are legislatively mandated to clean up their act, so to speak.

This way, the gross polluter avoids spending serious money to cure their real pollution problems while passing the cost of the carbon credits on to the ratepayers and, by extension, the general public. The executives are happy with their bonuses and the shareholders are happy with their increased return on investment.

We will make so much money that we can afford to do good works. Like sponsor the major “green” charities. Make donations to a major hospital for funding lung disease research. Of course, the plaque will be in the chief executive’s name (mine) and will attest to my innate goodness. I will have my bodyguards, with their Secret Service earwigs, stop anybody who appears to want to ask me about the people actually dying from the “mitigated” pollution. And there will be enough money for political contributions to lubricate the whole money-spinning system.

Damn, it’s time to wake up and join the real world…

Unfortunately, this seems to be the reality today.

-- steve

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