Is George Carlin in Heaven and is Saint Peter pissed?


It’s only funny to those who recognize the scam …

It has always been amusing to me when scam artists in foreign countries try to translate their native language and syntax into English. I cannot even imagine what they must think of America and its citizens.

This particular scam references a Western African country, Dahomey, now named Benin or more formally the Republic of Benin. A former French colony, shaped like a downward pointing phallus (how appropriate), located between Togo on the West and the scam capital of the world, Nigeria, to the East.

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You have been scammed, so send money to this scammer …

Attn: Greeting to you ,

This to acknowledge you that your e-mail id is found among those that have been scammed, and the competiation have been approved from the supreme high court here in Benin and we are asked to contact you by the Benin president on how to send you the  united state dollars by the diplomatic courier and the fund as been cash in dollars here in Benin bank.
So you are advice to contact the lawyer in charges of this fund and his name is BARRISTER MIKE IKE and make sure you contact him with your full Contact information such as.

For more information on how to make the money send to you because many People complain about scamming every day from Benin and we are trying to stop this fraudulent from Benin and am sure you that it will stop because we are now working with the internet operation such as YAHOOMAIL.and also the united state FBI and Benin police with Benin EFCC so the scam can be eradicated in this country and I want you to follow your fund code which follow bellow, and whish is given to you by the high court of Benin and the code is (Be74678FGN)
And I want you to keep this code, because this code will ensure you and Alert you in any day you receive a scam e-mail from this country.

And as soon as you contact BARRISTER MIKE IKE with your full contact information requested, he will be forward everything to the Benin presidency office to issue out your award certificate as the rightful beneficiary

E-mail Address :(DELETED FOR SAFETY)
1.Bank to Bank is $120
2.courier service $90
Contact him in regarding of the fund to be deliver to you by the Diplomatic courier service and also any beneficiary we be responsible for shipping fees so as to avoid any scam and the fees is just only $90
Bank to Bank is only $120 so chose one and okey contact BARRISTER MIKE IKE and you will receive your fund from the high court because as soon as you contact the lawyer in charges of your fund he will alert the united state bureau and also  your state police for the fund to be deliver to you without any restriction and problem when the fund get to you in your location area.
Best Rega

It appears that at least one person fell for the scam and went to deliver the money personally…

George Bush

“United States President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush briefly visited Benin on February 16 2008, marking the first visit of a major head of state to this tiny country. President Yayi Boni presented President Bush with the Grand Cross of the National Order of Benin and thanked him for US economic aid.” <source>

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What is not funny …

What I do not find amusing is the propensity for elected United States officials to travel around the world dispensing United States foreign aid while Americans continue to suffer at home. In many cases, the foreign aid is simply pocketed by the foreign leaders or the goods are diverted to the friends of the government or sold on the black market to other nations. If our government feels compelled to be more generous with our tax dollars, I suggest that they start by looking at the economic development in a country known as South Central Los Angeles.

What can YOU do?

Let your elected officials know how you feel about self-aggrandizing photo opportunities and the provision of taxpayer dollars to nations who seem to be held in higher regard than some of the crumbling cities here in America.

Direct your charity inward to your own nation when considering donations. Avoid the major charities with their well-paid  executives and perhaps look at local charities which actually provide aid and comfort to the local people. Perhaps a local health clinic, food bank or jobs center. 

-- steve

Quote of the day: “We are all apt to believe what the world believes about us. “ -- George Eliot

A reminder from a large improvement can result from a small change…

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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