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From: AARP California

Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 12:28 PM

Subject: AARP California Opposes Proposition 98

Voter Alert:  No on 98

"Protect Affordable Housing:  Vote No on Prop. 98"

The exact opposite is true...

"Proposition 98 is an ill-conceived ballot initiative with far-reaching and negative consequences for all Californians.  If passed, Proposition 98 would threaten the state’s ability to promote and ensure protections for affordable housing, hurt efforts to ensure a reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water, threaten land-use planning and jeopardize laws that protect the environment and our communities - all critical elements needed to develop and sustain livable communities."   

More subsidized illegal alien sanctuary housing?

By "affordable housing" do they mean condemning private property to build or operate rent-subsidized living for illegal aliens? Or do they mean condemning existing apartments to built  more luxurious apartments to be used as a revenue source for the University of California in the guise of "married student's housing?"

Clean, safe drinking water is not jeopardized by either Proposition 98 or 99.

More cheap property for "fat cat" politically connected developers?

Land-use planning sounds almost like a communist invention. By land-use planning do they mean confiscating private property to give to private developers so they make a fortune on property acquired for a greatly discounted price -- and which they turn into luxury condominiums and prestige shops; making a fortune for the neighbors whose private property was not confiscated. All because the government can earn some additional tax revenue and the politicians can continue to wallow in developer-paid campaign donations?

Can you blame them?

"Landlords, mobile home park owners and property management companies have donated 4.5 million dollars to a measure that puts them at a decided advantage over renters and municipalities."

This is America. The government should not have the right to demand that you lease or rent your property at less than its fair market value to satisfy some political constituency such as the illegal aliens. Why should you, as a private individual, be denied the right to earn a fair profit on your investment? Or are you satisfied with a government telling you what your profit should be ... all the while the politicians and their special interest supporters are plundering the public's pockets?


"At first glance it’s easy to be fooled by Prop. 98, and its proponents are hoping voters don’t look further than their claims about eminent domain reform. But, hidden in the definitions of the measure are harmful, far-reaching provisions that would amend our state Constitution for the worse."   

It is ludicrous to speak of being fooled when the government and their sycophants mount a sham Proposition 99 measure which, according to the impartial legislative analyst, does little or nothing to eliminate "eminent domain" abuse.

The people's republic?

"One of these provisions would eliminate ALL future rent control laws in California.  As soon as a renter moves out, that home is gone from the affordable housing supply forever. More than 1 million California renters live in rent controlled units.  The impacts of this measure could be devastating. "

"Prop. 98 would also gut renter protections for ALL of California’s 14 million renters, like those requiring the fair return of deposits or proper notice before evicting renters from their homes."

It is amazing that the government speaks about protecting renters, but is willing to confiscate private property from individuals to give to other private individuals. Renters did not put up the capital to purchase the property, they do not pay taxes on the property and they are not legally responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property. And, if the property should be damaged by a natural disaster or other untoward event, they do not lose their investment.

This is the government pandering for votes. A form of confiscation of your Constitutional rights to engage in fair commerce between a willing provider of goods and services and a willing consumer of those goods and services. Another example of the far-left's socialistic agenda which makes everybody beholding to a "nanny state" government for their daily right to live in this great country.

Global warming?

"The types of laws and regulations that could be impacted include a wide range of environmental protections including those that curb global warming and protect open space; zoning laws that protect our communities from liquor stores and other businesses being located near schools or homes; and approvals of new businesses needed for economic growth."

Unreal -- they now contemplate taking your private property to prevent global warming? There is no credible scientific proof that man causes or can effect global climate change. Do you want to give up your Constitutional private property rights to the government based on an inaccurate computer model and the guesses of bloated politicians?

Far-left liberals pursuing a socialistic agenda? Or simply special interest organizations to protect government bureaucrats and union members?

"AARP California has joined a broad coalition opposing Prop. 98, including the League of California Homeowners, League of Woman Voters of California, California Chamber of Commerce, California Police Chiefs Association, California Alliance for Retired Americans, California Teachers Association, National Wildlife Federation, California Black Chamber of Commerce, Coalition to Protect California Renters, and many others.

"These groups will be working hard to ensure that voters understand the hidden provisions in Prop. 98 and the adverse consequences for our communities.:

Note the participation of far-left liberal organizations who are slowly destroying American life: the trade unions who support massive illegal immigration and want more development to take place, the conservationists who want private property to be confiscated to support their own demented goals and those who "purport" to represent teachers and public service officers such as the police and firemen. These are not impartial seekers of truth that are trying to uphold the Constitution, they are power hungry special interests acting in their self-interest rather than for the common good.

This is the best reason to vote YES on Proposition 98 and vote NO on proposition 99.

"AARP California opposes Proposition 98 and urges our members to vote no on this destructive proposal."   

AARP is a slick marketing vehicle for insurance, travel and pharmacy products... all aimed at older Americans.   

AARP started out being owned and operated by an "insurance company" as a marketing tool and has now morphed into a governmental lobbying organization that sells access to the "senior market" to all comers. They are, for the most part, leftist liberals who will stand by and see your Constitutional rights eroded by a toxic and malevolent government that is being run by corrupt politicians and their special interest friends.

What can YOU do?

Realize that YOUR Constitutional property rights are at stake and in danger of being eroded by those who run the government as a private club for politicians and their contributing special interests.

Proposition 99 is a sham proposition mounted by government and their backers to counter Proposition 98 which actually protects your property rights from governmental abuse. Vote NO on Proposition 99.

Our only hope for protection against egregious government actions is to VOTE YES on Proposition 98!

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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