Is the political leadership of LA vested in portraying Jamiel Shaw as something other than the innocent victim he appears to be -- for the purpose of derailing the public's demand that Special Order 40 be overturned and upsetting the illegal alien lobby?


Special Order 40:   According to Judicial Watch...

"Special Order 40 is a police mandate that originated in 1979 by former Los Angeles Police Chief Gates and the L.A. City Council to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees.  The downside to Special Order 40 is quite substantial because it is a powerful incentive for more illegal immigrants to flaunt U.S. law.  Illegal immigrants recognize Los Angeles – and many other cities that have adopted similar laws – as a safe haven where they can’t be touched because of their immigration status.  Special Order 40 is also at odds with the law.  No police officer can be ordered to ignore and flout the law, including federal immigration laws."

Jamiel Shaw:  The Los Angeles Times on Jamiel Shaw...

"Stanford University called about Jamiel Shaw a week or so ago, intrigued by the slight but speedy running back for Los Angeles High School, the Southern League's most valuable player last year. Rutgers University called a few days later."

"The Shaw family already had reason to be proud. Jamiel's mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, was on her second tour of duty in Iraq."

"On Sunday night, it was Jamiel's father on the phone and then his son's girlfriend, Chrystale Miles. Jamiel Sr. called to tell him to hurry home from the mall. The 17-year-old boy was three doors away when someone shot him to death while he was still talking on his cellphone to Chrystale, friends say."

"Jamiel Sr. heard the shots almost as soon as he hung up. He ran out of the house, raced around the corner and found his son lying on the sidewalk, bleeding."

"'She's over there trying to protect us from guns and bombs, and then she has to hear that her son is dead over here,' he said of Anita on Monday. 'I've got my own personal Iraq now.'"

"Los Angeles police officials described the killing as random and senseless, cutting down a youth who had been doing everything right in his life -- from hitting the books to never missing church to inspiring the Los Angeles High Romans to last year's Southern League title."

The killer...

"Pedro Espinoza, the 19-year-old suspect in Shaw's death, was released from jail without authorities questioning his citizenship on March 1, the day before he allegedly shot Shaw to death, according to reports by"

"Police say Shaw was walking home from a mall on March 2 when Hispanic gang members pulled up in a car and asked him, 'Where are you from?' — code for what gang did he belong to, police said. Espinoza then allegedly shot Shaw, who was not a gang member."

The political problem...

Apparently the democrats in power want to do everything possible to stem open conflict along racial lines thus putting Los Angeles citizens at further risk -- and diluting their political clout with their core constituencies.

Stories in the news media have mentioned that a representative of the District Attorney's Office was removed from the case after allegedly implying to Jamiel's father that he should back off supporting the public's attempt to overturn Special Order 40. Others have alleged similar comments by other high-ranking City officials and council members that appear to request the Jamiel's father back off the Special Order 40 advocacy.

And now, allegations of potential gang contact?

As you read the following, ask yourself why the city or illegal alien lobby has a vested interest in making it appear that Jamiel Shaw was killed for his alleged "gang affiliations" rather than as a random Hispanic on Black hate crime?

And why would someone come forward with an article that appears to taint the situation?

The gang expert weighs in...

We have a self-described "court certified" gang expert allegedly implying that Jamiel Shaw "may" have had some associations with gang members and that the shooter may have "legitimately" thought he was confronting a gang member based on the colors he may have been wearing.

While the so-called expert has not explicitly claimed that Jamiel Shaw was associated with any gang or particular gang members, he did add confusion and uncertainty into the mix.

What Alonso told KFI radio...

Coincidently, the gang expert's name is Alex Alonso and he told Jason Stein, an assistant producer of the Ken and John show aired on local station KFI, in an "off-air conversation:"

  • he didn't want to come on the show to discuss the article
  • the article speaks for itself (repeatedly)
  • he was not an expert
  • read the article, nowhere in there do I call him a gang member
  • it's not opinion, it fact

From materials on the website, it looks like they (or Alonso) may have a vested interest in entering the fray. Perhaps to secure City research grants or possibly to secure additional self-serving publicity. Or perhaps as a favor to a politician or their surrogates?

From the website...

Legal Services: for legal services related to expert witness testimony in gang-related cases we may be able to assist. Alex Alonso has consulted, testified or submitted declarations in over 100 gang-related cases regarding Hispanic and Black gangs on issues of gang enhancements (186.22), deportation, graffiti, hand signs, graffiti, territories, migration, and rivalries. Defense attorneys and prosecutors have called on his services and he has testified in criminal and civil cases. If you are interested in retaining him on a case email for his curriculum vitae

"He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Geography at the University of Southern California and was previously an instructor at Santa Monica College where he has taught Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He is currently writing his dissertation on Gang Injunctions in Southern California and he also publishes a column for Magazine and he has written several freelance articles on gangs."

Looks like an expert to me.

Was Jamiel a gang member, gang associate or simply a resident in gang territory?


09/05: Jamiel Shaw’s gang association made him a target for murder, not race

"On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw Jr., 17 was gunned down by 19 year old Pedro Espinoza, a 18th Street gang member who had been arrested on the same day of Jamiel’s funeral according to the Los Angeles District Attorney."

"Espinoza had spent nearly four months in a Los Angeles County jail for exhibiting a firearm and resisting arrest before he was released March 1, 2008 just 28 hours before he murdered Jamiel."

"Within a week, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency had filed paperwork naming Espinoza a potential candidate for deportation. If convicted for this crime, he will most likely received a life sentence, so the immigration hold brings no heavier punishment for this offense. It turns out that when Espinoza was four years old, he was smuggled into the United States from Mexico and he grew up in a neighborhood just west of Shaw’s Arlington Heights home."

"When the murder was reported in the local news, Jamiel was characterized as the son a military mother, who was a successful high school athlete that was not involved in street gangs in any way. The media described this murder as “senseless” and when it was determined that Espinoza was an illegal alien, the story of Shaw’s murder was being highlighted by the media’s strongest critics against illegal immigration, including Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Lou Dobbs. According to Bill O’Reilly, “Jamiel was just walking around, he wasn’t a bad kid, he’s an athlete, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time” (March 24, 2008 – The O’Reilly Factor)."

"Jamiel wasn’t a bad kid, but he did have relationships with gang members in his community that led to Espinoza’s fatal assault on him. Jamiel lived in a community occupied by Bloods that have been at war with 18th Street for 12 years. With witnesses pointing out that a Hispanic was responsible for the murder, the only logical assailant would be a member of 18th Street, a predominately Mexican-American gang with some illegal alien members. Reports that 18th Street gang has a membership that is 80% illegal is false. Of the County’s total gang population approximately five to 10% are illegal."

"In the Arlington Heights neighborhood, a preliminary investigation reveals that the shooter from 18th Street went to the door of one of Jamiel’s neighbors and shortly thereafter saw Jamiel walking on the street, who was wearing a red belt, a common gang identifier in that neighborhood. According to a witness, the shooter asked Jamiel what gang he was from and then he shot him. All indications about Jamiel was that he was a good teen with a bright future, but what may have caused the shooter to single Jamiel out was his association with the neighborhood including amiable relationships with Blood gang members. His relationships with these gang members should not take away from his good character nor does it justify his murder, because people such as Jamiel inevitably interact with gangs because they are in the neighborhood, on the school bus, protecting residents from other gangs, on the street corners and at the high school.

According to Jamiel's father, Jamiel shirt covered his belt and there was very little evidence that the killer could have identified him from the clothes he was wearing.

Many of our City’s 40,000 gang members in the database are teens like Jamiel, just mere associates that interact with those in the community and play sports. They are not of the criminal element, but based on his associations, law enforcement would categorize young Jamiel as a gang member, and if they read the following quote that Jamiel wrote on one of his myspace pages under “people I’d like to meet,” it would raise more eyebrows to his gang affiliation:


The term “B-DOGS” in the above quote is a reference to Blood gang members, and “crabs” is a derogatory reference to Crip gang members. I would characterize the above statement as normal adolescent behavior but law enforcement will call this gang related. Jamiel was not a bad kid, but he was specifically targeted because of his gang association. Some find it difficult to believe that such a talented athlete would even talk or affiliate with gang members, but college athletes and professional athletes alike are known to have strong ties to their neighborhood gang.

"Jamiel’s association with the Bloods was strong enough to cause the shooter to target him, making this shooting purely gang related as the shooter’s purpose was to benefit the 18th Street gang’s objectives. When the shooter asked, according to a witness, where Jamiel was from, that provided the shooter’s motive lessening the role of race in this shooting."

"In nine years as testifying as a gang expert in criminal courts, I have seen dozens of individuals wrongly classified as gang members, including mothers, brothers, and other relatives for just being seen in the neighborhood or having an association with someone who is in a gang."

"I have always been against lumping people like Jamiel as a gang member, but because of this conundrum, we must look at gangs not as vicious criminal organizations, but as naturally forming delinquent groups, rooted in community, that include everything from non criminal associates to the hard core elements and everything in between."

While appearing to be against classifying people, he uses the phrase "like Jamiel" which implies he may be an inclusive gang member.

"Many of these adolescent youth will mature out of the gang within their first year and never acquire a criminal record or commit violence. Gangs are complex organizations that require a deeper understanding than what media sensationalism and law enforcement depictions offer on the topic."

There is no proof that this is a true statement and most people who are in gangs rarely "mature out of them in the first year." Not those wishing to stay healthy.

"Of those 40,000 gang members in the City today, we should only be concerned with about 4,000 to 6,000 of those members who are the habitual repeat violent offenders responsible for approximately 90% of all gang related crime."

Applying Pareto's 80/20 rule would seem to make these numbers suspect as one should believe that the gang population should include at least 8,000 "habitual repeat violent offenders."

"The rest of these “gang members” are close friends, associates, peripheral players, relatives, school friends, wanna-bes and community residents."

What nonsense. Almost everybody can be classified as a "community resident."

"Assuming Espinoza is guilty, one has to attempt to explain why this murder took place before we even try to work at mitigating future violence in this community and certainly before anyone can draft law that is suppose to prevent these types of murders from happening again."

No, you do not need to explain it or examine its root causes. You need to eliminate the perpetrators so they are no longer a danger to the general society in which they live.

"Many will suggest that if Espinoza was deported, this shooting would have never occurred, but lets take it further and understand that if 18th Street and the Bloods from this neighborhood were not engaged in conflict, not only would Jamiel be alive, so would several other people."

More pre-packaged stupidity. If the person was correctly deported, he would have not been here to commit the crime. End of story. There is no need to take it further.

"Anyone truly committed to mitigating the violence between the Bloods in Jamiel’s neighborhood and 18th Street should try to organize a truce between the two neighborhoods that have been feuding for over a decade."

A social worker's pipe dream.   

"I am certain that with proper financial resources being used to organize and sustain street worker’s efforts on the conflict between the Bloods and 18th Street, a resolution to this conflict can be achieved that would have a regional impact on other neighborhoods that will educate young people and save lives."

Another social worker with their hands out. We have poured millions into gang intervention programs as well as other programs. Sometimes even making the mistake of paying gang members for interventions while they were still committing crimes. It has been less than effective and much of the money is still unaccounted for ... possibly used for weapons and drugs.

Thus far all I have seen is a demonstration of politics among people who have no understanding on gangs and the problems that plague these communities while another family grieves the loss of a great son.

Now he provides a backhand compliment after just casting doubt about Jamiel Shaw's character and apparently excusing gang behavior as a consequence of failed social policies.

You can read the entire story, in context, by following the first link in our Research Links section below.

What does it mean?

Nothing! A good kid is dead. It didn't matter whether he was Black, White, Hispanic or a Vulcan: he was killed for no reason and the killer should have been previously prosecuted. And, if convicted, put to death.

None of this alleged "gang status"  business should have anything to do with the punishment of a criminal or the overturn of Special Order 40 which serves to portray Los Angeles as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

I truly believe that the law should be enforced as written and that Special Order 40 should be repealed.

It is also important that we do not allow the illegal alien lobby to characterize this as anything other than a "hate crime." Yes, they are feeling increased heat because of the killing and have a vested interest in characterizing this as a "gang" killing rather than a racial incident... which it very much appears to be.

The question they don't want you to ask...

How does a gang member get out of jail and within 24-hours get together an armed crew:  a vehicle, a driver, people in the car and weapons? I am sure that he didn't go to a gun store with its 15-day waiting period. I am sure that he did not fill-out any paperwork. And, I am damn sure that he did not abide by any gun control laws, be they local, state or federal.

What can YOU do?

Ignore the illegal alien lobby who preys upon their own people by offering high-priced legal services and taking grant money from the various local, state and federal agencies to assist in dealing with "social problems." They are all self-serving hypocrites who are advancing their personal prestige, power and profits on the back of the world's under-classes. And they want to keep it this way.

Ignore the politicians who have a vested interest in dividing the city into balkanized areas which keep them in power -- ostensibly serving their own ethnic or racial group while pretending to work for all of the people.

Demand that justice be served. You do not see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson demanding justice and the end to Hispanic/Black violence. It is about time that we clean up the city... its politics, its finances and definitely its injustices.

Instead of allowing politicians to enforce worthless "gun control" measures designed to assuage their white, liberal elite donors, demand real "crime control."

Vote for the Jamiel's Law and the overturn of LAPD Special Order 40.

Pray the Barack Obama does not get elected so as to deny Chief Bratton the position as the Secretary of Homeland Defense where he could wreak havoc with his mushy-headed liberal pandering to illegal aliens and others.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.


-- steve

Quote of the Day: "Crime is Crime, it is BAD, it is color blind, and those who support it directly or indirectly are complicit." -- steve

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