Imagine, if you will, that one single man who is publicly expressing his free speech rights can move an entire world of intolerant, racists?

The power of the written, spoken and depicted word shall survive all religions, cultures and evil.

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Protests, Calls for Boycott As Muslims React to Critical Film

"An online documentary film critical of Islam continued to shake the Muslim world over the weekend, sparking street protests, attempted censorship, and calls for retaliatory boycotts."

How sad that the printed or spoken word could disrupt an entire world of tolerant, freedom-loving people? How sad that a film, which the majority of Muslims have never seen, could provoke such a reaction? Or is it that they are protesting and rioting because that's what their religious leaders are demanding they do?

If they stopped for a moment, would they  discover that they are not free to express their own opinions? That their every thought, word and deed is being conditioned by those religious leaders who have hijacked the religion to gain and maintain political power?

"As tens of thousands of chanting Pakistanis gathered in Karachi Sunday to protest Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders' film linking the Koran with terrorism and extremism, the speaker of Iran's conservative-dominated parliament urged Muslims to sever economic ties with countries that blaspheme Islam, saying Western nations would quickly repent once they saw their economies endangered."

Threats from the religion of peace and tolerance?

Iran's Fars news agency reported that an Iranian non-governmental organization is preparing a response to Wilders' film in the shape of a documentary that will include clips of "crimes committed by extremist Christians" inspired by biblical passages.

In Iran, is there such a thing as a "non-governmental organization?" Do we get to riot and protest when we see their filmed response?

"In Indonesia, an association overseeing Internet service providers confirmed it was beginning to block access to some of the many Web sites where the film, entitled "Fitna," can be accessed, several days after the government asked the video-sharing site YouTube to remove it."

Ah yes, the evil Internet; bringing freedom of speech and tolerance for all viewpoints to the people. How dare they spread freedom among our slaves?

And in Saudi Arabia, the head of a bloc of 56 Islamic states stepped up calls for governments to enact and enforce laws criminalizing the abuse of free speech to attack religions.

Saudi Arabia? The spiritual home of the terrorists and those who support them? Had it not been for the Saudi oil reserves, they would have faced their just and overdue retribution for spreading intolerance and violence around the world.

Perhaps the next film should consist of nothing but the true, real-life antics of their young royals when traveling abroad? I wonder how they would spin that display of freedom to the enslaved masses back home?

Hypocrite threatens the free world?

"Speaking in Jeddah, Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said it was high time that the international community agreed that actions like Wilders' film and the publication of newspaper cartoons lampooning Islam's prophet posed a grave threat to global peace and security."

From who? The other religions of peace, tolerance and the acceptance of other points of view? Where are the other rioting religions?

"Unless the perpetrators of such acts of 'intolerance and racism' were made to face justice under national or international laws, they would be free to defy the will of the international community and undo progress in improving relations between religions, he said in a statement."

First, has he noticed that it is the Islamic states which have institutionalized "intolerance and racism?"

Second, does he even know what "justice" means without referring to the barbaric, intolerant and unyielding Sharia law?

Third, by "international community" does he mean the international community of intolerant dictators, thugs and corrupt religious leaders?

And fourth, "improving relations?" He must be joking. Islam recognizes no other religions as being valid, demands that unbelievers be converted or killed, and is intolerant of any viewpoint other than its own.

"A range of governments and international organizations have denounced the short film, which went online late last month.
The film, and the reappearance in Danish newspapers earlier this year of cartoons depicting Mohammed, have fueled campaigns in the Islamic world against what many are calling 'Islamophobia."

One man's Islamophobia is another man's "know your enemy!"

"At the United Nations, OIC nations and some non-Muslim allies are working on highlighting the 'defamation' of Islam while calling for restrictions on free speech when it comes to criticizing religion."

There you go again! Suppressing the people's inalienable rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion -- how very tolerant of you?

"They also are pressing to have Islamophobia recognized as a contemporary form of racism, an issue that is expected to feature prominently at a global racism conference the U.N. is planning in the first half of next year."

The recognition of racism is a two-edged sword. Islam could be said to be racist -- and then what? How about having the virulent form of Islam recognized as a form of self-destructive insanity that urges its youth to kill themselves for the cause and become martyrs?

"The OIC, which has set up a special body to monitor Islamophobia, defines the phenomenon as an irrational fear or dislike of Islam, incorporating 'racial hatred, intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping,' and says it has 'assumed alarming proportions' in recent years."

How about a real fear of terrorism and hooliganism which seems to be deeply rooted in sources emanating from Muslim countries by those of Islamic faith? How about monitoring Islamic terrorism and producing a world report?

"As far as Muslims are concerned, said the OIC in a recent report, the cause of this is a 'misconception and incorrect interpretation of Islam' and its values."

One must ask, which Muslims? The radicalized ones? The complicit ones? The scared ones? Or simply the ones that are trying to hide the fact that Islamo-terrorism, if continued, will bring down the might of the free world on an ancient, barbaric, closed and intolerant society?

Wilders' film shows images of major terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims during recent years and footage of radical Islamists inciting violence, interspersed with translations of selected verses from the Koran.

Has anyone said it is untrue? That the acts did not take place? That the depicted religious leaders did not say what they are shown saying? Where are the alternative explantions for the verses quoted -- expressed by a high religious leader in a predominantly Muslim country?

What can YOU do?

Be aware of a simple fact: that those who are the most racist and intolerant are always trying to protect their extreme views by claiming that they are the victims of racism and intolerance.

Those that need codified state protection from the ideas of others, have something to hide or to protect. In this case, they, the religious/political leaders, are protecting their right to enslave their populations and enjoy the spoils of such enslavement. The want to maintain their power? Can there be any other explanation of the irrational fear of another man's words?

-- steve

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Protests, Calls for Boycott As Muslims React to Critical Film -- 04/07/2008

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