The straw which may have broken the camel's back... A senseless killing of  an honor student by an illegal alien gang-banger who should have been held for ICE one day after being released onto the streets by Los Angeles County authorities.

The Los Angeles Times on Jamiel Shaw...

"Stanford University called about Jamiel Shaw a week or so ago, intrigued by the slight but speedy running back for Los Angeles High School, the Southern League's most valuable player last year. Rutgers University called a few days later."

"The Shaw family already had reason to be proud. Jamiel's mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, was on her second tour of duty in Iraq."

"On Sunday night, it was Jamiel's father on the phone and then his son's girlfriend, Chrystale Miles. Jamiel Sr. called to tell him to hurry home from the mall. The 17-year-old boy was three doors away when someone shot him to death while he was still talking on his cellphone to Chrystale, friends say."

"Jamiel Sr. heard the shots almost as soon as he hung up. He ran out of the house, raced around the corner and found his son lying on the sidewalk, bleeding."

"'She's over there trying to protect us from guns and bombs, and then she has to hear that her son is dead over here,' he said of Anita on Monday. 'I've got my own personal Iraq now.'"

"Los Angeles police officials described the killing as random and senseless, cutting down a youth who had been doing everything right in his life -- from hitting the books to never missing church to inspiring the Los Angeles High Romans to last year's Southern League title."

The killer...

"Pedro Espinoza, the 19-year-old suspect in Shaw's death, was released from jail without authorities questioning his citizenship on March 1, the day before he allegedly shot Shaw to death, according to reports by MyFOXLA.com."

"Police say Shaw was walking home from a mall on March 2 when Hispanic gang members pulled up in a car and asked him, 'Where are you from?' — code for what gang did he belong to, police said. Espinoza then allegedly shot Shaw, who was not a gang member."

And the Los Angeles Mayor is requesting ICE to target gang members and abusive employers rather than concentrating on all illegal aliens...

Orwell was right about politicians. In the Orwellian world of politics; where black is white, up is down and the truth is portrayed as a lie, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Tony Villar) is suggesting that Homeland Secretary Chertoff may be damaging the Los Angeles economy by continuing to enforce the existing immigration laws.

The economy needs illegal Mexicans...

In spite of a well-documented study that shows that illegal workers cost up to $22,000 over and above any and all benefits of their presence in the country and the anecdotal evidence that the Los Angeles traffic was significantly lighter on the last "Day without a Mexican," the Los Angeles Mayor is, once again, turning to an economic reason for easing Federal efforts to control immigration.

From the Los Angeles Times...

"Villaraigosa tells Homeland Security chief that agents should target criminal gang members and not legitimate businesses. Agency spokeswoman says the priorities are proper."

"Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [real name Tony Villar] has asked the federal government to review its immigration enforcement priorities, warning that work-site raids on 'non-exploitative' businesses could have 'severe and lasting effects' on the local economy."

"'I am concerned that ICE enforcement actions are creating an impression that this region is somehow less hospitable to these critical businesses than other regions,' Villaraigosa wrote in a March 27 letter to Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security."

"Immigration and Customs Enforcement has cracked down on businesses that hire undocumented workers in California and around the nation in recent years, arresting scores of workers and their employers. In fiscal 2007, ICE made more than 4,900 work-site arrests, a 45-fold increase over the number in 2001, authorities said."

Which is a very minimal, and mostly ineffective, measure when it is compared to the millions of illegal aliens destroying our healthcare, educational, judicial, retirement and cultural infrastructure.

"Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles County Cost Taxpayers 3 Billion Dollars Annually"

"County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich released new statistics from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services showing that Illegal Aliens collected more than $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November, up $3 million from September 2007. Illegals collected more than $20 million in welfare assistance in November and more than $16 million in food stamp allocations, for a projected annual cost of $444 million."

"That is not the entire picture of the taxpayer burden. When you add in the cost of free Emergency Room services, free Public School education as well as public safety and free housing the annual cost is $3,000,000,000. ($3 Billion) a year and rising!"

You could close thousands of businesses and still not exceed the cost of the illegal aliens.

Where is the tipping point?

Again, from the Los Angeles Times...

"In February, more than 130 undocumented workers were arrested at a Van Nuys manufacturing company during an ongoing investigation. Last week, more than 60 workers were arrested on immigration violations during routine federal inspections at South Bay area import warehouses. Other Los Angeles companies, including giant clothing manufacturer American Apparel, have reported that ICE recently inquired about its hiring procedures."

Numbers which are not even worth talking about.

Responsible employers?

"In his letter, Villaraigosa said ICE has targeted 'established, responsible employers' in industries that have a 'significant reliance on workforces that include undocumented immigrants.'"

"In these industries, including most areas of manufacturing, even the most scrupulous and responsible employers have no choice but to rely on workers whose documentation, while facially valid, may raise questions about their lawful presence," he wrote."

Orwell again: Shift from enforcing immigration laws to penalizing employers who exploit illegal immigrants...

"He said ICE should spend its limited resources targeting employers who exploit wage and hour laws."

The Mayor is a disingenuous hypocrite, at best...

Imagine telling Secretary Chertoff that he needs to control gang violence...

"'At a time when we are facing an economic downturn and gang violence at epidemic levels, the federal government should focus its resources on deporting criminal gang members rather than targeting legitimate businesses,'" said Matt Szabo, the mayor's spokesman."

...while the Los Angeles City Council and city agencies maintain a sanctuary city policy built around the Los Angeles Police Department's "Special Order 40," which forbids LAPD officers to question known violent gang members about their immigration status even though a gang detail officer may have personal knowledge of the criminal's previous deportment. The LAPD insures that cooperation between the Department and ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) is minimal at best.

The rest of the story:  the battle of legal vs. illegal...

Judicial Watch, a non-profit citizen's advocacy group is suing the Los Angeles Police Department over Special Order 40. 

According to Judicial Watch...

"Special Order 40 is a police mandate that originated in 1979 by former Los Angeles Police Chief Gates and the L.A. City Council to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees.  The downside to Special Order 40 is quite substantial because it is a powerful incentive for more illegal immigrants to flaunt U.S. law.  Illegal immigrants recognize Los Angeles – and many other cities that have adopted similar laws – as a safe haven where they can’t be touched because of their immigration status.  Special Order 40 is also at odds with the law.  No police officer can be ordered to ignore and flout the law, including federal immigration laws."

Enter the far-left socialist group, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) supporting the illegals...

"American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLU) of Southern California has filed a motion to allow illegal immigrant and other groups to intervene in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the LAPD over 'Special Order 40,' a set of policies that prevents police officers from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status and communicating freely with federal immigration officials (Harold P. Sturgeon v. William J. Bratton, et al., Case No. BC351646)."

"The ACLU is representing Break the Cycle, Los Jornaleros, El Comite de Jornaleros, and El Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California.  These organizations have admitted, according to Judicial Watch’s court filing, 'that they provide some form of assistance to undocumented aliens and that their members include undocumented aliens who fear discovery of their illegal immigration status.'” 

Orwell again: Why should those who have admittedly broken the law be granted standing in a Court for the sole purpose of allowing them to continue their illegal behavior? And possibly continue to circumvent laws which protect legal citizens against illegal gang activity?

The Mayor acts more like a Mexican Socialist beholden to Mexico...

This is nothing new since the Mayor was a Mexican activist advocating radical "reconquista" policies while attending UCLA.

According to an article from the UCLA Bruin Alumni Association...

"Antonio Villaraigosa, a one-time juvenile delinquent still tattooed with the slogan 'Born to Raise Hell,' entered the UCLA campus as a transfer student from East Los Angeles Community College in 1972.  Known then simply as Tony Villar, he would not successfully graduate by the time he left in 1975. But Villar did leave a wide swath of influence in other, more radical ways."

"While on campus, Villar joined the UCLA chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), and was part of its leadership by 1974.  MEChA had only been founded as a regional movement in 1969, and in many ways, the UCLA chapter, and the radical Chicano student left today, is a direct product of Villar’s work then."

"Fellow MEChA alumni from the period remember Villaraigosa’s exploits well: "'He was one of the guys that would go out there and start the slogans because he was the loudest one,' said Arturo Chavez, a fellow activist in college. 'He was one of the people who would make sure people were riled up.'"

Chavez underemphasizes what young Tony Villar did on the UCLA campus.  Archives from the campus newspaper The Daily Bruin of 1974 have revealed that Villar led a campaign to ensure an advisory role in the UCLA Chicano Studies Center for a communist Chicano community group, and successfully engineered the dismissal of the Chicano director of the Center who stood in the way of this goal."

The solution: Jamiel's Law...

This is a proposed ordinance to deny "sanctuary city" protection to illegal aliens in gangs in the City of Los Angeles.

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles is now a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens due to
City policies that prohibit and inhibit the Los Angeles Police Department from investigating
violations of federal immigration law (e.g., LAPD Manual Vol. 1, § 390 and Vol. 4, § 264.50);

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles is unsafe for law-abiding citizens and legal aliens due to the prevalence of gangs that routinely commit crimes including but not limited to murder, extortion, robbery, rape, theft, drug-trafficking, and vandalism;

WHEREAS, many, if not most, of the members of the criminal gangs in Los Angeles are
illegal aliens; and

WHEREAS, there is no legitimate public policy reason for the City to extend "sanctuary
city" protection to illegal aliens in the gangs that are ravaging our city;


Section 1. Jamiel's Law. This short title of this ordinance shall be "Jamiel's Law," in honor of Jamiel Andre Shaw, II, a young man who had an exceptionally promising future until he was murdered in Los Angeles in 2008.

Section 2. No Sanctuary For Gang Members. The policy of this City from this point forward is, and shall be, to deny any "sanctuary city" protection to illegal aliens in gangs. Neither the Mayor, the Chief of the Police nor any other City employee shall prohibit or inhibit
Los Angeles Police Department officers from lawfully investigating possible violations of
federal immigration laws by persons who are, or appear to, be gang members or affiliate gang

Section 3. Mandate To Investigate, Arrest And Assist. The Mayor and the Chief of Police shall immediately develop and implement a plan for the Los Angeles Police Department, in cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Attorney, to identify, arrest, prosecute, imprison and deport illegal aliens who are, or appear to be, gang members or affiliate gang members, regardless whether those illegal aliens have committed crimes in addition to entering the country illegally.

Section 4. Reporting Requirement. The Mayor shall provide the City Council and the
public with quarterly written reports describing in reasonable detail the City's efforts to implement Jamiel's Law. The reports will include, at a minimum, the number of persons arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for violating federal immigration laws, and the number of those persons  suspected of being gang members and affiliate gang members.

What can YOU do?

If you live in Los Angeles, contact your City Council members and demand that they support Jamiel's law.

Do not re-elect any of the Hispanic politicians who are hell bent on turning Los Angeles into a Mexican province ... or their liberal democrat supporters.

Demand that Chief Bratton immediately abandon Special Order 40 or face disciplinary action.

Demand that Secretary Chertoff fulfill his sworn Constitutional duties to protect the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Commend ICE for their efforts in trying to enforce the law while fighting against their superior's wishes to implement the Administration's welcoming policy for illegal aliens.

Support the laws which protect you, your family, your friends and neighbors against vicious street hoodlums who are rapidly taking over the city -- with the overt assistance of politically-correct politicians pandering for votes.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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