What would motivate any legislator to craft legislation to disarm law-abiding citizens that are forced by circumstance and legislative ignorance to live among violent illegal alien drug and gun dealers?

The answer appears to be relatively simple: they are far-left liberals adhering to the far-left liberal agenda of disarming anyone who could present a clear and present danger to those who they openly support.

In this case, law-abiding citizens who would resist, by force of arms if necessary, the continual assault on their lives, the lives of their immediate family by violent illegal alien gang members, dope dealers and gun runners. And to protect themselves and their families from a potential uprising (riot) by those illegal aliens who might consider massively disruptive  acts of civil disobedience. Illegal aliens who have no problem ignoring our current laws and have little or no trouble securing access to weapons.

Nothing in this legislation will curb the ability of those who operate outside of the law to arm themselves and to use those weapons against law-abiding citizens. Nothing in this legislation will curb crime.

The legislation...

From the text of A.B. 2062, as introduced by Assembly Member Kevin de León:

"Existing law requires the Department of Justice to maintain records pertaining to firearms transactions."

Adding ammunition to firearms control requirements...

"This bill would require the department to maintain additional information relating to ammunition transfers, handgun ammunition permittees, and licensed handgun ammunition vendors, as specified."

Requiring further expansion of government registration activities which are ineffectual and cannot be easily enforced or monitored...

"Existing law establishes the Prohibited Armed Persons File, which lists persons who are prohibited from possessing firearms, as specified. This bill would expand those provisions to include persons prohibited from possessing ammunition."

Requiring further federal registration programs...

"Existing law generally regulates the sale of ammunition."

"This bill would establish a program administered by the Department of Justice for licensing handgun ammunition vendors, as specified."

"The bill would also authorize the issuance of a handgun ammunition permit, to be used by purchasers of handgun ammunition, as specified."

Making all routine traffic stops into potential "felony-style" stops with the added risk of an accidental shooting of a law-abiding citizen...

"The bill would authorize the Department of Justice to incorporate the permit information into a permittee's California driver's license, as specified."

Defining all target shooters, hunters and re-loaders as ammunition dealers...

"The bill would establish a database maintained by the department to serve as a registry of handgun ammunition vendors."

"The bill would also establish a database of handgun ammunition permittees."

"This bill would require that commencing July 1, 2009, unless specifically excluded, no person shall sell or transfer more than 50 rounds of handgun ammunition in any month unless they are registered as a handgun ammunition vendor, as defined."

Store employees would also be subjected to background searches and clearances...

"The bill would also require these vendors to obtain a background clearance for those employees who would handle ammunition in the course and scope of their employment."

"The bill would require the Department of Justice to maintain a registry of registered handgun ammunition vendors, as specified."

Criminalizing currently non-criminal behavior...

"Violation of these provisions, as specified, would be subject to civil fines, as specified."

Although I have never seen ammunition stored in areas easily accessible to casual shoppers...

"The bill would also provide that no retail seller of ammunition shall sell, offer for sale, or display for sale, any handgun ammunition in a manner that allows that ammunition to be accessible to a purchaser without the assistance of the retailer or employee thereof."

"Violation of these provisions would be subject to civil fines, as specified."

This bill would prohibit ordering mail-order ammunition...

"The bill would further provide that handgun ammunition may only be purchased in a face-to-face transaction and only if certain conditions exist."

"Existing law generally regulates what information is required to be obtained in connection with the transfer of ammunition."

Thumbprints would be required to be submitted to the Department of Justice for anyone purchasing ammunition...

"This bill would, subject to exceptions, require certain ammunition vendors to obtain a thumbprint and other information from ammunition purchasers, and would require submission of that information to the Department of Justice, as specified."

A violation of these provisions would be subject to civil fines, as specified.

Massively hypocritical...

Assuming that these far-left liberal politicians want to protect the public from a clear and present danger, why not demand the immediate prosecution and deportation of  illegal aliens who drive drunk, without license or insurance? Illegal aliens who are more apt to abandon an accidentally injured citizen and run for the border? 

More people are killed and injured by drunk illegal aliens than are killed by law-abiding citizens using firearms.

These are the same activists who are resisting tamper-proof identification cards with biometric features and the immediate Department of Justice reporting that they strongly resist when applied to the illegal alien community.

Perhaps we should demand that any illegal alien found with any weapon be imprisoned for a period of no less than five years and then deported? Or immediately deporting any illegal alien caught using a deadly weapon (vehicle) without a license and insurance, immediately confiscating and destroying the impounded vehicle and preventing that person from ever entering the United States on any legal immigration and/or visitors program?

There are more clear and present dangers presented by illegal aliens that require immediate action than those dangers that demand the further control and criminalization of law-abiding citizens who happen to be Second Amendment supporters, sportsmen or gun collectors.

Who is Kevin de León?

By all objective accounts, Kevin de León is a far-left liberal professional politician who appears to be a Mexican activist who strongly supports the "legalization" of those illegal aliens who are slowly destroying our healthcare, educational, judicial, retirement and cultural infrastructure by their very numbers. I feel that he is a politician in the same mold as Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar (aka Villaraigosa), Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez. A union organizer and Hispanic community activist, de León seeks to ignore reality by attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens in an area that is overrun by violent illegal immigrant gangs, dope and gun dealers.

Far-left Mexican Activist Kevin de León serving the 45th Assembly District which includes East Hollywood, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Mt. Washington, Lincoln Heights and portions of Los Angeles.

From de León's official biography... 

"Assemblyman de León has spent a lifetime fighting to empower working families and the poor – as a community organizer, English as a Second Language and U.S. Citizenship teacher and an advocate for public schools. During his five years at the California Teachers Association, de León fought for more funding for 'high-priority schools' in low-income neighborhoods, more school construction, and health insurance for children."

"As a Senior Associate for the National Education Association in Washington, D.C., de León advocated for more resources for schools in low-income neighborhoods. He also coordinated a team that fought schemes to take funds from public schools in the form of taxpayer-funded vouchers. He thwarted efforts to impose academic censorship on public school teachers.

"Assemblyman de León grew up in the San Diego barrio of Logan Heights. He was the first in his family to graduate from high school. He attended U.C. Santa Barbara and graduated from Pitzer College at the Claremont Colleges with Honors."

What can YOU do?

Never confuse "crime control" with "gun control." In the absence of guns, people will still commit crimes with other weapons.

Consider the extremely restrictive and rigidly enforced gun control policies of Mexico -- and the amount of crime that is perpetrated against its citizens, many times by those officials who have sworn to serve and protect their fellow Mexican citizens. This is the true meaning of the Second Amendment -- protection against the tyranny and abuse of governmental power in extreme circumstances.

Tell your legislators that a vote of Assembly Bill 2062 would be tantamount to an attack on the Constitution's Second Amendment.

Consider the implications of registration, the collection of a $35 fee or more and the requirements to be "registered" as an ammunition dealer with all of the OSHA and explosives handling requirements that are sure to follow.

Demand that we immediately prosecute and deport all illegal alien gang members, drug dealers, and drunk drivers who present false identification or lack a valid international driver's license and proof of insurance.

Demand that the Alien Registration Act be enforced with biometric identification and that anyone not registered after a given data would be summarily deported.

For those of you in de León's 45th Assembly District, consider denying him a return to office as he has attempted to place your lives at risk with his nonsensical political policies.

For those who are going to call be a racist or worse, save your breath. You and others of your ilk mean nothing to me. I care for the opinions of my family, friends and colleagues ... all others are taken with a grain of salt.

It is now time to step up to protect your individual God-given liberties and rights against those who want to enslave for for their own political purposes.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

Full disclosure: I am a Life Member (Patron Level) of the National Rifle Association and support their efforts to preserve our Second Amendment and rights to participate in legal recreational activities.

-- steve

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