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If there is a more annoying woman who frequently pops up in the media than attorney Gloria Allred, who almost single-handedly pioneered the concept of attorney representation for witnesses (Amber Frey), I have yet to encounter her.

But there is a sense of "balance" in the world...

On one side, we have the universally hated TSA (Transportation Security Administration) with their inane and nonsensical rules which do little other than to provide frustration to travelers. A "feel good" agency beset with problems, mostly of their own making.

And on the other side, we have Gloria Allred, champion of the downtrodden woman and self-styled media expert. Ubiquitous, unrelenting and overwhelmingly annoying to say the least.

And the issue that is going to bring the wrath of Gloria Allred upon the TSA...

According to the Associated Press...

"Woman Told To Remove Nipple Rings For SoCal Flight"

"A woman was forced by the Transportation Security Administration to remove her nipple rings before she was allowed to board a flight, an attorney said on Thursday."

"'The woman was given a pair of pliers in order to remove the rings in her nipples,' said Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred. 'The rings had been in her nipples for many years.'
Allred and the woman planned to hold an early-afternoon news conference in Los Angeles to explain what they plan to do 'to ensure that no other person is forced to suffer' the same fate, the attorney said in a statement."

"The Transportation Security Administration does not have a specific policy addressing nipple rings or any other jewelry, said TSA spokesman Dwayne Baird. Baird said he did not know of the incident Allred mentioned in her statement."

They will have a specific policy shortly ... and an expensive one at that. I am just sorry that we all cannot be privy to the negotiations between Allred and the TSA.

We will post the video that is sure to be made from the news coverage.

Another reason for a happy Thursday.

Reference Link:

Woman Told To Remove Nipple Rings For SoCal Flight

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