It seems, to quote an old phrase, that "the world is going to hell in a handbasket."

The latest jobs report, if it can be believed, indicates that our economy is not creating new jobs and organizations of all types are shedding employees to remain competitive; or to increase the amount of their executive bonuses.

The Federal Reserve reports that it is upping the ante and pumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into the banking system to create something called "market liquidity."

The Politicians are at each others throats, essentially trying to buy the votes of the American public by either proclaiming that "everything will be alright if they are the chosen one," or that the current Administration has foolishly damaged our "once great nation." And the "not so funny" proclamation that they are prepared to spend further billions on social programs that will provide aid and comfort to us all in our current lives while preserving the "dreams of our golden years."  The very same politicians who have massively overspent public funds on pandering to the special interests without repairing or replacing our crumbling infrastructure. Who have used borrowing and slight-of-hand funding tricks to "paper over" the resulting deficits which will become the "motivating factor" to allow the next crop of politicians to assume power on a "reform" platform.

The rich are certainly getting richer as they plunder the public coffers with the assistance of the special interest lobbyists and their bought-and-paid-for" politicians.

Foreigners, many of whom wish us harm, are getting rich on the rising prices of energy -- which they use, in turn, to buy American real estate, corporations and, less spoken about, further influence with our political leaders. Not directly of course because that would be illegal, but through the filtering hands of their paid lawyers, lobbyists and public relations firms. And while the Administration has maintained a "weak dollar" monetary stance, they are doing this at a price which reflects a currency difference of 30 to 50% in their favor. Knowing that they cannot simply withdraw their money from our economy without suffering the same currency loss when repatriating their money is of little comfort. We have traditionally weathered similar economic and political cycles before -- and there is no reason to believe that we won't pull out of the present situation within 18 to 24 months. Then, if and when they capitalize on their profits -- we may experience inflationary difficulties compounded by the money the Federal Reserve is pumping into our economy with abandon. It is almost unimaginable to the ordinary citizen that there are at least twenty people flying around the world using Boeing 747s as their private planes. Or, in the case of one individual, the new $300 million Airbus which needs $50 - $100 million dollars of retrofitting to turn it into a flying palace -- all paid for with American oil dollars. Coincidently, a member of the royal entourage of a country who has allegedly funded world-wide terrorism in return for a safe-pass from being overthrown.

The special interests and the corrupt ecological movement has pretty much kept us in a pickle -- endlessly moving back and forth between first and second base -- by insuring that we do not besmirch pristine lands in our search for energy, exploring the real energy solutions, nuclear and geothermal,  which are both abundant and low cost; and in general keeping the political scene roiling between far-left radicals and right wing nut jobs.

Depressing as it may seem, there does not seem to be a single leader that can gain traction with the media. Especially since the "political insiders" will not consider anyone who lacks "name recognition" and a "ready-made" constituency.   Perhaps that is why a politician with no real experience and a mantra of "hope" and "change" can effectively overcome a whiff of corruption and radical associations and rise to a prominent position.

To the independent observer, not caught up in the "team" mentality of supporting your side over everything else, it is disheartening to see our leaders and those who want to be our leaders say or do anything to get elected. Who really, in their heart of hearts, know that they will succumb to following the wishes of their special interests-directed advisors and merely tweak the existing system for their own benefit.

And the current malaise is compounded by the middlemen: people who produce nothing and serve only to facilitate transactions for a hefty commission.  The Wall Street Wizards who package unknown and toxic products for sale to sophisticated people who are using other people's money to earn their own trading commissions. And the lawyers who are making money hand-over-first by promoting onerous laws in Congress and then selling their expertise in assisting others in exploiting loopholes or defending them when they have crossed the somewhat imaginary line.

Our basic institutions have been politicized and corrupted. Even the labor unions have been institutionalized to the point of supporting massive political change in order to support the leadership and keep the dollars flowing. Safety and work rules can be compromised for the right price. Union leaders, for all intents and purposes, are becoming as wealthy and insulated as the largest corporate executives. Imagine my surprise when I looked out my hotel room window and saw a jet belonging to a union that was located approximately a three hour drive away. Maybe the jet was on charter -- who knows.

Not only are foreign countries purchasing our land and institutions, but we are being physically invaded by illegal aliens. People who are demanding the rights of citizens as they perform menial work in an underground economy. A labor force which is killing our domestic economy as unionized and other citizen-laborers are laid off in favor of cheaper labor without the need to pay health insurance and those pesky tasks which support massive social programs. The fight between big labor and big business is being fought politically to the delight of the politicians willing to sell their votes, apparently simultaneously to both sides, on a vote-per-vote basis while overlooking the destruction of America's cultural, healthcare, educational, judicial and social benefits infrastructure.  Here in Los Angeles, we see politicians of foreign decent openly pandering to illegal aliens who cannot vote. Advocating for the policies which benefit Mexico and their illegal constituency more than the legal citizens now leaving their jurisdictions in droves -- further concentrating their political power.

Why we elect self-aggrandizing, narcissistic politicians who are willing to say or do anything to get elected and then manifest their gross incompetence is beyond me. Why we allow elected officials to hire full time public relations experts to burnish their political contributions in the guise of "informing the public" is also incomprehensible.

And one of the greatest tragedies to befall America is that we have allowed our politicians to turn politics into a team sport -- where a person's self-esteem is tied to belonging to a cause; preferably a winning cause. Where the weak-minded and those who really don't care can simply sit back and let "our side" solve the problem. Without any realization that there is no "our side" as both parties, those "in power" and "out-of-power" offer jobs to each other in order to keep the professional political class and their hangers-on employed.

This was forcefully brought home recently when a locally-based, or so I thought, politician was term-limited out of office. This man had my respect as being a straight shooter who defended conservative causes. A man who I considered a neighbor because he lived in the next town. So I was rather surprised to find that his permanent residence was, for many years, located near the Capital. Not a residence of convenience, but an actual residence where he was raising his children. Furthermore, I was surprised that he was soliciting my assistance and money to run for another office -- a higher office representing a far-away constituency -- based more on supporting his conservative philosophy rather than my local political interests. A professional politician. Apparently I was the only one surprised by this turn of events, as my wise best friend told me that he was just like any other politician; whereas I thought he was something principled and different.

So is there an answer?

Common sense says you don't elect foolish or corrupt politicians or "movie star" wannabes.

But while conventional wisdom proclaims that you should inform yourself and then participate vigorously in the political process, there is a chance that those who are selling this program are leaving something out of the equation.

Your individual vote means very little unless it can be aggregated with others of a like mind in order to be effective... unless you are content to be one of the sheeple that is  being herded by the media into betting on your team.

Which leaves two choices: you found or join a local political organization that over time, with increasing membership, can effectively advocate your positions or you become wealthy enough to isolate yourself from the vagaries of daily living and the negative influence of malevolent political actions.

Considering that your fledgling organization will be competing for the attention of politicians with the larger groups with their paid lobbyists and PAC (Political Action Committee) donations, it seems that the only opportunity for the poorer citizen is to engage in local politics. But to what purpose. Good citizenship as you were told when schools actually taught history and civics? Or a chance to influence the way your local community spends their funds -- perhaps in a way that directly benefits you.

What can YOU do?

Politics has become a game of numbers, tabulating only money and votes. Both purchased with public funds. Are you so idealistic that you will keep supporting a corrupt system or are you willing to adopt a more "realistic" viewpoint and obtain the benefit of your tax dollars?

In the next few weeks, as we approach April 15th, the day of national reckoning, let us resolve to further explore what "politics" means to us, as a people and as an individual. Perhaps to decide to cross party lines and vote for the least repugnant candidate? Or perhaps to eschew politics altogether to build your own power base that benefits you, your family and immediate friends?

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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