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Condemning Israel for protecting itself...

In a one-sided press release, "The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) today issued a joint statement condemning Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip that have killed at least 20 people, including many civilians. Since Wednesday, 14 Palestinian civilians, among them eight children, have been killed by Israeli missile strikes."

And of course, in order to seem fair and balanced, they always decry mutual violence just before adding an attack on Israel

"In a statement, the groups said: "The killing of civilians on either side of this tragic conflict only serves to deepen mutual hostility and mistrust. We condemn all attacks on Palestinian or Israeli civilians and urge President Bush to address the humanitarian crisis, and end our nation's uncritical support for Israel's brutal and counterproductive actions."

The truth is simple...

If the Palestinians, of whatever flavor or faction, stop the rocket attacks on Israel, Israel need not carry out self-defense attacks on Gaza. It should be noted for the record that Israel has shown great restraint after being repeatedly attacked by the "freedom fighters" who target women and children and prefer to launch their attacks behind civilian homes. So when the rocket source is attacked, the miscreants can claim that Israel is targeting their women and children.

We don't really CAIR... all we want is media attention...

It is my personal opinion that CAIR is funded in-part by radical Saudi Arabia elements and serves as the United States media outlet for the terrorists engaged in a propaganda war.

Unfortunately, the American media want to play upon the story and give this bogus organization airtime and attention.

Netanyahu: Hope for the future...

Should Benjamin Netanyahu be re-elected as the Prime Minister of Israel, I am confident that all rocket attacks on Israel will cease at once. Netanyahu is a no-nonsense leader whose previous service was marked with unusual calm and quiet with very few attacks. Perhaps because he was one of the few Israelis who did not endlessly debate the situation -- he counterattacked and told Arafat that he would be erased from the face of the earth if the attacks continued. A short message backed by Netanyahu's steely resolve.

For more on this remarkable leader, check out his Wikipedia entry.

Continuing provocations...

"Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Gaza residents fear that an Israeli ground assault is in the making, one Gazan said on Friday. Many Israelis, tired of the constant rocket fire, hope so."

"In Israel on Friday, lawmakers called for full-scale military action to halt the rocket fire that has forced Israelis to take cover more than 100 times this week."

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is due in the region early next week and no major Gaza invasion is expected before then. But the Israeli government is coming under increasing pressure to act. On Wednesday, a man was killed in Sderot, and several other Israelis have been injured by falling rockets since then."


"The army said it had carried out seven aerial attacks in the Gaza Strip on Friday -- six of them on rocket launching areas and a seventh against a weapons manufacturing plant."

"Since Wednesday, some 30 Palestinians, mostly armed militants, have been killed in Israeli air strikes on rocket launching cells and Hamas targets. The Palestinians say more than a dozen victims were civilians, some children."

"The Israeli targeted attacks follow a major increase in rocket launchings from Gaza. More than 120 rockets and mortar shells have been launched at southern Israeli communities from Gaza since Wednesday."

"Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Friday blamed Hamas for the escalation, saying it was 'directly responsible for the current situation' would bear the 'cost of our response.'"

The problem...

As long as the Palestinians, universally hated by their Arab and Iranian neighbors, stop teaching hate and violence in their schools -- and start respecting human life instead of martyrdom, nothing much is going to change.

And if it were up to me, I would deport all the CAIR personnel back to the Gaza area where they can fight against killing on both sides -- that is if their own countrymen don't kill them first for advocating peace.

-- steve

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