After today's Republican debate, I am more than ever convinced that John McCain should not be the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States. I would much rather endorse Mitt Romney for our Presidential Candidate.

While I have a number of objections, I would like to present three -- backed by the observation that I am predicating my position of McCain's past actions rather than his sketchy rhetoric. Here are the three most telling reasons.

[X] McCain/Feingold

McCain/Feingold, also known as the "Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002," was designed to restrict dirty money in politics by controlling the use of soft money and limiting so-called "issue" ads by candidate-unaffiliated advertising by organizations.

Under the "soft money" provisions of the act, national political parties could not raise funds that were not subject to the Federal regulations. While this provision seems to be a good start in controlling quid-pro-quo influence fundraising, there are any number of loopholes which are currently being exploited.

Portions of this Act relating to "issue ads" were immediately challenged onconstitutional grounds relating to free speech. The remaining provisions gave rise to "527" non-profit organizations which exist "primarily to influence the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates for public office."

The 527-organizations are not regulated by the Federal Election Commission, state elections commissions and are not subject to the same contributions as other organizations such as Political Action Committees. (PACs).

The impact of this legislation can be seen in the rise of the political influence of billionaire wing-nuts like George Soros and some of his financed organizations. This is a poorly crafted bill with numerous unintended consequences.

[X] McCain/Kennedy

McCain/Kennedy, also known as the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act ," was an attempt to craft a comprehensive immigration reform bill in response to those who wanted to legalize the availability of relatively cheaper labor, enhance union membership and to create a viable political voting bloc.

Unfortunately, this massive hard-to-read bill, crafted by democrats behind closed doors, would have provided amnesty to illegal aliens and insuring that they would be un-deportable by demanding that the government perform a security check within 24-hours.

While the law purported to fund a more secure border program, apparently there was no intention of ever executing this portion of the bill -- as witnessed by the de-funding of existing border protection projects by subsequent congressional actions.

Only a concerted outcry by concerned citizens helped to defeat this piece of egregious legislation.

The watchword should be never forget those who voted to subvert the sovereignty, safety and security of the United States while destroying our healthcare, education, judicial, retirement and social infrastructure.

McCain and democratic cohort Teddy Kennedy attempted to push this dangerous bill through Congress without any social, financial or environmental impact reports that normally accompany such omnibus and far-reaching legislation.

[X] McCain/Lieberman

McCain/Lieberman, also known as "The Climate Stewardship Act of 2004)," was an environmental bill crafted in response to the calls for a solution to global warming.

Unfortunately the problem only solved "American Warming" and would have severely impacted our economy while imposing higher taxes and further lifestyle restrictions on the ordinary American citizen. It was legislation created without a clear scientific basis, no solution to the problem and an apparent attempt to create a program for enhancing political control of the economy -- with no provable results that would be evident for hundreds of years. Bad, poorly-crafted, legislation.

The whispered strategy...

There are many Republicans who are now advocating for the election of John McCain on the theory that he is the only one "liberal enough" to beat far-left liberals like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama -- based on his strong defense of the United States and his status as a genuine war hero. Besides, they add, it will give "us" the White House for four more years while we locate a suitable Reagan-style conservative to run the next time.

Folks, Ronald Reagan had rock solid principles and was unwilling to compromise on anything that hurt his beloved America. And it is foolish to believe that the Republican party can find someone in four years that would have the national name recognition and/or record of past achievement that would suggest his candidacy for the Presidency.

Proof: look at the relatively young and unknown, but telegenic,  junior Senator, Barack Obama -- inspiring rhetoric about "change" without either accomplishment or voting record. Ditto the junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, who runs on her husband's record and whose accomplishments can be proven to be detrimental to our national defense and economy. If the Republicans could have found this upcoming conservative, no matter how young, he would be on the stage debating positions with the front-runner.

Potential Endorsements...

I am also worried about any deals McCain may have made to secure endorsements. Particularly deals involving Rudy Giuliani (Secretary of Homeland Defense, Attorney General, Supreme Court Judge), Mel Martinez (Secretary of Something), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Secretary of Something) and others.

The lesser of evils....

I firmly believe that John McCain will become a "Laissez-faire" (let it happen) president like our own fairly liberal George W. Bush. A product of his advisors -- for good or bad. Therefore I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our party's nominee.

Although I respect John McCain as an individual, a war hero who has sacrificed much for our liberty and freedoms and a man of his word, I must judge him more on his actions than on his rhetoric. Therefore I respectfully urge --


What can YOU do?

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige, profits or potential position as the President of the United States.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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