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In a time when California is facing a projected budget deficit of $14 BILLION, Schwarzenegger seeks to implement a health care initiative which may cost Californians an additional $10 BILLION or more. Claiming that he will not use tax money to fund the program, he claims the self-funding initiative will be funded by fees to be paid by hospitals, doctors, employers and from money from an increased sin-tax on cigarettes.

Overlooking the absurdity of funding a health care initiative with a product containing a proven carcinogen, one wonders if the hospitals, doctors and employers plan to simply raise the prices of their services to cover the imposition of these new fees -- all to be paid by the California taxpayers and others who seek medical attention. Another upward spiral in costs -- in spite of the governor's protestations.

Did the Governor and legislature at least protect Californians from the burden of paying for the healthcare of Mexican citizens who are here illegally? 

Or did the Governor and legislature sell-out to the "open border" socialists and democrats who demand coverage for everyone -- regardless of their citizenship or residency?

This is not an example of racism or xenophobia, it is an attempt to inform California citizens of a clear and present danger that may further collapse California's healthcare, education, judicial, and social infrastructure and lead to the state's bankruptcy.

One can only imagine the effect that this will have on California as the poor, unskilled illegal immigrants flood across an unprotected border to seek, if not jobs, free healthcare at the expense of the remaining California taxpayers.

Here is the Capitol Alert bulletin from the Sacramento Bee announcing the joint cooperation between Schwarzenegger and Nunez...

Capitol Alert - Sacramento Bee -- Schwarzenegger, Núñez file health initiative

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez jointly filed a measure to fund the proposed overhaul of health care in California late Friday."

"The Democratic legislative leadership and GOP governor were unable to pass the funding provisions through the Legislature, as the plan includes tax increases that Republican lawmakers have steadfastly opposed."

"Filing the initiative with the attorney general is critical to begin the process of qualifying the measure for the November 2008 ballot. The office of the attorney general now has as many as seven weeks to write a title and summary for the initiative before proponents begin gathering the estimated more than 1 million signatures needed to qualify for the ballot."

"One of the remaining funding questions for the plan -- how big the cigarette tax would be -- is answered in the 41-page document. The speaker and governor settled on 8.75 cents per cigarette, which works out to $1.75 per pack."

The Sacramento Bee has graciously made the full initiative available here.

What does Nunez tell the Mexicans and how is it reported in the Mexican press?

How quickly things change... Schwarzenegger selling out to the Mexican Socialists who published the following item... 

"I have declared war on Schwarzenegger"
says Fabian Nunez...

"New Speaker of the California Assembly vows to terminate the 'terminator' if he continues with his anti-immigrant ways by Hector Carreon of La Voz de Aztlan"

"Los Angeles, Alta California - December 8, 2003 - (ACN) Fabian Nunez, who was just sworn into office as Assemblyman for the Los Angeles 46th district on December 2002, has risen rapidly. In his freshman year, 36 year old Nunez was appointed Majority Whip, making history as one of the youngest members to hold the position. Now he is about to take over the Speakership of the 80 member Alta California Assembly next month."

Nunez, defying the will of the people of California who overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 187 in favor of the illegal aliens of Mexico...

"Fabian Nunez first came into prominence in the Mexican-American community in 1994 when he led a 100,000 voter movement to defeat the anti-Mexican Proposition 187 which among others things proposed to deny public school education and medical care to children of immigrant parents. When an anti-immigrant Republican coalition managed to pass the proposition, Fabian Nunez, was one of the principal Mexican-American leaders that, three years later, persuaded the California Supreme Court to declare Proposition 187 unconstitutional."

...and who still confuses legal immigrants with illegal aliens!

"In an interview with Alejandro Sanchez of La Cronica newspaper of Mexico City, Fabian Nunez said that he is ready to wage political war on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger if he continues implementing policies that targets immigrants and "Californios". It looks like Alta California is going to see lots of fireworks in Sacramento next year.

"Alta California Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez, who lived the first eight years of his life in Baja California, said to La Cronica, "Ya le declare personalmente la guerra política a Schwarzenegger… para eso me eligieron mis companeros" ( I have already personally declared political war on Schwarzenegger . . . that is the reason I was elected by my supporters). "Es solo el inicio de las confrontaciones con el gobernador Schwarzenegger. En una reunión que tuve con el se lo adverti y le adelante que los democratas no vamos a dejar que pisotee nuestros principios, que son defender a los migrantes y a los californianos" ( This is only the beginning of the confrontations with Governor Schwarzenegger. In a meeting I had with him, I advised him that the Democrats will not allow him to step on our principles which are to defend the rights of immigrants and the Californios)."

But then again, Schwarzenegger is a RINO...

Judging from his actions and his haste to embrace ultra-liberal, far-left democrats, one can only conclude that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) whose policies almost mirror those of his Kennedy relatives.

There is no doubt that California healthcare needs to be reformed. And not just the fraud, waste and corruption which could fund a major part of the Governor's proposed initiative. But, no matter how necessary the need for healthcare, it should be noted that no one is being turned away from our emergency rooms. Even though illegal aliens are using expensive emergency room access for routine healthcare such as treating colds.

This is the type of social benefit which will flood California with more illegal aliens... including those who will be moving to California from the other states -- simply to obtain world-class healthcare for little or no cost.

What can YOU do?

California needs healthcare reform and its citizens need access to affordable insurance without regard to employer. This is also what i want. What I do not want is another failed social experiment that bankrupts California by continuing to provide welfare to illegal aliens.

Demand an end to medical fraud, waste and corruption. Allow for the open posting of all salaries and total compensation received by those doctors and executives who operate from state-funded institutions.

Demand that those who commit medically-related fraud are sent to jail for long periods of time and are not allowed to plea down the charges or settle with fines of pennies-on-the-dollar. Hold insurance and medical executives accountable.

Promise Schwarzenegger that his political career is over. Ditto for all of the politicians who sign on to this initiative.

Demand that California limit healthcare policies to legal citizens and residents of this state.

Bill Mexico for all healthcare rendered to their citizens under the program or restrict the flow of funds exported into Mexico by campaigning against Mexican tourism.

Demand that the governator perform an environmental, fiscal and social impact study before commencing any action under this act.

Curtail all donations and support to politicians and their institutional or corporate sponsors until they protect California from the ravages of the invading hordes.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for personal power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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