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Once again we find that the United Nation has overestimated a scientific problem with the goal of altering political perceptions and enhancing their fund raising objectives.

In this instance, The United Nations deliberately mischaracterized and inflated the numbers associated with the AIDS epidemic, according to many researchers, for political and economic reasons.

Giving us a glimpse into the manipulation of global warming for the aforementioned political and economic reasons.

From the Washington Post...

"The United Nations' top AIDS scientists plan to acknowledge this week that they have long overestimated both the size and the course of the epidemic, which they now believe has been slowing for nearly a decade, according to U.N. documents prepared for the announcement."

They have just now begun to acknowledge a long-term deficiency in their data which often resulted in the demonizing of their critics in the name of political correctness...

"AIDS remains a devastating public health crisis in the most heavily affected areas of sub-Saharan Africa. But the far-reaching revisions amount to at least a partial acknowledgment of criticisms long leveled by outside researchers who disputed the U.N. portrayal of an ever-expanding global epidemic."

Overestimates to get political and financial support...

"Having millions fewer people with a lethal contagious disease is good news. Some researchers, however, contend that persistent overestimates in the widely quoted U.N. reports have long skewed funding decisions and obscured potential lessons about how to slow the spread of HIV. Critics have also said that U.N. officials overstated the extent of the epidemic to help gather political and financial support for combating AIDS."

$10 Billion a year -- an amount which will be significantly dwarfed if they can pull off their global warming scheme...

"The United Nations' AIDS agency, known as UNAIDS and led by Belgian scientist Peter Piot since its founding in 1995, has been a major advocate for increasing spending to combat the epidemic. Over the past decade, global spending on AIDS has grown by a factor of 30, reaching as much as $10 billion a year."

Need we ask how much money was spent in supporting the United Nations "high-life" infrastructure and how much money was actually spent on programs for the helplessly sick?

"But in its role in tracking the spread of the epidemic and recommending strategies to combat it, UNAIDS has drawn criticism in recent years from Epstein and others who have accused it of being politicized and not scientifically rigorous."

Catastrophic Predictions...

For years, UNAIDS reports have portrayed an epidemic that threatened to burst beyond its epicenter in southern Africa to generate widespread illness and death in other countries. In China alone, one report warned, there would be 10 million infections -- up from 1 million in 2002 -- by the end of the decade.

Warning of the dangers of inaction...

"Piot often wrote personal prefaces to those reports warning of the dangers of inaction, saying in 2006 that "the pandemic and its toll are outstripping the worst predictions.'"

Evidence of flawed methodology...

"But by then, several years' worth of newer, more accurate studies already offered substantial evidence that the agency's tools for measuring and predicting the course of the epidemic were flawed."

And the lie was repeated endlessly in the media over the years...

"The revisions affect not just current numbers but past ones as well. A UNAIDS report from December 2002, for example, put the total number of HIV cases at 42 million. The real number at that time was 30 million, the new report says."

And still the numbers cannot be believed...

"James Chin, a former World Health Organization AIDS expert who has long been critical of UNAIDS, said that even these revisions may not go far enough. He estimated the number of cases worldwide at 25 million."

"If they're coming out with 33 million, they're getting closer. It's a little high, but it's not outrageous anymore," Chin, author of "The AIDS Pandemic: The Collision of Epidemiology With Political Correctness,' said from Berkeley, Calif."

Here we have a corrupt and impotent United Nations, whose members live extremely well while millions continue to suffer. Why should we believe these mostly anti-American corrupt diplomats when they want us to cede political control of a large portion of our infrastructure to their jurisdiction and place out American economy at risk?

In the final analysis, the medical control of AIDS with drugs is proven science and the methods of drug distribution and delivery to patients is well known. The results are measurable. If the United Nations can not succeed with this large-scale, but limited project, ask yourself how are they going to manage global weather change. The answer is simple. Just as they failed in this humanitarian mission, they will most certainly fail at any other global task.

Global warming or climate change is just another United Nations' politicalized position based on questionable science... all for political power and money.

What can YOU do?

Completely shun the United Nations for the corrupt anti-American poseurs that they really are. They don't only appear to be corrupt, they are corrupt. One only needs to look at Iraq's "Oil-for-Food" program which was corrupt from the top of the United Nations to the paper-pushing bureaucrats who even carved out their own share.

Demand that scientific results be based on science. Not a politically-driven consensus of credentialed scientists who need to cooperate with the Administration or any other government institution in order to secure funding for their institutions or projects.

Recognize that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant and whose effect as a greenhouse gas  is at least a magnitude of ten less than the primary greenhouse gas: water vapor. It has also been demonstrated that CO2 lags changes in temperature by hundred of years and does not lead or correlate well with any temperature rise we may observe. And the CO2 system may actually be a closed feedback loop where the CO2 dissolved in the oceans and the CO2 content in the atmosphere is more of less constant and controlled by the vapor pressure over the oceans.

Not only did the UN get its data curve wrong, overestimate the most dire consequences of an unproven computer model, they also made fundamental overestimates of assumptions regarding population growth and energy consumption that underlie the computer models. Sound familiar?

Realize that any emission's trading scheme is patterned on the Enron energy trading scheme that cost California billions of dollars in bogus trader-generated costs. Gross polluters will be given a pass to continue polluting by simply buying "credits" whose ultimate cost will be borne by the ratepayers and spread throughout the economy.

We are talking about a temperature rise of approximately one degree Celsius which may well be within the systemic error range of temperature measurement. The primary drivers of global weather change have always been solar output, the action of the oceans and the action of the cloud cover (water vapor). It is extremely doubtful that man can affect the global climate -- and even if it were possible -- no results could be measured for hundreds or thousands of years. The perfect political scam that does not have to yield measurable results.

As with everything political, follow the power and the profits.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for personal power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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