THE TRUTH EMERGES: The Government was NEVER prepared to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.


Has anybody considered the implications of the public pronouncements by the front-running democrat candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and those of the leading Congressional democrats: House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid when they loudly proclaim that their goal is to leave Iraq as fast as possible?

Think about what message that sends to the Iraqi government. If the democrats are elected, the United States is prepared to immediately start withdrawing protective troops and cutting your financial aid packages. Thereby making you more vulnerable to assassination and your fragile government taken over by some Iranian or Syrian-backed religious puppet regime. In essence, the democrats urging them to engage in relations with Syria, Iran, China and Russia -- traditional entities who do not wish the United States well -- in order to protect their fledgling government from a potentially disastrous aftermath of an American withdrawal.  For those leftists who like to compare the present situation with Vietnam, consider the millions of innocent lives lost under despotic regimes after we left the region. While we were winning militarily, the far-left was responsible for a political defeat which made a mockery of our goal of defeating communism in favor of democratic freedoms.

Think about what an immediate withdrawal means to the United States economy which supports numerous defense contractors and and economy which is buoyed, to some degree, by defense spending. And for those who believed that we went to war over oil, consider what the implications of the largest oil producers in the region all controlled by dictatorial religious regimes. Are we prepared to immediately find hundreds of thousands of new, well-paying jobs for our returning heroes? Or are the democrats planning to turn them into government workers beholden to the bureaucratic class?

Think about the recent comments by Barack Obama who declared that he would give the Pakistani government an order to search out miscreants such as Osama bin Laden or simply move U.S. troops into Pakistan to do the job ourselves. Wonderful. Invade a sovereign nation and one that is our ally in the "war on terror?" Obama is a junior Senator who has little or no foreign relations experience just as he has little or no domestic experience. His candidacy is an historical fluke of politics. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is bad enough that the Bush Administration had little or no plans for governing Iraq and dealing with tribal sectarian warfare. But the goal was worthy and we are there. Now the mandate is to promote freedom in the region or forever lose our credibility on the world stage. If we need to alter our rules of engagement and actually kill the enemy -- so be it. History is far more tolerant of winners than it is of losers who were defeated by a bunch of effete snobs who claim they know what is best for us, both as individuals and as a nation.

No progress in Iraq. This is a disaster. We need to get out NOW.

It is worse that the democrats, failing to acknowledge the lessening of United States casualties is now attempting to redefine success as the number of hours of electricity for the Iraqis. Sheer lunacy from the shrill and far-left voices that see to control the once-honorable democrat party.

In fact, the entire program as put forth by the democrats is absurd, irresponsible and wildly inappropriate in terms of foreign diplomacy.

Truth-be-told, they care nothing about Iraq or its people. Their overwhelming and somewhat self-defeating psychotic focus is in discrediting the Bush Administration and poisoning the American Public with their anti-Republican rhetoric.

Short-term politics over long-term national benefits...

Imagine the benefits to the United States if we were to establish a keystone of democracy, even a pseudo-democracy, in a region which has traditionally hated the United States and which supports a religious-based culture that not only is intolerant to other religious and cultural viewpoints, but is actually calling for our destruction and that of our closest allies such as Israel.

Are we that shortsighted as to elect politicians who care that little for the future of the United States that they would engage in rhetoric, craft legislation and do everything in their power to regain or maintain their political power -- even if it meant destroying the America we all know and love?

Is this the future you want: a nation,  once again confronted in the near future with a nuclear-armed monumentally evil nation that would like to bury us in the sands of history? And especially considering the far-left plan for the emasculation and metrosexualization of those who would be called upon to defend this nation against the aggressor.

Are the democrats so corrupt or stupid as to believe that a foreign power is susceptible to polite talk around a table laden with fine food and drink. That politeness will prevail over their baser instincts to crush a weak enemy, thereby enslaving all of their citizens and plundering their national wealth?

Who is going to come to our aid? The effete liberals of Hollywood who can do nothing more than churn out pretty pictures and propaganda? Imagine a George Clooney-type portraying a John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, or even Aldo Ray? A person who needs to make sure that they are plucked, tweezed and properly coiffed before picking up their toy gun and charging at a blue-screen background which will be filled by the special effects wizards with scenes of a battleground? The director yells "CUT" and the stars  retire to their trailers for a massage or whatever. Where the celebrities openly court the attention of dictators and spew anti-American speeches on foreign soil?

Where are those who are heeding the lessons of history? Where the nation with the strongest defenses, awesome offensive weapons and the will to use them in protecting their national interests is the best investment in PEACE because nobody knowingly confronts a strong, committed enemy.

Much has been said about the suicidal nature of the enemy we face. And much of that has been crap -- the leaders are no more willing to eschew their plush lifestyles and die than any other individual. They are, however, willing to send their crazies out to commit suicide in the commission of homicidal bombings of innocent civilians.

Why is it that we give them so much deference when they attack mostly civilians and not military targets? Why do we openly condemn killing the leadership of these lethal regimes? Is it perhaps because our pampered leaders sit solidly behind a phalanx of government-paid security. Or are rich enough to live in guard-gated protected communities when they leave office? But are afraid of the personal consequences of such a decision?

What are we doing about the political correctness that is sapping our national will? Where our enemies use our own laws against us as well as more lethal weapons. Where we tiptoe quietly past the obvious truth because we do not want to offend someone's anti-defamation group with media access?

Where is the formerly-patriotic media? Where the anchors now present overwhelmingly negative and often demonstrably false information in the guise of news. Doting over United States casualties and ignoring any military progress in the pursuit of their not so hidden agenda.

What can YOU do?

Consider carefully those politicians who want the United States to fail in domestic as well as foreign areas for the sole purpose of re-gaining or maintaining political power.

Vote. Examine your conscience. Do not be mislead by single-issue campaign pleas as that is what is being used to divide and conquer America. Are we so preoccupied with the subject of abortion as to sacrifice our vote to someone who bodes evil for the United States.

If you are concerned about the subject of abortion, understand what Roe v. Wade really means in terms of federally funding abortions. If Roe v. Wade was to be overturned, the matter would rest in the hands of the individual states where you, the citizen, could decide exactly how the matter should be handled. On the federal level the subject is merely a distraction put forth by those who are more interested in religious principles rather than defending the United States from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If you are concerned about immigration which may lead to the "demographic bombing of America" and the breakdown of all of our current institutions, vote accordingly. One reason the Palestinians are demanding the "right of return" to Israel is not to participate in the peace and prosperity of that nation -- but to vote them out of office as their numbers and political power dramatically increases. It is the same with other ethnic and religious minorities within the United States.

In the final analysis, all I can say is you need to VOTE to preserve the United States you know and love. If you do not feel very patriotic about our nation, I suggest you move abroad and really experience "reality." How many other nations have found people willing to risk death to enter their country? I can't think of a single one. And consider the immigration laws of those countries: intolerant of illegal immigrants to say the least.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for personal power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. -- Marcus Aurelius

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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