Are Politicians "selling out" the United States by allowing foreigners to purchase portions of our critical infrastructure?

GLOBAL WARMING: We can all see that Al Gore doesn't understand the science, but is he too stupid to see what Kyoto will mean for the United States?

Al Gore continues to push his global warming agenda on the world for personal power, prestige and profits. I personally do not mind him hawking his wares any more than I would any other science fiction author.

However, in his quest for fame and fortune, I wonder does this jerk realize the potential damage to the United States economy if we sign on to the Kyoto Protocol?

As reported in the Australian press...

AL GORE has a story he wants to tell the world. But it will cost you a thousand dollars to hear it.

In a passionate attack on the climate policies of Prime Minister John Howard and US President George Bush, the former US vice-president, addressing a very expensive lunch in Sydney yesterday, called Australia and the US "the Bonnie and Clyde" outlaws of the global environment for their failure to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Mr Gore called on Australia to change course on Kyoto and its climate policies, saying if it did "it would be impossible for the United States to withstand the pressure" to join the rest of the world in ratifying Kyoto.

Apparently fearing the questioning press...

Mr. Gore made his comments after reporters were asked to leave the lunch venue. Despite the cost, lunch in the 700-seat room at the Sydney Convention Centre was a sell-out, as is tomorrow's event in Melbourne. VIP packages, which included a spot close to Mr Gore and a meet-and-greet with him, cost $25,000.

Panic, Doom & Gloom -- We must Act Now...

After his salutations, Mr Gore got down to business. The ballooning world population and the dizzying pace of technological change had helped turn mankind into an environmental "bull in a china shop", he said.

That the world's population had quadrupled in the past 100 years partly explained this. Technological change had also had a significant impact on "this shell of the environment that surrounds our planet".

He went on: "In the last three weeks, the amount of ice melting in the Arctic has been completely unprecedented. In only six days an area the size of the US state of Florida disappeared; in the week before that, an area almost twice the size of Britain disappeared.

"It's melting 10 times faster than previously recorded. Experts are now saying that if we don't act with urgency, the entire ice cap could be completely gone in less than 23 years."

Mr Gore said that despite all the scientific evidence about climate change, inaction still ruled among governments and business.

Raising his voice almost to a shout, he said climate change was not scientific, political or ideological.

"It's about survival."

No Al Gore, it is not about survival, it is about political control and profits...

The truth of the matter is simple. The Kyoto protocol would violate the sovereignty of the United States and place our economy and energy production squarely in the hands of a United Nations Commission on energy. A Commission which would have the power to dictate energy limits and usage along with invoking civil and criminal sanctions for violations.

Of course, those nations who do not voluntarily sign-on to the Kyoto protocol, arbitrarily choose to violate its provisions, or simply decide to cheat are not affected -- they have not ceded their power to the Commission. And for well-meaning others, there is always the possibility of waivers, exemptions and other tricky procedures which will mitigate any effect on their economies.

Need I point out that many of the member nations that comprise the United Nations are openly anti-American or are jealous of our lifestyle. Russia, notorious for not keeping their world, has signed on to Kyoto -- perhaps to embarrass the United States into accepting foreign control over their economy. And we all know how much tolerance Russia has for anybody or anything that interferes with their "Motherland."

Microsoft, a recent real-life example of ceding power to a foreign body...

Regardless what you may think of Bill Gates and Microsoft, if it wasn't for Microsoft and their Windows operating system, many of us would be using outrageously expensive computers with even more outrageously priced software. As a management consultant and data processing professional harkening back to the days of EAM (Electronic Accounting Machines), I am in a position to know. 

Microsoft pays Europe for its world-wide success and to gain continued access to foreign markets...

"Microsoft suffered a stunning defeat on Monday when a European Union court backed a European Commission ruling that the U.S. software giant illegally abused its market power to crush competitors."

"The court said Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, was unjustified in tying new applications to its Windows operating system in a way that harmed consumer choice."

"The verdict, which may be appealed only on points of law and not of fact, could force Microsoft to change its business practices."

"It also gives EU Competition Commission Neelie Kroes a green light to pursue other antitrust cases and complaints involving Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm and Rambus, and to issue draft new antitrust guidelines that were put on ice pending the ruling."

"'Microsoft must now comply fully with its legal obligations to desist from engaging in anti-competitive conduct. The Commission will do its utmost to ensure that Microsoft complies swiftly', Kroes said in a statement."

"The court upheld a record 497 million euro ($689.9 million) fine imposed on the company as part of the original decision."

"Since the original decision, the Commission has fined Microsoft a further 280.5 million euros, saying it had failed to comply with the interoperability sanction. The EU regulator is considering a further fine for non-compliance."

Unbundling Media Player and paying a fine was the least of Microsoft's worries... they are now forced by a foreign commission to reveal their source code secrets to rivals who want to freely piggyback on Microsoft products, improve their own products or legally reverse engineer Microsoft's server operability.

"In its 248-page ruling, the court upheld both the Commission's argument and its order for Microsoft to hand over information on server protocols to rivals. Microsoft had claimed these were protected by patents and the Commission was forcing it to give away valuable intellectual property at little or no cost."

"The court confirmed "that the necessary degree of interoperability required by the Commission is well founded and that there is no inconsistency between that degree of interoperability and the remedy imposed by the Commission."

And this is a single company with a world-wide impact. Now you can plainly see that signing the Kyoto Protocol would give Europe and anti-American interests the power to dictate United States energy policy and provide monetary, and possibly, criminal sanctions for non-compliance. THIS IS CLEARLY NOT ACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY RULES, REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS. THE UNITED STATES CAN NOT AND WILL NOT VIOLATE ITS SOVEREIGNTY AND ALLOW OTHERS TO CONTROL ITS SOCIAL OR ECONOMIC FUTURE.

That is unless that fool Al Gore and his fellow travelers prevail is suckering the United States to turn over political control of its energy policy to the anti-American United Nations'  Commission and its corrupt cohorts.

What can YOU do?

Read a variety of opinions on the subject of global warming so that you can see that the conclusions are not unanimous and that there is much debate within the scientific community regarding man's ability to control natural phenomenon.

Understand that the so-called "global warming:" crisis is not a crisis at all. The effects of global cooling and warming involve cycles that are hundreds and thousands of years in duration.

Understand that the manufactured "panic" is designed to make the population cede additional control to the politicians and provide for outrageous energy-related profits to the special interests that back the measure. The large transnational corporations will simply pass along their costs to their ratepayers and it will be the "people who pay" -- not the corporations or the politicians.

Demand that Al Gore defend his statements with the press in attendance and being able to question Gore. A global scientific conference of scientists -- without politicians present -- should be convened and their findings published without editing or modification by those with hidden political agendas. Everything should be peer-reviewed and defended for scientific integrity.

Understand that the carbon cap and credit program creates tremendous wealth for those who will act as middlemen to package and sell the carbon offset credits. It does nothing to alleviate local pollution and any benefits may never be measurable or recognizable in the next thousand years. You and I will be long gone -- and forced to rein in our lifestyles for a bogus junk-science fantasy designed by fat-cat politicians and their special interest supporters.

Do not vote for any candidate or elected officials who plans on signing the Kyoto protocol or engages in a carbon cap and credit boondoggle.

-- steve

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