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Traditionally, labor unions contain some of the most corrupt and violent organizers ever to coerce ordinary employees into handing over their hard-earned money so that the union officials can live in luxury and obtain the personal and professional benefits that come from being able to throw funds and votes at politicians.

Now, in return for the union's support, we find these very same politicians are seeking to gut the worker's right to determine union representation based on a secret ballot. These legislators are seeking to provide an alternate means to using a secret ballot: that of having anybody openly give the worker a card to check-off and then submitting that card with their claim of representation.

What happened to democracy? Are the democrats, once again, selling out their constituents in favor of the political special interests which keep them happily in office?

Consider Senate Bill 180 which has apparently passed both the Assembly and the Senate and is now headed to Governor Schwarzenegger's desk for approval.

From the non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office:

Existing law prohibits employers from engaging in unfair labor practices, including interfering in the election by agricultural employees of labor representatives to engage in collective bargaining for the designated bargaining units.

Existing law also provides criminal and civil penalties for any employer or person who engages in unfair labor practices as determined by the Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the courts.

Existing law provides for a secret ballot election for employees in agricultural bargaining units, as defined, to select labor organizations to represent them for collective bargaining purposes.

This bill would permit agricultural employees, as an alternative procedure, to select their labor representatives by submitting a petition to the Labor Board accompanied by representation cards signed by a majority of the bargaining unit.

The board would be required to conduct an immediate investigation to determine whether to certify the labor organization as the exclusive bargaining representative for the particular agricultural employees. Within 5 days after receiving a petition, the board would be required to make a nonappealable administrative decision. If the board determined that the representation cards meet specified criteria, then the labor organization would be certified as the exclusive bargaining representative.

This bill would extend the existing prohibitions and penalties to employers who engage in unfair labor practices with regard to a majority signup election. This bill would require the signatures on the representation cards, used in majority signup elections, to be submitted under penalty of perjury and that the Labor Board keep the information on the cards confidential.

Let me see if I have this straight: The union can ignore secret ballots and have their thugs thrust representation  cards under the noses of the workers with everybody watching? Then the cards and counted and the board makes a nonappealable decision? And then the board wants to keep the information on the cards confidential? From whom, the employer? Since the union organizers already knows what is on the cards that they are submitting, it is only the employer that will be kept in the dark.

This is decidedly un-American and runs contrary to the concept of a secret ballot.

Let us see who in California is willing to sell out the American workers...

SENATE AYES **** Alquist, Calderon, Cedillo, Corbett, Correa, Ducheny, Florez, Kehoe, Kuehl, Lowenthal, Machado, Migden, Negrete, McLeod, Padilla, Perata, Ridley-Thomas, Romero, Scott, Simitian,  Steinberg, Torlakson, Wiggins, and  Yee.

ASSEMBLY AYES ****Arambula, Bass, Beall, Berg, Brownley, Caballero, Charles, Calderon, Carter, Coto, Davis, De La Torre, De Leon, DeSaulnier, Dymally, Eng, Evans, Feuer, Fuentes, Hancock, Hayashi, Hernandez, Huffman, Jones, Karnette, Krekorian, Laird, Leno, Levine, Lieber, Lieu, Ma, Mendoza, Mullin, Nava, Portantino, Price, Richardson, Ruskin, Salas, Saldana, Solorio, Soto, Swanson, Torrico ,Wolk, and Nunez.

Wow! It looks like the entire socialistic, pro-illegal alien, open borders crowd voted for the measure. Why this procedure and why this measure? Could it be, that as part of the secret ballot process, someone might ask the worker if they were here illegally in the country? Or is it that the unions are applying increasing legislative pressure to pass this measure to organize more and more companies so that their democratic influence in the upcoming election cycle is magnified...along with their pocketbooks?

It's now up to the Governator to "terminate" this fundamentally flawed legislation. With all of California, as well as the nation, looking on: this may turn out to be one of the critical deciding factors in Schwarzenegger's political career.

What can YOU do?

Call the Governor to voice your concern and urge him to veto this abomination to freedom and liberty.

Call or write the members of the media who serve as watchdogs in California politics. Let them know what you feel and urge their mention of this threat to liberty along with those who passed this legislation.

Take a hard look at the list of elected representatives who passed this legislation. They deserve to be turned out of office at the next election opportunity. These are the people who are ruining California and trying desperately to create their own socialistic state -- all to enable them to remain in power.

Vote liberty or accede to the destruction of this great State and all that it used to stand for. Be prepared to pay in both liberty and raised taxes if these liberal jokers and ex-hippies remain in office.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

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