It is almost inconceivable to question the patriotism of a sitting president, less so to question the competence of those surrounding a "big picture" executive who is not sufficiently versed in the details or unintended consequences of his government's actions. And it is almost inconceivable that the loyal opposition has become so radicalized, so rabidly partisan and hateful of the current administration that they would do or say anything to regain their former power. And to add to this particular confluence of events, a normally sane and sober press Administration based on their own personal feelings and ideology. Something is definitely wrong with the system and it appears that the people must, once again, step into the breach and provide a self-correcting mechanism to restore the United States to a position of ethical leadership through the voting mechanism designed by our forefathers to prevent tyranny and sovereignty.

While I may be dead wrong about my analysis of the current state of affairs, I would welcome any comments which would illustrate a different point of view; considering the following circumstances.


We appear to have been invaded by an increasing hoard of foreign nationals who have illegally crossed our borders to, ostensibly, seek a better life in America and who are now demanding formal recognition of their presence via a grant of citizenship. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of these illegal aliens, our delicate and over-stretched infrastructure, healthcare, education and retirement benefits will be further compromised, along with our own ability to politically control our own destiny based on the increasing ability of their voting power should they be officially recognized.

We appear to be on the brink of further surrendering our sovereignty via "feel good" politically correct legislation which puts the economic activities of the United States in jeopardy of being controlled by sometimes hostile anti-American foreign powers by requiring our great nation to abide by international protocols which compel enforcement by powers outside of the United States and therefore immune to the checks-and-balances of our governmental systems.   

Two egregious examples can be found in the so-called "Kyoto Protocol" which would allow an international body to dictate what practices and reforms must be undertaken, at legal gunpoint, to meet some mythical environmental standards which supposedly were drafted to cure a problem which is suspiciously non-existent and the treaty governing the "Law of the Sea" which contains terms regulating legal intelligence and submarine-based activities both on the high seas and in our own territorial waters. The mandated dispute resolution mechanism is the increasingly corrupt and anti-American United Nations where political influence and power seems to be for sale to the highest bidder. In addition to regulation of military activities, there are requirements to provide approximately one-quarter of the funding of the International Seabed Authority, which regulates mining and other activities that take place at sea, while receiving a disproportionately small number of voting rights over the organization's activities. But one of the most frightening provisions of the Treaty calls for the technology transfer between developed nations and lesser developed nations which could lead to the transfer of "dual-use" technologies which could improve the abilities of other nations to build banned arms to support further world aggression. Both agreements highlighting a decrease in the concept of sovereignty in favor of a new brand of "internationalism" which would put Americans, that's you and me, under the control and sanctions of the International Criminal Courts.

Power Grab.

While I can plainly see the need to control harmful atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides and waterborne pollutants such as heavy metals and synthetic chemicals, I have no faith in ceding control over the American population and its financial and industrial capabilities to any power, either foreign or domestic, based on speculative theories about global warming that cannot be substantiated by science. In spite of those who are pushing for life-altering caps on energy production and the introduction of a corrupt money-generating "carbon credits" scheme, this is a naked and corrupt political power grab...nothing more and nothing less.

Government Responsiveness and Prosecutorial Misconduct.

Our government, perhaps due to a persistent attack by the opposition party and the media, has become overly secretive which has led to chaos and corruption within the government. High profile cases have been pursued for political reasons and  government agencies, which are charged with protecting the legal rights of Americans, have turned increasingly hostile towards those who apparently do not toe the government line. Americans have lost much faith in their institutions that have become increasingly radicalized through successive administrations.

I do not understand...

I, for one, do not understand the increasing toxicity of American politics nor the rush to cede our sovereign power to foreign nationals. Nor can I believe it can all be attributed to greed and the lust for power or the increasing influence of the socialists, communists and increased radicalization of the environmental movement. I think we are experiencing the result of an apathetic populace who has forsaken their civic responsibilities as they are lulled into inaction by a complacent media and a self-serving government... aided and abetted by a legal system which hides things in complexity and avoids understandable simplicity at all costs... thus perpetuating the need for lawyers who produce nothing but controversy and profits to further corrupt the system.   

Not all hope is lost...

Thank (insert the politically correct deity or institution of choice or leave blank), we still have the power to vote for radical change within the United States and have not ceded control to a dictatorship. But it is all up to you.

What can YOU do?

Return to the concept of a government "by the people, by the people and for the people" by voting out professional politicians who are using special interest money to subvert the political process for their political purposes and who may cede control over important governmental agencies based on sponsorship over competence. Perhaps it is time to dump professional politicians in favor of newcomers who are not rabidly partisan or overly committed to building their personal fortune based on their political activities.

View lawyers in politics in a highly suspect manner. Unfortunately, due to their training in being able to serve as an advocate on either side of an argument in return for payment, makes the entire profession suspect... especially when they enter politics or serve as lobbyists.

Avoid ego-maniacs who are so obsessed with their historical legacy that they may compromise the safety and security of the United States for a place in the history books.

Avoid the terminally stupid but well-meaning. Here, Jimmy Carter comes to mind. A man who almost singlehandedly brought Islamo-fascism to the forefront of American politics and who simplemindedly ceded control over many of our institutions to wildly incompetent people. That is not to say that our government consists of the "best and the brightest," because based on evidence, it surely does not... to be charitable, our administration leadership is average: that is they are the worst of the best or best of the worst. The problem is that many of our institutions which have historically resisted radical change by self-interested politicians have been increasingly corrupted by the appointment of self-serving grifters instead of high-mined public servants.

While I can not tell you how to vote, since my own vote is still up for grabs, I can warn you to be especially careful at this crossroads of America's future. We need to reduce the corruption and chaos in our government -- at all levels, local, state and federal. We need to prevent politicians from pandering to large and powerful special interest groups. We need to protect our sovereignty from those who would "divide and conquer" the America we know and love. We can no longer rely on our political parties or our media to tell us the truth and make credible recommendations. We need to step up and do it ourselves. We need to demand proof and performance of our politicians. We need to be informed and then vote like it we are at the most important crossroads of our lives: as it surely will affect our entire future and the future of our children.

-- steve

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