What can be more important than covering the news, fairly and accurately? Or if you are the "left-leaning" New York Times, bashing the current Administration and demonizing both President Bush and Vice President Cheney? What could possibly be more important that demonstrating your continued relevance and stopping the audience erosion which continues to plague each of your features and the newspaper in general.

The answer, at least for the New York Times, must be, "Political Correctness" and the urge to seek out those who may, in a fit of anger or pique, call someone an unkind word: in fact, what might be perceived by some, a sexual slur.

According to the infinitely more interesting New York Post and their Page Six gossip column, we learn that a "masthead" editor allegedly called someone a "banned name" at a  party which was described as "raucous" and "well-lubricated." STOP THE PRESSES -- WE NEED TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

According to the Page Six item...

"STAFFERS at the New York Times say an investigation was launched after a top editor allegedly used a homophobic slur last month during a well-lubricated office party."

"The left-leaning newspaper established a Diversity Advisory Council last week and sent out a company-wide memo outlining its latest initiatives in political correctness."

"On Wednesday, the in-house newsletter, Ahead of the Times, reprinted the company's anti-harassment guidelines, explaining, 'From time to time, the company likes to remind employees of its various policies . . . We encourage you to read it, which features guidelines on what to do if you have a complaint, or receive one.'"

"'Interested in what this is all about?' a source e-mailed 'A masthead editor called one of their [employees] a faggot at the going-away party. An investigation is going on now. Somebody may lose their masthead position and possibly their job.'"

We understand that in these litigious times, a lawsuit citing a "hostile work environment" could cost a company big money -- especially if they do not have a "politically correct" policy and training program in place.

Which is precisely why America is being attacked as the "land of the pussies" (oops, sorry) who have seemingly lost their will to fight for anything more than a choice parking space at the mall.

What happened to the quick repartee of sophisticated celebrants that would have simply referred to the name-caller with another gender-specific epithet followed by a witty, "so there!, you [insert the word of your choice]?" No physical combat required -- only a polite exchange of mild insults.

We are dying -- as a Nation, we are being suffocated with our own self-imposed laws to insure political correctness and sweetness and light. People are hardly free any more to call  out a-holes (whoops -- how insensitive of me) when they see them in the hall. Fun and a sense of comradery have given way to thought-filters and an awareness of the polite-police. The bad news is that this is the very same standard the do-gooders impose upon our military and keeps them filling out diversity paperwork and away from their appointed task of killing bad people and breaking things.

Is there any wonder that our physical and political enemies have adopted legal tactics which can severely cripple corporations as well as countries? Is it any wonder that many of our innovations have been stifled by laws promoted by the environmental movement -- which can be demonstrated as having been infiltrated by old-school Marxists, socialists, communists and anarchists?

As this is written, I am almost positive that the NYT is busy searching for an activist judge to add sexual orientation and gender to those other words of discrimination: race, creed, and color.

What can YOU do?

Be polite, but be yourself. Feel free to follow a good tongue-lashing with the proper disclaimer that your views are personal and that they don't reflect the views, practices, procedures, thoughts, concepts and visceral feelings of your employer.

Tell those who are afflicted with the disease of "political correctness, to get over their "bad old selves" and join the more confrontational human race.

Let our enemies find that we are not girlie-men and girley-women (whoops, did it again) who will sit idly by while they abuse the United States and its citizens. 

And let the New York Times discover that their biased reporting and political correctness "bullshit" (oops, I just can't help myself) is what is costing them their audience.

And remember to vote for people who know the difference between political correctness and politeness.

-- steve

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