Is there a governmental conspiracy with the mainstream media to hide the identity of the real enemy of United States interests, here and abroad? From reading the mainstream media, one can draw the conclusion that the radical Muslims who are fomenting global jihad can be found in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan and to a lesser extent various other countries around the world. But there is one nation that remains almost immune to the criticism of the media and any governmental retaliatory action although they appear to be the original source of much of the strife in the Mideast and an ongoing sponsor of the terror that is aimed at the United States and their allies. Perhaps their billions of dollars of investments in the United States economy or their millions of dollars spent lobbying elected officials is shielding them from direct action. So which country remains a current duplicitous

sponsor of terror while pretending to be our friend: why it must be Saudi Arabia! 

Considering that they are the largest oil producer hardly outweighs the facts that the massively corrupt Royal family and their supplicants not only actively supports the toxic version of Islam known as Wahhabism, they also export it to foreign lands with their subsidies of Mosques, think tanks and study groups. All while preaching hatred of the Jewish State of Israel to divert their citizen's attention away from the massive governmental corruption which, under any other circumstances, may result in the overthrow of the government. A government which is self-proclaimed on foreign soil as being friendly to the United States, while preaching a different message to their own citizens.

Stephen Schwartz is the author of the bestselling Anchor paperback, The Two Faces of Islam: Saudi Fundamentalism and Its Role In Terrorism, has published a piece titled "Who Is Responsible for the Mess in Mesopotamia?" which can be found on the TCS Daily site. In his exposition, Schwartz questions the actions of the mainstream press and asks...

"Why do Westerners remain so reticent about Wahhabism and its Saudi backers? In almost six years since the atrocities of September 11, 2001 - the entry of the Wahhabis, a once-marginal Islamic sect, into the central stream of world-historical events - Muslims who had talked about Wahhabism for decades have watched as the MSM (mainstream media) adopted the idioms the Saudi-Wahhabis use to disguise their intentions. The world has been told there is no such thing as Wahhabism, only Islam - the standard Saudi line; that Wahhabis refuse the label (untrue); that the correct term is 'Salafis' (also untrue, since Wahhabis call themselves 'Salafis' only as camouflage, for the same reason Stalinists called themselves 'progressives'.

"Considerable effort has also been made to avoid naming the Saudi nationality of most of the 'foreign fighters' in Iraq."

"Wahhabism and its Saudi royal patrons are caught in an extremely difficult situation. The monarchical system can no longer function in its habitual way; Saudi subjects are increasingly unwilling to live in the old way. The Wahhabi terror offensive is failing in Iraq, notwithstanding the launch of a global terrorist counter-offensive aimed at such weak spots as the Balkans, while also visible in repeat terror in Britain. Even Prince Nayef, who would prefer to hew to the jihadist line, is forced to admit that the burning house next door in Iraq threatens the stability of the Saudi kingdom."

"It is considered impolite by many Americans to suggest that Al-Qaida in Iraq takes comfort in the antiwar acrobatics of American public figures, but why should such courtesy also be extended to the Saudi financiers of terrorism?"

"How did the 'W' word come to be effectively banned? Why do more journalists and other public figures not simply come out and explain the meaning and role of Wahhabism to the American people?

All legitimate questions which should be asked of the candidates running for office in the next election cycle. Without definitive answers or a debate about the methods and tactics involved in fighting global terrorism, we are left in an uncertain quagmire that may never be resolved to our satisfaction.

As a side note, is it any wonder that those who would do damage to the United States and who have infected the democratic party with socialist, communist, and anarchist dreams are fighting hard against the introduction of nuclear energy into mainstream use -- because it affords the United States the opportunity to become further energy independent and to deal with radical interests diametrically opposed to our own -- without the fear of angering a nation which controls a portion of our imported oil?

What can YOU do?

Vote for people who are not beholden to special interests and their lobbyists who would sell out the future of the United States for either political power or their own selfish greed for more money.

Vote for elected officials who will appoint representatives who clearly and forcefully state our position to the world without the fear of petty personal concerns. Men like John Bolton who was excoriated for the temerity of standing before others and calling "a spade a spade." A man who has seen the corruption and chaos of the United Nations "up close and personal" and was not afraid to mention the unmentionable: the system is flawed.

Vote for people who show respect for the United States and are not the first ones to cast aspersions on every Administration action. Although the Administration is filled with bumblers who can not seem to get anything exactly right, it was still a far better choice than those who would massively enlarge government to secure their own party's continued existence in power and cede America's sovereignty to foreign nations and bureaucracies.

Vote for the future of the United States in an election which surely is one of the defining movements in history. The safety, security and continued prosperity of you, your family, your friends and your community depends on your vote. Make it right and make it count.

-- steve

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