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Regardless of the scientific validity surrounding the global warming controversy, global warming is the latest marketing ploy to be adopted by those who sell their goods and services. It is all about feeling good about yourself than it is about changing the planet. Oh, the arrogance of those who think that they (even collectively) can somehow subvert nature and make a difference and the stupidity of those who "pay extra" in their attempt to overcome nature.

While there are things that can be done to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants and pollutants in the air, the nasty ones like nitrogen and sulfur oxides, and the heavy metals in our water,  like lead, mercury, etc., the public is being conned into believing that they must pay higher prices, higher taxes and allow those who actually do pollute our environment to success by  scamming the public.

Yes, scamming. That is the only way to describe this phoney-baloney "carbon cap and trading" program. Basically, the gross polluters are allowed to continue polluting if they buy "offsets" which mitigate the polluting effects of their actions. Come on people, are you that stupid? Those who live next to a source of pollution will continue to suffer the ill effects of that pollution. Planting trees in a forest halfway around the globe will do nothing to offset the ravages of the local pollutant load. The claim that the offsets some how balance out to the benefit of nature on a global scale is a statisticians wet dream. The real fact, the one that is being hidden from the ordinary citizen, is that this is a scheme to extract money from citizen-taxpayers and transfer it to the wealthy. Including the "offset" brokers who make nothing, do nothing, and use a computer to collect their hefty "middlemen" fees for packaging and auctioning the credits. This is a pure scam -- simple and pervasive.

Why then is nobody blowing the whistle. Because everybody can profit at the expense of the citizen-taxpayer?

Consider those who profit from this scheme.

Politicians -- more regulation equals more control over the voters and even better over those special interests who pay lobbyists to shovel money in the direction of the politicians and their friends in the form of campaign funds and sweet deals of the relatives and friends of the politician. Of course, the politician reciprocates by making juicy local, state, and federal contracts available to their supporters.

Lawyers -- those who write the law in such a manner as to require additional attorneys to read and interpret the legislation  and those who act as lobbyists paid by special interests to kill or modify pending legislation.

The government -- are you kidding? Higher costs and increased revenues (paid by the citizen-taxpayers) equal increased taxes and fees to feed the ever-burgeoning bureaucracy. The ability to further regulate the lives of its citizens to their advantage is supremely attractive.

The polluters -- who can get away with murder, literally as people die from airborne and/or waterborne contaminants and who can simply pass along the total costs for lobbying and offsets to their customers who are fondly referred to as "ratepayers." Or, in industry parlance, "cash cows."

Marketers of "goods and services"  -- benefit by charging an unquestioned  premium for their offerings while avoiding the natural skepticism of those who normally buy their goods.

Charities & "Educational Foundations"  -- who rake in the tax-free contributions while doing little more than printing some cheap literature, producing a "fun" event and giving the "ladies that lunch" an opportunity to show off their latest clothes, jewelry and plastic surgery.

The media -- who fills hundreds of hours with cheap, programming to help their audience feel good about themselves.

The Consultants -- universal whores of the universe as they "advise" their clients on how to be "green," or, at least, how to appear "green" so as to cash-in on the tremendous riches to follow.

The banks -- ludicrous at it sounds, select banks are ready to issue so-called "green" credit cards so their cardholders can rack-up further debt as they buy "green" things, travel on "green" vacations, and spend lots of money adapting their house to the latest "green" standard. The only "green" these people see is in the bottom line.

And our sworn enemies -- Most of the global warming nonsense comes from the anti-American United Nations, an ineffective and failed super-political body that exists to perpetuate its one existence and to feather the nests of the "functionaries" who are engaged in so-called "worldly" matters. A motley collection of dictators, petty-tyrants and bureaucrats who are attempting to transfer political power and control away from sovereign nations to petty little international councils who would suddenly be vested with the authority to regulate the affairs of other nations by imposing production and energy caps -- and raise money by imposing fines and penalties for non-compliance. This is similar to gun control where law-abiding citizens are punished while the criminals with their guns roam free -- to harass the law abiding citizens.

In fact, there are few corporations and organizations that cannot claim some benefit from "going" green -- or, at least, appearing to go green.

One, going green is good for profits -- who questions the up-charge for a so-called "green"  product or service when you are saving the earth? 

Two, going "green" allows one to suspend their natural sense of skepticism when faced with claims that are more science fiction than science.

Three, "green" is such a meaningless terms, in a legal sense, that almost any product or service can qualify for a "green" label. This can be compared to the "organic" marketing scheme, also with no basis in law, which allows products to be sold at an up-charged premium to a generation of "feel gooders" who believe somehow that this "organic" product is somehow better for you than something without the label. Ludicrous, you bet. Similar to paying $5.00 for a liter of "special" water that in reality was taken from a city tap, run through a filtration system, injected with minerals and salts for taste -- and sold to people who have been conditioned to believe tap water is somehow contaminated or inferior to the "special"  brand.

Four, when natural event cycles are measured  time scales involving in eras, eons, millennia,  or even decades, the thought of some former politician or pitch man telling you that you have a "window of opportunity" of only ten years to save the planet is pure hokum. Proof: the Kilauea volcano dumps 6000 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each and every day -- and it is only one of several naturally occurring phenomena that affect the carbon dioxide balance. A balance that renders man's feeble miniscule efforts to the point of irrelevancy.  And perhaps one reason that Al Gore brooks no questions and limits the press coverage of his "lectures" is that someone might point out that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the amount of carbon dioxide in the oceans is more or less kept at a fixed ratio depending on local conditions. More in the atmosphere, less in the ocean -- a self-regulating mechanism -- as is most of nature. Or that other inconvenient truth that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but natures stimulant that allows plants to emit life-sustaining oxygen.

And fifth, the claim that "most scientists" agree with the theory is dead wrong. First of all, most scientists very rarely comment on matters outside of their own field of expertise. And second, most scientists who comment on global are more politician than scientist as they push their own "funding" initiatives.  There are any number of "honest" scientists that will explain the various eco-sub systems and if they have any conclusion, it is often: we just don't know and need to study the matter further. Believe me, these people understand the global scale of events and are not alarmists... unlike those with something to gain from a good scam.

What can YOU do?

Separate the fact from the fiction and ignore the current "hype" by those who breathlessly demand your money to fight a "global emergency."

Do not vote for any politician who is not open to alternative explanations of current events and scientific theories which may differ widely.

Stay away from Al Gore and his band of crazies which has elevated the subject of global warming almost to the status of a cult religion -- and who will personally benefit from a "cap and offset" trade program. These are the people who cannot argue with "facts," exaggerate minor naturally occurring events, and shout down any opposition. Classic cult behavior.

And, the ultimate reminder: Green is only one letter different from "Greed" which is likely the most truthful statement you may ever encounter on the subject of global warming.

-- steve

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