All of the top-runner candidates for the presidency are now seeking to define the public persona and candidacy of Fred Thompson before he enters the race? Typical political maneuvering to be expected from typical politicians.

But what about the charges they are leveling that Thompson is falsely portraying himself as an "outsider" when he really is the consummate insider, that his slow-talking Tennessee drawl is symptomatic of a lazy and uncommitted candidate who is not man enough to stand up and duke it out with the committed candidates, undistinguished Senate record, he is pure image -- crafted by his work in television, and that he may be secretly pro-choice in spite of his "pro-life" stance... or even worse, a situational "flip-flopper?"

Such is the state of professional politics today -- where you need to redefine the other guy and smear his reputation while you are forcefully portraying yourself as the hero.

Let us take a moment and consider the complaints.

Too "Hollywood," I don't see Thompson getting $1400 haircuts like the "Breck Girl," who speaks of a divided American while living in a sumptuous mansion paid for by malpractice settlements from doctors and others on the wrong side of a slick, professional shyster. See guys -- it works both ways. This is a charge that was leveled against Ronald Reagan and nobody now doubts his commitment to America or disputes his major accomplishments. "Hollywood," at least in my mind, conveys an air-headed actor with a plethora of advisers and handlers who needs a script to sound coherent -- sort of like an Alec Baldwin type who turns into something else when confronted with real life.

Lazy and uncommitted people do not put their lives on hold to run for an office that guarantees that your entire life consists of a colonoscopy performed in public. Those who confuse a candidate's speech pattern with being slow-witted or slow-minded are delusional, but again, that's how the game is played. Make accusations and observations and see what sticks.

As for an undistinguished record of accomplishment in the Senate, get real. I like politicians who are not political whores, ready and willing to jump on every piece of offered legislation as a co-sponsor for having done nothing but signing your name to someone else's bill which, in all reality, was scripted by "staff" at the urging of special interests who provided the "draft" copy. In my book, less legislation is better than too much legislation ...and is not good enough as "no" legislation.

The knock on Thompson for his pro-this or pro-that representation of a client is crap. The real knock is that he is another lawyer in politics. I am notorious anti-lawyer/politicians and I consider a lawyer to be the "larval" stage of a politician. If it were up to me, there would be limits on lawyers in politics -- as I believe the chaos and craziness (including the loopholes) in unreadable and incomprehensible (not to mention unenforceable and unmindful of unintended consequences)  legislation is the result of lawyers sitting around a table thinking of synonyms to better describe the words used to craft the bill. A lawyer is a paid advocate for his client and does not have to personally agree with his client's position, guilt or innocence to take their money. Such is the life of a lawyer. Whether or not Thompson responded directly to a client's request or was consulted by another of his colleagues is irrelevant. This is a smear tactic at best.

As for being a political insider -- outsiders can not muster the support or contributions for political office. So, in a sense, all candidates are insiders whether they are known to the public or are less recognized by voters when they run.

So what is the real story?

Those who are running hard, raising money, spending money, doing the beauty tour of media events are all jealous. Jealous because Thompson is smarter than these yahoos who all entered the race too early -- in a time which means little to the ordinary citizen. These are the people who are killing each other to gain their party's nomination. Too many people seeking money and attention to really matter. And they are mad at Thompson because he is smart enough and strong enough to pick a position that they cannot control. Perhaps the smartest position of the 2008 campaign.

According to tradition, voters and potential voters concentrate on their own daily lives until approximately sometime after labor day when they will turn to political matters. With the February Presidential Primary elections becoming more important. Why waste time, effort and money jockeying for position prior to the time when the "people" start to take interest. By then, the chaff and dross (e.g. second- and third-tier candidates) will have dropped away -- clearing the field for the contenders who actually have a shot at becoming the party nominee.

So those who are beating on Thompson are wasting their time. Besides, democrats who are breathlessly awaiting Obama and Clinton fight to a stalemate to allow Al Gore to step-in are playing exactly the same game without public comment.

Ah, politics: where the fair is often ineffective and the honorable are slimed as monsters.

What can YOU do?

Laugh at the cheap entertainment of unarmed political gladiators who are more likely to suffer a groin-pull leaving the banquet dais than they are a mortal injury defending the United States from their enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Refuse to be "divided and conquered" by those political operatives who try mightily to segregate the population into easily controllable "single issue" voters.

Withhold judgement of the political circus until sometime after labor day when matters become serious and politicians actually focus on real issues.

Do not vote for any politician who attempted to sell out the America's culture, healthcare, education and retirement benefits to the benefit of a sovereign power (Mexico) and grant super-citizenship and privileges to illegal aliens. Do not vote for those hacks who have brought corruption and chaos to Congress.

Remember that those who would screw the troops serving to preserve America's freedom would screw the American public in a heartbeat in a non-election year.

Vote like your life, the lives of your family, friends, neighbors and community was at risk -- because in these times, it truly is in danger from self-serving, bloated, elite politicians who are acting only in their own self-interests and those who pay them.

-- steve

Even though Fred Thompson has not announced his candidacy, Internet jokes like the one below from an unknown author continue to rocket through the blogoshpere.

Difference Between Democrats and Republicans:

Fred Thompson and Hillary were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. The    Republican, Fred Thompson, gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

Hillary was very impressed, so when they came to another homeless person, she decided to help. She   walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into Thompson's pocket and got out $20. She kept $15 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $5.

Is the difference between the two candidates clear?

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