In a widely distributed press release, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quick to jump on the global warming bandwagon and claim that...

"New York has always been a leader in forward thinking public policies, and by undertaking the most comprehensive, detailed inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in US history, and establishing a very clear target for reductions, we will lead by example in fighting global warming.  We look forward to discussing these issues with mayors from around the world here next month," said Mayor Bloomberg.  "You can no longer deny the science and bury your head in the sand - climate change is real, and by looking at where and how we are contributing to that problem, we can identify how to reduce our emissions and create a better future for our children and grandchildren."

If you're serious, prove it...

If Mayor Bloomberg were serious about controlling carbon dioxide emissions and pollution in general, he would simply allow the 30th Street Heliport to close. After all, with New York's highly touted public transit system, so beloved by the Mayor, one should be willing to give up those stinky, polluting choppers which also present a clear and present crash danger to high-rise buildings.

Of course it might further enrage his fellow moguls Donald Trump, NBC Chairman/CEO Bob Wright, American Idol owner Robert F.X. Sillerman and a host of other Manhattan Big Shots who are fighting against the environmentalists who are trying to shut down the heliport.

As noted in the Chelsea Now Newspaper...

"...the crash on July 7 of a sightseeing helicopter from the W. 30th St. heliport into the Hudson River is a reminder of efforts by Friends of Hudson River Park to force the Hudson River Park Trust, the state-city authority building the riverfront park, to get the noisy and dangerous helicopters out of the park." 

"Regarding the W. 30th St. heliport, Albert Butzel, president of Friends of Hudson River Park, in May put the Trust on notice that the heliport has been a noisy and illegal occupant of the Hudson shore since 2001, when its contract expired."

"Butzel said the Friends are especially eager to get helicopter sightseeing flights off the riverfront. However, the mayor wants a heliport, at least for corporate, non-sightseeing uses, to remain on the West Side."

"The Hudson River Park Act says no heliport may be located in park boundaries east of the bulkhead line, meaning the shoreline. The W. 30th St. heliport is indeed east of the bulkhead line, but the legislation grandfathers the pre-existing helicopter facility with a valid lease."

"But Air Pegasus, the helicopter company run by the Trenk family for more than 30 years, and the Trust, have not extended the renewable contract that expired in March 2001. Since then, the heliport has been operating on a month-to-month basis and consequently is no longer grandfathered into Hudson River Park." Reference here.

In an item appearing in the New York Post's Page Six Gossip column, the reporter summed it up nicely, "Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire himself, has said, "The city needs heliports if we're going to keep big business here. Companies have to be able to move their people in and out of the city."

Sure they do. And Donald Trump needs that big helicopter to fly his Apprentice Candidates over the city as a reward for doing something silly like setting up competing lemonade stands. We are not talking about mass transit, we are talking about millionaires and billionaires, pampered and privileged executives who think that the rules apply to the other guy. That their money and power can insulate them from the policies they promote that must be followed by the other guy.

Even though the issue of carbon dioxide's effects on global warming are non-existent, let these people who live in splendored luxury feel some of the daily inconveniences that affect the lives of ordinary citizens who do not have helicopters and limos to cater to their every need.

What can YOU do?

Note liberal hypocrisy whenever and wherever it occurs. Call the big shots on their "don't do as I do, do as I say" attitude. Make their life as inconvenient as it is for the rest of the ordinary people.

Do not elect politicians who use their money to buy their way into politics. Especially those who appear to be  crusading do-gooders while handing out hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to their political friends and special interests.

-- steve

A reminder from a large improvement can result from a small change…

Reference: Bloomberg Press Release

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