I have come to believe that global warming is here to stay. No, not the phenomenon of global warming and man’s influence on nature; that area of concern is highly suspect and best left to those research scientists who are free from hidden agendas related to securing funding for their pet projects. 

I’m speaking of the global warming that can be turned into money, power and sex.

Let us consider:


Where else can you sell products and services related to something which cannot be proven or, even if real, will not manifest itself in your lifetime?

The government is falling all over itself to fund research studies involving exotic destinations and lots of expensive new computerized toys. After all, it is now a national priority.

Claim a product is “green” and you can easily improve your sales. I wonder how many people actually realize that the words “organic” and “natural” have no legal basis and that they are marketing terms designed to improve the profit margins of ordinary commodity items? Stick an “organic” label on something and it is worth at least 20–40% more in the marketplace.

Want to attract attention — go environmental and watch as the media fawns over your every word. Say something “controversial” and you go directly to the head of the pack. After all, who among us is going to mount a serious challenge to what you are saying. Even if you were dead wrong — at least you can claim the credit and glory for “debunking that myth;” before going on to more lucrative pastures — and media events.

Oh!, to be an attorney with a background in environmental sciences. The ultimate moneymaker as they can plunder industry, government and other non-governmental organizations with ease.


There is no doubt that the socialists, anarchists, and some democrats, have learned that you can gain real power by advocating environmental policies. Look at how many building developments have been laid low by environmental activists in the guise of being of service to the larger world.

I think that you may be surprised at the number of organizations who have received “study” funding for this and that cause; both from governmental agencies and private individuals. Some of whom are land developers.

The power to stop development on environmental grounds or to develop restrictive legislation which hampers an industry is real and growing each day. Governments of all stripes have militarized the environmental movement and use it as an active tool against other governments. Consider the Kyoto protocol which our President wisely decided not to sign. Imagine for a minute that your company can be fined by a bunch of old leftists and political hacks sitting over in the Hague — and wielding real power by imposing standards, quotas and other restrictions that could severely impact our economy?

A real-time example of the power that can be wielded by so-called community activists who play the environmental card can be illustrated by those Hispanic activists (on both sides of the border) who are ready to throw the entire border fence project into chaos as it ostensibly interferes with migrating wildlife. All that it takes to create chaos or to delay a project is to file a lawsuit in a friendly venue — and then appeal it to a friendly court when the lower court rejects your arguments. The United States Ninth Circus Court of Appeals comes in mind.

Back to the “fixer” attorneys who will earn the big bucks for sheparding a project through the complex, cumbersome and often nonsensical legislation which is written by special interests and sold to their fellow attorneys who happen to be “staff” for many powerful legislators. After all, someone has to read those 1,000–page works of legislation, so they can explain it to the legislator who is too busy fundraising to read the proposed law they are backing. That is, if they could even read and understand it.


With all of the money and power washing to and fro, sex becomes another bargaining chip in the environmental battle. It is quite sexist, but some of those environmental rights gals are downright cute. Must be all that fresh air and exercise. Or is it they are hired to obtain access to legislators. (My charitable contribution for today is not to insert a Hillary joke here.)

What can YOU do?

First, remember that power, money and sex are interchangeable — if you have any one, you can easily parlay it into the other two.

Second, remember the rich are different. They believe in the old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Would you be majorly surprised to find that Toyota has massively funded an organization to attract celebrities and Hollywood types to promote their hybrid vehicles? One only need look at the celebrities and public and corporate officials on the organization’s various boards to know that someone is benefiting from all this money. Money taken straight from your pocket when you buy a car which may yield a payback 5 years after it fell apart.

Or would you be surprised to find that one of the celebrities who supposedly signed on to the hybrid program, crashed into three cars while drunk? Luckily there was only minor damage to the vehicle as he was driving his big Mercedes. He still faces DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges in his posh neighborhood.

These are the people who fly in private jets, drive secure, heavy SUVs and usually have a home that consumes the energy of ten ordinary families. Not to mention their vacation villas.

They are not affected by environmental or security legislation and will continue to live the good life in spite of the petty annoyances (like rent) we all face.

Third, exhibit common sense when some moron (I am thinking Al Gore-types here) tells you that a catastrophe is about to befall the world if you do not elect them, donate to them, or follow their dictates — even though it cramps your lifestyle. No one on this planet can accurately predict the weather a month from now, let alone what may happen next year. Unfortunately with all of the static and buzz in the media — one has to say outrageous things to attract attention to one’s cause, kooky as it may seem.

There is no plant or animal on the face of this planet that is worth ceding your personal power and security. Relocate the stupid things and let it adapt or die. I blame Disney for most of the misguided ideas we have about animals. Bears are not cute or cuddly; they smell bad, have outrageous tempers and will kill you. Amazing how many people still anthropomorphize wild animals — that is, they imbue these animals with human traits and often consider them in the same way they consider their pets. Pets are pets, God love them. But wild animals are something else — often dangerous to the habitat if unchecked, not to mention the bunnies grazing on my lawn as I write this.

Fourth, vote against “feel good” legislation which merely transfers money from your pocket to others who are often less deserving than you are. Ask to see a “provable payback” and do not accept vague answers that are meaningless.

Fifth, guard against the political and commercial hypocrisy of carbon offsets. How many among you know that the Air Quality Management Board allows the big oil companies to pollute the air and water if they have purchased enough offset “clean air credits?” These credits are generated by companies who fit dry cleaners with filtration devices to keep per– and tri-chlorethylene solvents out of the atmosphere. It certainly is a very cost effective process as it surely is easier to equip a dry cleaning establishment with a filter than it is to retro-fit scrubbers on an industrial refinery. So people in the more gentile neighborhoods are perceived to have marginally cleaner air — while those near refineries suffer with lung-rotting airborne contaminants. According to the politicians, the particulate and gas emissions balance out and the offset program works well. Did I mention the attorneys who arrange for these offsets? — So when Al Gore tells me he has purchased trees that will offset today’s contaminants in five-to-ten years, pardon me while I avoid being overly enthusiastic.

And sixth, conservation and recycling is great. Clean out the clutter in your life. Give your discards to a local school or charity. Take a tax deduction if you wish. Now this is the type of ecologically sound program that will make a difference in your life. Someone is in need of your old “stuff” and would be happy to have it.    

— steve

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