The Pentagon has recently declassified and released an al-Qaeda “torture manual” purportedly found in an al-Qaeda safehouse in Iraq.

For those who waffle on-and-on about so-called United States torture methods such as sleep deprivation, cold rooms, disorienting sounds and the dreaded waterboarding, I strongly suggest that you view this document.

It might be just the thing to bring you to the realization that real “torture” is practiced by the islamo-fascists, not only to extract information, but for the purpose of humiliating prisoners or for their own amusement. According to military specialists, it is often done to instill fear in the populace — the more gruesome the torture, the more effective it becomes.

Compared to the picture of the “torture chamber,” the Abu Ghraib Prison was the Four Seasons.

And for those who question our humanitarian efforts in Iraq, consider that Saddam, his degenerate sons and most of the special police routinely built and used “torture and rape rooms” as a means of punishment without “due process.”  Where was amnesty international, the international red cross, human rights watch and the other organizations that routinely engage in a toxic diatribe against the United States? Where was Jimmy Carter?

It should be remembered that these are an ancient people with ancient customs and punishments. They engage in routine brutality because that’s the way it has always been done.

What can YOU do?

Next time someone “bad-mouths” the United States about the subject of torture or cruel and inhuman punishment… refer them to a graphic illustration of what “torture” really means.

Next time someone questions the war effort, try to put the matter in perspective. Yes, there were intelligence errors followed by strategic and tactical mistakes in prosecuting the campaign; but the Iraqi people were freed from a monster and his regime. The United States has little control over local power struggles or sectarian “clan” violence.

It seems that the biggest mistake that the United States made was a stupid one: thinking that everyone thinks or acts the way we do; that hundreds of years of cultural and sectarian inter-fighting would be overcome by democracy.

The answer is simple, but unpalatable for high-minded armchair politicians and generals: install a Islamic puppet regime with a strongman as leader; one that remains beholden to the United States and withdraw to safety.

Divide the country into semi-autonomous regions: Suni, Shite, Kurd.

Reserve the use of force only to prevent interference from other countries.

Next, explain to Saudi Arabia that their government needs to consider our needs and shut down their terrorist funding and training activities. For Syria, forget the courtesies shown to Saudi Arabia when explaining the situation. And for Iran, foment revolution and drive the crazies from office. CIA and Special Ops all the way — no embedded reporters or press leakage.

But no matter how simple the answer appears, the execution of any program requires a united United States, a bi-partisan Congress united to protect the United States instead of fighting political power battles, and it requires the support of ordinary citizens who understand that war as well as peace is a dirty business; full of miscalculations, errors and false starts.

For those who continue to dissent, make them base their arguments on facts, not feelings. Hold them to a rigorous level of debate.

Do not support any media source who has a dog in the hunt. If they are not presenting the news in a fair and balanced matter — or if they confuse news with commentary — tune them out.

Celebrities who routinely disparage their country beyond the bounds of disagreement and dissent or cavort with dictators, giving aid and comfort to those who hate the United States: shun them; do not buy their books, movies or magazines which feature them in any way.

Argue, dissent, protest based on the facts. But support your country and its troops in every way possible — or leave the country for some other nation which meets your financial, social and ethical needs.

VOTE for candidates with real solutions, not sound bites.

— steve


The graphic pictures and drawings are available at: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0524072torture1.html

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