"Men of honor don't do this" ... write books and do television interviews that may damage their country!

WHO CARES?: "Saudis claim al-Qaeda attacks foiled" / World - Saudis claim al-Qaeda attacks foiled.

Other than being feted as the largest oil producer in the region, there are painfully few similarities between life in the “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia and that encountered in the United States.

The basis of life and law in the Kingdom is an ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam often referred to as Wahhabism. A sect which imposes strict punishment (beheadings, stoning, amputation of limbs, lashings) on the unfaithful for a variety of behaviors that are openly tolerated in our country. According to their practices, there are only two types of people: the faithful and the infidels (unfaithful) who are sometimes spared death if they are subservient and pay fees to their betters. Everything is viewed through the prism of religion.

The Saudi government spreads Islam throughout the world by funding construction of mosques and Qur'an schools — some of which have been found to be, according to some published reports, malignant Wahabii sect schools — openly preaching jihad or Holy War against all infidels and supporting terroristic activities.

The Kingdom’s priorities are first to their fellow Muslims and then to the preservation of the Kingdom’s Rulers. An allegiance which may expeditiously switch back and forth as circumstances dictate. Like all good practitioners of Islam, they will offer hospitality to a stranger — even if the stranger is a known terrorist. The rules are incredibly complex and often require the consultation of religious leaders — some of whom openly support jihad.

Within the Kingdom there is an undercurrent of dissent between those who would overthrow the Kingdom for some measure of democratic reform featuring less dependence on the Royals for business opportunities and those who would like to establish a more militant religious government.

And even though thousands of Saudis visit the United States for a world-class education or to participate in advanced joint military training, the freedoms they encounter here are not available in their Kingdom. Even Saudi Princes who play in Europe do not dare repeat their performance in the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the more moderate stance of the world traveler is often subjugated by their elders. 

Which poses a critical question: Are the Saudis our friends?

The Saudi government claimed that they interrupted al-Qaeda plot to attack oil production facilities, military bases in the Gulf kingdom, and carry out suicide attacks against public figures. “It said that it had arrested 170 suspects, including trainee pilots planning suicide attacks, and that it had seized weapons from seven terrorist cells and more than $5m (€3.7m, £2.5m) in cash.”

Was this raid to protect their own Monarchy and assets or was this a contribution to the global war on terror?

Ostensibly partners in the global war on terror, some wealthy Saudi citizens are reported to be funding key militants believing that this will prove their allegiance to their religion. The Saudis cannot even bring themselves to condemn the Islamo-fascists directly, preferring the euphemism, “deviant ideology” to refer to al-Qaeda in their press announcement.

Which raises a bigger question; can the United States ever bridge the gap between a free society and something else? Can the United States coexist with a society clearly predicated on the destruction of everything we believe in?  Which results in a conundrum: what level of force is necessary to preserve our way of life in the face of a trained, fearless enemy who regards death in the name of their religion as the ultimate honor resulting in “otherworld” rewards? Where weapons of mass destruction are always preferable to lesser means.

Can you rely solely on a few honorable men steeped in decades of unyielding religion who talk, while ignoring the more militant terrorists who take action? Are you willing to bet your family’s health and welfare on your decision?

What can YOU do?

Consider the above questions as if you were one of the civilian leaders responsible for the tasking of the military. Regard the leadership of the President in walking a fine line between an appropriate level of response force to an incident and the level of force required for a preemptive strike to prevent an attack — by those who ONLY respect force rather than diplomacy. Now overlay the political situation where rabid partisans are struggling to maintain or regain political power in the United States. Then support those whom you believe have the better answers. This time it may not be about an election, it may be about your future. Vote as if your life depended on your choice – as it surely does in our post 9/11 world.

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