UPDATE: What our allies think...

The US Congress' vote to push for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq was wrong and will bring comfort to Al-Qaeda insurgents, Australian Prime Minister John Howard said Friday. (AFP: 04/26/07 10:44 EST)

House passes troop pullout plan - Los Angeles Times.

“WASHINGTON -- Defiant and unified in the face of a promised presidential veto, House Democrats on Wednesday pushed through an emergency war spending bill that orders President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq no later than this fall.”

“The 218-208 vote, largely along party lines, is expected to be followed today by Senate approval of the same measure. The president has promised to veto the legislation early next week.”

THE END GAME IS OBVIOUS: every vote against this bill is a vote for the President… making it abundantly clear that the Republicans own the war issue in the upcoming election. There can be no other interpretation.

THE PRESSING QUESTION IS: how far is the Democrat-controlled congress willing to go in their pursuit of power?

This bill is disturbing in a number of ways…

(1)      It provides aid and comfort to the enemy by portraying our great nation as divided and deeply conflicted on the subject of freedom and Iraq.

(2)      It provides aid and comfort to the enemy by providing tangible proof of our unwillingness to fight for what we believe.

(3)      It provides aid and comfort to the enemy by emboldening their efforts to hang-on until any deadline passes; when they might take further action unencumbered by encounters with U.S. military personnel.

(4)      It places our military at risk during withdrawal activities since there can be only a few exit routes to accommodate the massing of troops. And those that are left, protecting and fighting a rear guard action are placed in supreme jeopardy.

(5)      It places the nascent semi-democratic government of Iraq in danger of annihilation and forces them to place their fellow citizens further at risk.

(6)     It demonstrates to the world that we will abandon our so-called “friends” for nothing more than mere political power. Note: Our great nation should lay this entire problem at the feet of another Democrat, President Jimmy Carter, (who invited our friend, the Shah of Iran, to step aside in favor of the Ayatollah Khomeini – which ultimately led to our troubles in the region.

(7)     It places OUR (the Nation’s) President, the Commander-in-Chief, in a position where he may no longer freely and effectively deploy troops or exert the necessary level of command-and-control of the military without further Congressional action.

(8)     It sparks a Constitutional Crisis as the balance of power between the President and Congress is tested.

(9)     It is disloyal to the troops who have fought with honor and bravery to provide the opportunity to bring freedom to the oppressed Iraqi people… if we stigmatize this war with the taint of Viet Nam.

(10)    And it demonstrates to our other adversaries around the world that we are, indeed, a paper tiger.

Each and every citizen should note which politician in their political jurisdiction voted for this legislative abomination — and deny them any political funds or assistance when they seek re-election. THROW THE BUMS OUT.

I do not care if those supporting this bill are characterizing this as legislation “that probably won’t pass in the face of a threatened Presidential veto.” The damage has already been done.

It is not that I am a rabid supporter of President Bush or a rabid partisan with hatred for the opposing political party. I am simply an observer who does not like what the politicians are doing to the country in their quest achieve power.

It should be noted that both political parties plunder taxpayer monies and engage in cronyism. However, this rabid partisanship should all be set aside when our great nation is at risk.

We need to speak with one voice. We need to take quick and decisive action.

Perhaps this legislation may have an unintended consequence: for it may embolden our President to remove the velvet political gloves and remove any doubt that the United States Military is crippled in Iraq.

What can YOU do?

Support our Country. Let the politicians know what YOU think. Develop a long memory for those politicians who are courting disaster for the purposes of partisan politics. Vote the BUMS on both sides out.

A reminder from OneCitizenSpeaking.com: a large improvement can result from a small change…


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