U.S. intelligence sees Castro recovering | Reuters.

“U.S. intelligence agencies, which appeared to be on a death watch for Cuban leader Fidel Castro a few months ago, now believe his health is rebounding and cannot rule out a full return to power, officials said on Tuesday.”

It strikes me as amazing that the combined intelligence agencies of the United States cannot seem to obtain accurate intelligence on a country  located approximately 90 miles off our coast than it can with a country located more than 9000 miles away.

One would assume that being 90 miles away and having any number of willing, native-speaking recruits with relatives and contacts in Cuba would count for something. Probably a bad assumption after Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs. As for Iraq and the missing weapons of mass destruction, we all know how that went down.

The conclusion must be that it is as hard to sneak a ringer into the inner circle of Cuba as it is to sneak one into the religious tribal cabals that are Iraq. Unfortunately, other nations seem to find it far easier to penetrate our government and its intelligence agencies if we are to believe the number of spies recently discovered in the FBI and CIA.

Of course there are excuses: the government was precluded from hiring “nasty boys” by legislation, we need to rely on more electronic surveillance, and the ever popular, we just don’t have the (insert your answer here).

Who knows the truth? Well, the Congressional Oversight Committees should know and they are not talking; rightfully so! Or, perhaps they are totally politicized to the point where the intelligence bureaucracy doesn’t bother explaining anything to these dunderheads. Especially, those with the agenda-driven purpose and loose lips. But it would be nice, every once in awhile, for someone with credibility to say, “The ship of state is on course and we really know what we are doing.”

Unless this is a clever ruse by which we make our enemies feel secure that we have not penetrated their inner sanctum, we need to allocate the resources to rebuild world-class intelligence operations. We need to minimize the influence of political appointees who pander to the administration and find leaders who will tell the President, his Cabinet and Joint Chiefs the truth, as they know it, and affix a probability range for each and every pronouncement. All backed up with un-redacted documents.

We need to stop “political leakers” and whistleblowers … perhaps using the Foreign Intelligence Courts to make initial determinations as to the level of grievance and possible remedies. We need to punish politicians who leak. We need to punish executives and employees of multi-national organizations with security clearances who leak. We definitely want to punish those who engage in the transfer of dual-use or forbidden technology.

We need to severely punish spies that are captured; and not rely so much on the gentlemanly “tit-for-tat” transfers when one of ours is caught.   

Perhaps the trick is to recruit intelligence case officers and operatives from schools other than Yale, Princeton, Harvard and other Ivy League bastions of good breeding and weak minds in favor of pragmatic special operators who come out of the Navy Seals, the Rangers, the Special Forces, and the legions of well-trained grunts.

What can YOU do?

Elect honest, hard-working, smart politicians. These are the incorruptible patriots you want sitting on the intelligence oversight committees. Squawk loudly to your congressional representative during Senate confirmation hearings if you sense a “clinker or stinker.” Become aware of the need for great intelligence to support a great Country.

Demand that Congress issue a formal declaration of war against a nation, a tribe, or a group of people that seek to harm America.

While honest disagreements between honorable parties are possible, counsel those who seem to give aid and comfort to our enemy with their pronouncements. If they do not heed the warning, do not abridge their First Amendment rights, simply shun them. Do not elect them. Do not provide them with campaign funds. Do not read their publications. Do not go to their movies. Do not buy their goods and services.

Protect the America YOU know and love.

A reminder from OneCitizenSpeaking.com: a large improvement can result from a small change…


P.S.  I am positive there were great intelligence coups in the past and that there are more to come. I only hope that they were effective and I never hear about them.

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